Publisher Spotlight is a new feature at Feeling Fictional and I have some very exciting posts lined up for you.  I thought it would be fun to start spotlighting new releases that different publishers have coming up over the next few months for us to look forward to.  I'm constantly looking for new books to add to my wish list and thought it would be a nice way of spreading the bookish love with other bloggers.  Here is the current schedule and links to previous Publisher Spotlight posts:

4th November - HarperCollins: Autumn 2011 - Winter 2012 releases
13th November - Hodder & Stoughton: September 2011 - March 2012 releases
20th November - Walker: Autumn 2011 releases
27th November - Oxford University Press: January - March 2012 releases
4th December - Simon & Schuster: January - March 2012 releases
11th December - RHCB: February - May 2012 releases
18th December - Orion: January - April 2012 releases
23rd December - Bloomsbury: January - March 2012 releases
30th December - Headline: January - March 2012 releases

8th January - Macmillan: January - June 2012 releases
15th January - Egmont Electric Monkey: January - June 2012 releases
22nd January - Usborne: Early 2012 releases
5th February - Faber: February - April 2012 releases
19th February - Walker: January - August 2012 releases
11th March - RHCB: March - September 2012 releases
20th May - Hodder & Orchard: July - November 2012 releases
24th June - Piatkus: July - December 2012 releases

NOTE: If you are a publisher who would be interested in taking part in this feature please contact me by clicking here and I would love to include you.  At the moment I'm mainly focusing on YA titles but I am happy to consider featuring adult titles (particularly if they are paranormal romance, urban fantasy or historical romance titles as these are the genres I'm most interested in).

Author's Animal Antics is a regular blog feature here at Feeling Fictional where I'm very excited to have some fantastic authors come and chat to us about their pets or share their fun animal stories

13th May - Rachel Caine & her iguanas Darwin & Popeye
20th May - Stella Price & her pet chihuahua Moo
27th May - Laura Stamps talks about her work in feral cat rescue
3rd June - Adele Geras shares a poem about her cat Mimi
10th June - Chloe Neill & her dogs Scout and Baxter
17th June - Devyn Quinn tells us about ferret rescue & her pet ferrets
8th July - Lauren Kate & her rescue dog Milo
15th July - Siobhan Curham & her dog Max
3nd September - Rook Hastings and her poodle Polly
9th September - Keren David and her guinea pigs Freddie & Chester
7th October - Edie Ramer and her cat Belle the star of Cattitude
28th October - Katie Salidas and the inspiration behind the beginning of her new novella Halloween Fantasies
5th November - Kimberly Derting and her gender confused cat
30th December - Andrea Cremer talks about the horse that gave her Nightshade

3rd January - Cat Clarke and her 2 writing helpers Jem & Scout
14th January - Curtis Jobling talks about his 2 Bengal cats Eric & Ernie
17th February - Beth Revis tells us how her puppy got his name
24th February - Julie Kagawa talks about the cat that inspired Grimalkin
3rd March - Karen Mahoney and her feline muses
9th June - Justin Somper with his dogs Bailey & Bella

NOTE: This feature is currently on hold but I'm hoping to bring it back at some point in the future when I have more time to organise it.  If you are an author who would be interested in taking part in the feature you can contact me by clicking here and I would be happy to host you.


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