Monday 7 November 2011

Double Cover Reveal - Fallen in Love & Rapture by Lauren Kate

Fallen in Love will be released in the UK on the 2nd of February 2012

Rapture will be released in the UK on the 21st of June 2012

I just received a very exciting email from RHCB revealing the covers for the next two books in Lauren Kate's Fallen series.  The covers for this series are some of my favourites so I couldn't wait to share them with you all.  So what do you think?  Do you love them as much as I do?

Here are the covers for the earlier books in the series:

Which cover in the series is your favourite?  It's hard to pick isn't it but I think mine is probably the new cover for Rapture!


  1. I really like the cover for Rapture but im not a huge fan for the cover of Fallen in love. The Rapture cover is just awesome. My favorite cover of the whole series. She's finally wearing a white dress!

  2. I have not read any of the books in the series (boo to me) but I'm a huge fan of the covers. I'm happy that they're consistently terrific. ;)

  3. @ Maji - I like both covers but I definitey agree that Rapture is my favourite for the whole series :o)

    @ thetravellingreader - this series really does always have awesome covers doesn't it! I'd definitely recommend picking up Fallen, I really enjoy these books! I must start Passion before these 2 come out though!

    @ Emma - LOL I completely agree :o)



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