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Blog Tour: Strange the Dreamer - Laini Taylor

If you've been following my blog for any length of time you'll know I've been a HUGE fan of Laini Taylor ever since Daughter of Smoke and Bone was published back in 2011. I just adore her beautiful writing so it was no surprise that Strange the Dreamer was one of my favourite books last year and I know I'm not the only one desperately waiting to get my hands on the sequel, Muse of Nightmares, when it publishes!

Anyway, today is all about celebrating the release of the gorgeous paperback version of Strange the Dreamer (yes, this is another book that I've ended up buying multiple copies of LOL!). Just look how pretty it is though, it's really not my fault:

and just in case you haven't read it yet (what on earth do you mean you haven't read it yet? - get to it people, you don't know what your'e missing!!) here's the blurb:

The magical Sunday Times bestseller by Laini Taylor, author of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy

The dream chooses the dreamer.

Since he was five years old, Lazlo Strange has been obsessed with the mythic lost city of Weep, but it would take someone bolder than he to go in search of it. Then a stunning opportunity presents itself - in the person of a hero called the Godslayer and a band of legendary warriors, and he has to seize his chance or lose his dream forever.

What happened in Weep to cut it off from the world? What did the Godslayer slay that went by the name of god? And what is the mysterious problem he now seeks help in solving?

The answers await in Weep, but so do many more mysteries - including the blue-skinned goddess who visits Lazlo's dreams . . .

So I already posted my review for Strange the Dreamer last year but I thought I'd include it again here.

My Review:
It's been a long wait for something new from Laini Taylor, I absolutely adored her writing in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series but if anything she's honed her skills even more and Strange the Dreamer was even more beautifully written. She always manages to completely captivate me with the worlds she creates and when I fall into one of her books I never want to come back out again.

Strange the Dreamer is the story of Lazlo, a young man who was orphaned as a baby and raised by monks before he discovered the magic of the great library and trained to become a librarian. Lazlo is in part a little like every book worm you'll ever meet, he's obsessed with stories and spends so much time with his head stuck in a book that real life often happens around him without him even noticing. Lazlo's biggest obsession is the mystery of Weep and he has dedicated his life to reading everything he can about the city that disappeared so long ago. It's been years since anyone was able to find Weep and nobody can even remember the city's real name but Lazlo longs for it to be discovered again and he would give anything to visit the place he has spent so long dreaming about. Lazlo is a dreamer but he's also smart, funny and very caring. He always tries to help people but never expects thanks for his hard work and is so grateful for every opportunity he is offered that he never takes anything for granted.

This is also the story of Sarai, a young woman who has been trapped in her home for years with only her siblings for company. I don't want to get into too much detail about where Sarai is or how she ended up trapped there but her path crosses Lazlo's in the most unusual manner and I absolutely loved spending time with them both and watching the beginnings of their romance. Sarai and her siblings have been through something horrific but thanks to her unique talent she is the one best placed to understand both sides of the story and she longs for peace and freedom. She's such a compassionate girl, one who has seen the worst people have to offer but who also has great capacity for forgiveness and who tries really hard to look at the good in people.

Once again Laini Taylor has created a world that you just want to dive into, there are so many beautiful and amazing things to discover but there are also dark secrets lurking underneath that will leave you reeling. Her characters are people you want to be friends with and even her villains are so complex that you can understand their actions even if you don't particularly agree with them. There is so much pain and fear between the two different groups in the story that it's going to take a miracle to pull them together but I have complete faith that if anyone can pull it off Lazlo Strange and the Muse of Nightmares can. Working together I think they can achieve anything.

Strange the Dreamer is definitely one of my favourite books of the year and there is no doubt in my mind that it is going to be appearing on a lot of "best of 2017" lists. The Muse of Nightmares is right at the top of my 2018 wish list but I know I'll be rereading this book while I wait for it to be released.

I just have to add that I think the UK cover is so gorgeous and after a little arm doodling I think it would make a pretty gorgeous tattoo too!


Now I've talked about how much I loved the book but I thought it might be fun to have a look at the different covers too.

UK Paperback / UK Hardback which is also being used for the US Paperback / US Hardback

They're all so pretty aren't they, it's hard not to want to collect the set. Which cover is your favourite? I have to admit I think the original UK hardback is probably my favourite, I'm not at all surprised that the US publisher chose to use it for their paperback. I love the gold foil on the US cover though (can anyone tell me if it's actually shiny gold? I've not seen that version in the flesh) but I think the new UK paperback is pretty too and I really like the pastel colouring.

If you haven't read Strange the Dreamer yet don't forget to order your copy ASAP, I'm already looking forward to rereading this just before Muse of Nightmares comes out so it's definitely a book I'd highly recommend. Make sure you check out the rest of the stops on the blog tour too!

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Blog Tour: A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars - Yaba Badoe (Including a guest post from the author talking about the story's setting)

I absolutely loved Yaba Badoe's magical realism debut A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars when I read it last year (you can read my review here) so I'm excited to take part in the blog tour to celebrate the paperback release. If you didn't read the hardback then you don't want to miss out now, I mean just look at the gorgeous cover!

A powerful, haunting, contemporary debut that steps seamlessly from the horrors of people-trafficking to the magic of African folklore, by an award-winning Ghanaian-British filmmaker.

Sante was a baby when she was washed ashore in a sea-chest laden with treasure. It seems she is the sole survivor of the tragic sinking of a ship carrying migrants and refugees. Her people.

Fourteen years on she's a member of Mama Rose's unique and dazzling circus. But, from their watery grave, the unquiet dead are calling Sante to avenge them:

A bamboo flute. A golden bangle. A ripening mango which must not fall...

... are these the missing pieces of the jigsaw which will tell Sante's story?

Now please give a very warm welcome to Yaba Badoe who is here today with a fabulous guest post!

Guest Post:

Why I Set My Book In Europe by Yaba Badoe

I set my YA debut, A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars, in the walled port city of Cadiz in Andalusia, southern Spain, because it’s a place I know and love. Thought by some to be the oldest city in Europe, Cadiz was founded in 1100 BC by the Phoenicians. It’s beautiful and distinctive with tall Moorish-style buildings in narrow, pebbled streets. Surrounded by the Atlantic, it has more than one hundred watchtowers, which were traditionally used for spotting ships.

I first travelled to Cadiz to write and teach English as a Foreign Language after spending seven years working as producer and director in television at the BBC. I joined the corporation as a trainee in radio and television, and although I enjoyed the work I was doing, having completed a four part series, Black and White, about the impact of race and racism on two male journalists, one white, the other black, I needed a change.

Almost thirty years later, my editor at Zephyr, Fiona Kennedy, encouraged me to place the characters I’d created in an earlier version of A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars in a contemporary setting. Cadiz with its exotic, magnificent landscape seemed the obvious choice.

I started re-writing what had originally been a science-fiction story in 2015 when the migration crisis in Europe, a crisis which had been unfolding for many years, was coming to a head. A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars tells the story of Sante. Sante was a baby when she was washed ashore in a sea-chest laden with treasures. It seems she is the sole survivor of the tragic sinking of a ship carrying migrants and refugees. Fourteen years on she’s a member of Mama Rose’s unique and dazzling circus. But, from their watery grave, the unquiet dead are calling Sante to avenge them.

I suspect that I was inspired to write A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars because as a migrant myself – one of those pesky ‘citizens of nowhere’, a dual national of Ghana and the United Kingdom to boot - I’m conscious of how legitimate fear of migration – the influx of strangers with different languages and customs - is being manipulated by politicians to achieve their own ends. There’s no better way to distract and dissemble than to find a scapegoat to mask the injustices of neo-liberal capitalism in a time of austerity. And migrants – whether Eastern Europeans in Britain or those making the deadly crossing from Africa to Europe – are easy scapegoats.

As a British citizen with African roots, I’ve relished my freedom to live and work in Spain, Jamaica and Ghana. Moreover, the nature of my work as a director and producer of television documentaries has taken me from Europe to Africa, America and Asia. Nonetheless, I’m more at home in Europe than ‘elsewhere’. And yet with the rise of xenophobia and nationalisms, I find myself feeling increasingly uncomfortable at the lies I’m being told about migrants and the fear of them I see everywhere. Maybe that’s because as a migrant myself, I’m aware that the last time xenophobia and nationalism took hold in Europe, it didn’t end well.


Thanks for such a brilliant post Yaba, you raise some really important points about the way politicians use people's fears to their own advantage. The increase in xenophobia and nationalism that has been bolstered by Brexit and Trump is pretty terrifying really and I think it's an important subject to talk about, especially with the current refugee crisis and the horrific and dangerous journeys desperate people are being forced to take.

Don't forget to grab your copy of A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars today and check out the rest of the tour stops for more fab posts from Yaba!

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Release Day Blast: Three to Ride - Lexi Blake (Excerpt)

Re-released in a second edition with two new chapters and additional new content.

Rachel Swift is a woman on the run.

A stalker sent Rachel's world reeling. Now she's running for her life, and Bliss, CO, seems like the perfect place to hide. Bliss is a strange little town, filled with artists, nudists, and the occasional conspiracy nut. It's a good place to start over.

Max and Rye are just the men to catch her.

Horse trainer Max and Sheriff Rye gave up on their dream of finding one perfect woman to share long ago. Rachel walks in, and they're both in love and fighting their true natures.

A town like no other...

When Rachel's past catches up with her, all of Bliss is in danger. Rachel knows she should run, but how can she leave behind the love she's found with Max and Rye and the home she's built in Bliss? With her whole town behind her, Rachel is ready to make her stand. It's time for her to get back in the saddle and ride.


"You should have told me who you were the minute I stepped into the shower with you," she complained, shoving a blue T-shirt over her head.

Rye ran a frustrated hand through his wet hair. It was so much longer wet. "I couldn't breathe enough to talk. I'm sorry. I should have locked the door. I should have skipped the damn shower. Hell, I should have spent the night somewhere else. I knew something like this would happen."

She calmed down as she noticed Rye looked a little tormented. When she thought about it, it kind of was inevitable. Maybe not the stroking him part, but certainly the seeing him less than clothed. "Rye, we didn't do anything we shouldn't have. It was a mistake. I'm sure this isn't the first time a woman got twin brothers confused and ended up seeing more than she should. It's your house. I'm the one who should be more careful."

Rye turned away from her. He placed both hands on the dresser. His head fell forward as though he was very tired. "We've shared a room all of our lives until a year ago. Even after our parents were gone and we could have, probably should have, taken our own rooms, we didn't. We moved in here and, when we had the money, renovated to suit our needs. We built this room and that bathroom for the future. I don't know, Rachel. I just always expected him to be there."

"I am not trying to take your brother away from you," Rachel said quietly. Was all this drama worth it when she knew she wasn't going to be able to stay? Her heart hurt at the thought, but sooner or later, she would have to move on. Until Tommy was caught, she was in danger and so was everyone around her.

Rye sighed. "Oh, Rachel, I'm not jealous of you." He turned to her, and the intensity in his blue eyes made her heart speed up. "I'm gut-churningly jealous of Max. All of our lives, I've been the one to find our women. He's a charmless bastard who went along for the ride. I'm the one who wanted to get married. I'm the one who wanted to have kids. He just wanted to fuck. Now, he's the one who finds you? How the hell is that fair?"

She stood there, watching him at war with himself. She wanted to wrap her arms around him and soothe him, but she didn't have the right. From everything she knew, Max had decided to go straight. He wanted a normal one-on-one relationship. He would probably be upset if he knew how attracted she was to Rye.

Rye shook his head. "I'm leaving tonight. I'll pack a couple of things and stay at Stefan's until I can find an apartment."

"Don't." She was horrified at the thought. "I'll leave. This is your home. I never meant to cause this much trouble."

Rye smiled slightly, but it was a sad thing. "I can't watch you and Max. I'll get to the point where I can be friendly, and we can pretend to be some sort of normal family, but I'll never stop wanting you. I can't live in the same house and watch you settle in with my brother. Do you understand the relationship I want?"

"You want to share me with Max." The statement came out in a low, breathy voice. She had meant to sound matter-of-fact, not sultry.

"I want you between us, Rachel. I want you to be our wife and our lover and the mother of our children. I want you to sleep in between us. I want you screaming your pleasure when we take you at the same time. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand." Her mouth was dry as she thought about it. She could have both of them. Two gorgeous men, loving her, wanting her. It was the fantasy of a lifetime.

"Max doesn't want that anymore. I have to choose between pursuing the woman I think I was meant to be with or honoring the brother I've shared a life with from the moment we were conceived. Know this, Rach, if he weren't already madly in love with you, if you hadn't already chosen him, I would be all over you. That's why I have to leave."

About Lexi Blake:

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog in the world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn't until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem.


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An enchanting prince goes on an ordinary date. Find out what happens!

Featured Novel

Title: Castiglione’s Pregnant Princess
Author: Lynne Graham
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 20, 2018
Series: Vows for Billionaires #2
Publisher: Harlequin Books - Presents
ISBN: 9781335419248

Expecting royal twins can only mean one thing…

She must wear the Castiglione crown!

Royal responsibility has been drummed into Prince Vitale since childhood—but his hunger for Jazmine crushes all sense of restraint. Her unexpected pregnancy revelation leaves Vitale no choice—he knows what he must do. A temporary marriage will legitimize their twins, but when the fire between them fails to burn out, he has to wonder…could Jazz be his permanent princess?

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Connect with Lynne: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub

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Review: Shattered Fear - Tara Thomas

From romantic suspense author Tara Thomas comes the explosive first novella, Shattered Fear, in the brand-new romantic suspense Sons of Broad series.

Welcome to the sultry streets of Charleston, where simmering desire and dark danger rule...

Forbidden love never felt so good...

She’s got a killer to catch.
He just might be it.
Undercover detective Janie Roberts needs to find out for sure if Brent Taylor is a murderer.
Handsome, wealthy, and sexy-as-sin Brent Taylor.
She’s got to get close enough to learn his secrets.

But getting this close is dangerous in more ways than one…

Sons of Broad Series:
Shattered Fear (Novella)
Hidden Fate (Novella)
Twisted End (Novella)
Darkest Night
Deadly Secret
Broken Promise (June 2018)

Visit Rebecca Zanetti's website for more information

Shattered Fear is the first of three prequel novellas in the new Sons of Broad series by Tara Thomas and it introduces readers to Detective Janie Roberts who is currently investigating a potential serial killer. Women have been going missing from a local bar and Janie is working there undercover looking for suspects. Wealthy businessman Brent fits the profile for the murderer perfectly and is currently her number one suspect but that doesn't stop her from finding him incredibly attractive and it doesn't take long for her to blur the lines between professional and personal.

This novella started out quite well so I hate to say it but it went downhill fast, Janie is supposed to be a brilliant detective but she completely loses all common sense simply because a handsome man is interested in her. Never mind that she thinks he might be a serial killer - he's so hot she's going to sleep with him anyway! The speed at which their relationship progresses was beyond ridiculous and that completely ruined the story for me. What woman in their right mind would have sex with a man she thinks is abducting and murdering women? I don't care if he looks like David Gandy, if I think a guy might murder me I'm not hopping in bed with him!!

I've since found out that the first three novellas in this series are all about this couple so I think the author and publisher have basically chosen to split what should have been a full length book into three parts but I really don't understand the reasoning behind that. I think this could have been really good as a longer story where Tara Thomas could have taken her time developing the romance but it's like she suspected readers wouldn't buy the rest of the story if she didn't include the couple hooking up in the first instalment. This is one of the worst cases of insta-love I've seen in a romantic suspense, it might have worked in a paranormal fated mates type trope but fails spectacularly in a contemporary setting.

I have to admit if I'd bought this novella myself I probably wouldn't be interested enough to carry on reading, mainly due to the speed of the romance but also because Janie was the most unprofessional and hopeless detective I've ever come across. She has no credibility as an intelligent woman or a trained detective and I highly suspect the murderer could run at her with a knife in his hand and she wouldn't have the brains to think him dangerous. As for Brent we've not been given enough information about him for me to feel invested in him as a character so at the moment I don't really care what happens to him. Because I was given all three novellas for review from the publisher I'm going to read the rest of their story to see if Janie manages to redeem herself and if I ever find her relationship with Brent credible but unfortunately I'm nowhere near as excited for this series as I was before.

Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Other Reviews:
If you have reviewed this book on your blog please leave a link to your review in the comments & I'll add the link here.


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Spotlight: A Fistful of Frost - Rebecca Chastain (including preorder giveaway & excerpt)

I'm a huge fan of Rebecca Chastain's Madison Fox series, it's been a while since the last book was released so today I'm thrilled to be able to share the cover and blurb for the upcoming third book, A Fistful of Frost, which will be published on the 8th of May. I was actually lucky enough to beta read this one so I already know what a fun read it is but I'm looking forward to reading the final, fully edited version.

Madison’s job—and soul—are on thin ice.

Madison Fox is determined to reform Jamie, her half-evil pooka, but the bond linking her to Jamie works both ways. Already, it has manipulated her into bending the rules. If she continues down this path, she could doom her soul. Since her judgment can’t be trusted, a high-ranking inspector now dictates Madison’s every interaction with Jamie, and each directive drives them further apart.

Unfortunately, Madison has bigger issues than the potential degradation of her soul. Winter has struck with a vengeance. Frost moths plague the entire state, reinforcing the artificially frigid temperature. Worse, cold-blooded, soul-stealing enemies are flocking into her region from the north—creatures Madison has little defense against.

With the inspector scrutinizing her every misstep, Madison is in for the battle of her life. If she hopes to survive, she must make an impossible choice: save herself and her region or save Jamie.

An imaginative urban fantasy filled with heart, humor, and plenty of butt-kicking action—A Fistful of Frost is a book you won’t want to miss!

Preorder now to continue the suspenseful adventure today!

Preorder Giveaway:

Order your copy of A Fistful of Frost between now on the release date on May 8, and you can receive a copy of the Madison Fox novelette, A Fistful of Flirtation.

Madison finally gets her date with Dr. Love—and if they had picked any other restaurant, she might have had a chance to enjoy it, too . . .

Receive your free gift with purchase here:


I expected the inspector to look like an Army Ranger, tall, muscular, and radiating an “I could kill you if I wanted to” vibe. The woman who stepped from the car shattered my assumptions. Midfifties, petite, and pale, with a slash of bright auburn in her chin-length white-blond hair, Inspector Pamela Hennessey didn’t look authoritative until her assessing gaze landed on me. Then I fought not to squirm.

“Madison Fox and the pooka Jamie,” she said, not quite a greeting and not a question. It would have sounded rude if not delivered in her posh British accent. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“All good, I hope,” I quipped.

She eyed me up and down, giving me a noncommittal, “Mmm.”

My smile froze at the corners.

Rose climbed from the driver’s seat and shut the car door with more force than necessary. The Latina empath gave me a curt nod, as if we were strangers and not coworkers and friends. What the hell? I stopped pretending to smile. Jamie shifted closer, brushing his gloved hand against mine, worry crinkling his eyebrows as he read the tension of the group. I gave him a shoulder bump to reassure him, pretending to be relaxed. Pamela’s gaze snapped from our touching hands to our shoulders to our faces, and I fought the urge to leap away from Jamie as if I were doing something wrong.

“Give me a net and let’s get your purity test out of the way, Madison,” the inspector said.

“Pardon me?” Wasn’t a purity test a medieval way to judge a woman’s virginity? Not only had that ship long since sailed, but I also didn’t see how it would be relevant—or anyone’s business. I checked Brad’s neutral expression. Did details about my sex life fall under the impress her or don’t embarrass me category?

The inspector rounded on Brad, wispy-fine hair flaring on either side of her pink headband earmuffs. “She doesn’t know what a purity test is? You haven’t tested her once in the last five days?”

“Madison’s purity has never been in question.”

A warning frizzled down my spine at Brad’s bland tone. She’d put him on the defense. I glanced to Rose for a clue, but she only grimaced and looked away.

“Don’t let your recent victories make you arrogant, Brad,” Pamela said. “Of course her purity is in question. She’s bonded to a pooka.”

Aha! This wasn’t about virginity; this was about Jamie’s dual nature and the metaphysical bond he’d placed on me. I’d been warned—repeatedly—to be careful of Jamie’s darker half; more than one bonded enforcer had been corrupted by a pooka’s morally ambiguous influence. No one had mentioned purity tests.

“This is to see if Jamie has . . . changed me?” I asked, choosing my words carefully in deference to Jamie. Nothing in his expression said he took offense to the insinuation that our link might have tainted me. He saw nothing wrong with wielding atrum as readily as lux lucis, and if I failed a purity test, it’d probably make him happy.

“Changed you?” Pamela echoed. “No. I need to know if the pooka’s bond has sullied you.”

So much for being tactful. I peeked sideways at Jamie, but he hadn’t reacted, his gaze focused beyond Pamela on the people walking by.

“Is there a problem?” the inspector asked.

“No. Of course not, but, Inspector Hennessey—” I shot Brad a desperate look.

“Call me Pamela. Never Pam.”

“Got it. Um, Pamela—”

“She doesn’t know how to make a net,” Brad said for me.

“Why not?” Pamela demanded, spinning to confront my boss again, the hem of her wool coat flaring to reveal the calves of her pale leather boots.

“I haven’t had the luxury of instituting a methodical training regimen with Madison.”

“Mmm,” Pamela said.

I was starting to hate that noise.

“And if she encountered a frost moth?” she asked.

“She has a lighter.”

One I’d purchased this afternoon at Brad’s insistence. Shaped like a small blowtorch, with a trigger to ignite the flame, it was the fanciest lighter I’d ever owned. It also had the distinction of being the only lighter I’d ever purchased with the intention of using as a weapon—or at least I thought that was the plan. I pressed my lips together. Now wouldn’t be a good time to confess that after reading Val’s entry on sjel tyver, I’d completely forgotten to ask the handbook about frost moths—what they looked like, where to find them, or how to kill them.

“I can instruct Madison on nets now,” Brad offered.

The inspector shook her head. “Let’s get the inquisition out of the way.”

The what?

The Madison Fox Series:

Don't worry if you're not up to date with the series you have plenty of time to read the first two books before A Fistful of Frost releases in May!

A Fistful of Evil Blurb

Madison’s new job would be perfect, if not for all the creatures trying to eat her soul…

Madison Fox just learned that her ability to see souls is more than a sight: It’s a weapon for fighting evil. The only problem is she doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing.

On the positive side, her money problems are over and her coworker is smoking hot. On the negative side, evil creatures now actively hunt her, and deadly experiences are becoming the norm.

When she thinks it couldn’t get worse, a powerful evil sets up shop at a local hotel’s video game convention, and it’s got its eye on more than the gaming geeks—it's hungry for Madison’s soul. Madison needs to become an expert illuminant enforcer overnight to save her job, her region...and her life.

For a wildly imaginative story packed full of supernatural horrors, kick-butt action, and laugh-out-loud moments, you won’t want to miss this series starter.

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:
Amazon AU:

A Fistful of Fire Blurb

Madison Fox is back in hot water.

Madison Fox survived her first week as California’s newest illuminant enforcer, but if her grumpy boss, Mr. Pitt, was impressed, he hasn’t told Madison. In fact, there’s a lot her boss has been closemouthed about, including the dark secret haunting his past.

But Madison’s problems are just igniting. Neighboring regions report an uncharacteristic flare-up of evil, fire-breathing salamanders blaze unchecked across the city, and Black Friday looms. Trapped doing cleanup amid mobs of holiday shoppers, Madison watches from the sidelines as dubious allies insinuate themselves in her region.

As suspicions kindle and the mysterious evil gains strength, Madison must determine who she can trust—and whose rules to follow—before her region and career go up in flames.

Sizzling with adventure and sparking with magic, A Fistful of Fire is fused with Rebecca Chastain’s trademark blend of humor and butt-kicking action.

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:
Amazon AU:

So don't forget to preorder your copy of A Fistful of Frost and submit your order details to get your free copy of A Fistful of Flirtation!

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Review: Ride Dirty - Laura Kaye

Caine McKannon is all about rules. As the Raven Riders Sergeant-at-Arms, he prizes loyalty to his brothers and protection of his club. As a man, he takes pleasure wherever he can get it but allows no one close-because distance is the only way to ensure people can't hurt you. And he's had enough pain for a lifetime.

But then he rescues a beautiful woman from an attack.

Kids and school are kindergarten teacher Emma Kerry's whole life, so she's stunned to realize she has an enemy-and even more surprised to find a protector in the intimidating man who saved her. Tall, dark, and tattooed, Caine is unlike any man Emma's ever known, and she's as uncertain of him as she is attracted. As the danger escalates, Caine is in her house more and more - until one night of passion lands him in her bed.

But breaking the rules comes at a price, forcing Caine to fight dirty to earn a chance at love.

Hard Ink Series:
Hard as It Gets
Hard as You Can
Hard to Hold on to (Novella)
Hard to Come By
Hard to Be Good (Novella)
Hard to Let Go
Hard as Steel (Novella) (This is a Raven Riders MC crossover novella)
Hard Ever After (Novella)
Hard to Serve (Novella) (This is a Blasphemy crossover novella)

Raven Riders MC Series:
(This is a spin off from the Hard Ink Series)
Hard as Steel (Novella) (This is a Hard Ink crossover novella)
Ride Hard
Ride Rough
Ride Wild
Ride Dirty (Novella)

Blasphemy Series:
(This is a spin off from the Hard Ink Series)
Hard to Serve (Novella) (This is a Hard Ink crossover novella)
Bound to Submit
Mastering Her Senses
Eyes on You (Novella)
Theirs to Take (Crossover with Reveal Me by Jennifer Probst)
On His Knees
Switching for Her (April 2018)

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Caine is the Sergeant at Arms of the Raven Riders so we've seen him in the background in the previous stories but as he tends to keep himself at a distance from the others we don't know a great deal about him. He's a loyal member of the crew who will do whatever is needed to keep his brothers safe but he's still a loner who avoids club functions where possible. Emma is a kindergarten teacher who has never had any dealings with the Raven Riders before but when Caine rescues her from an attempted mugging he goes out of his way to make sure she is safe and she is drawn to his protective streak. When further instances occur around her home and place of work it quickly becomes clear that the original attack may have been more than a random mugging Caine is determined to get to the bottom of things before Emma is seriously hurt.

I've really enjoyed all of the stories in this world so I'll always jump at any chance to spend time with the Raven Riders. This story is a little different as none of it is set at the clubhouse but because Caine is a bit of a loner the setting worked well and we do still get to see a few familiar characters. Caine's backstory is pretty heartbreaking and it's easy to understand why he's afraid to let people get close to him but Emma is the perfect person to break through his barriers. Her life hasn't been anywhere near as hard as Caine's but she's had her own difficulties and her experiences working with traumatised children let her see his attempts to push her away as the self defence mechanisms they are. These two are absolutely adorable together and their relationship was one of the sweetest in the series, don't get me wrong they also had fantastic chemistry and they both have quite a dirty streak but we also got some really cute moments with them just spending time together talking.

I believe that Ride Dirty is the final book in the Raven Riders series which I have to admit is a little disappointing. Not because we've been left with loose ends but because I enjoy these characters and there are still more of the riders that I'd have liked a chance to get to know better. I'm hoping Laura Kaye will change her mind and decide to revisit this group in the future but I'm always excited to see what other stories she comes up with so she definitely remains on my auto-buy list.

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