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Review: Magical Midlife Awakening - K.F. Breene

With Kingsley safe and Momar subdued for the moment, it's time for healing. Jessie and the gang take a much needed break.

Or, at least, the gang does.

The holidays are upon them and the ex has invited Jessie to meet his new fiancée. It's off to L.A. where Jessie will face her past and the wounds she didn't realize still lingered.

Niamh, too, meets a blast from her past. This one, though, is ten times more dangerous. Re-connecting is a risk not even Tristan is sure they should take.

All the while, Nessa and Sebastian are not far away, ready to unleash a surprise the crew could never expect.

Leveling Up Series:
Magical Midlife Madness
Magical Midlife Dating
Magical Midlife Awakening

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After the battle to save Kingsley's pack Jessie's enemies are still licking their wounds and regrouping for a bigger attack so that should give the Ivy House crew the chance of a little downtime before things ramp up again. Unfortunately for Jessie the holidays are fast approaching and that comes with an invitation to her ex-in-laws huge Christmas party. As much as Jessie is keen to show off Austin she's less keen on having to spend any time around her ex and his parents.

Magical Midlife Awakening is a little slower paced than the last book but that didn't make it any less enjoyable to read. Jessie is really forced to look back at her marriage and see exactly how her ex managed to twist her emotions to get her to do what he wanted. It makes for quite uncomfortable reading at times but seeing Austin and her friends rally round helped on that front. It was really easy for Jessie to fall back into old patterns around her ex but with the others there she was able to push through that and start to deal with him on her own terms using her newfound confidence. It showed just how much she has grown and changed now she's free to live life on her own terms and I loved seeing her stand up for herself.

While their enemies seem to have taken a step back for now that doesn't mean the Ivy House crew are resting, they're working harder than ever to build relationships with potential new allies and to continue their training as a team so they're ready for whatever is thrown at them in the next battle. Sebastian and Nessa still have their own plans that they're working to put in place and I think we're going to see a lot more of their plans come to fruition in the next book. There is a lot going on in this world but with Jessie's newfound confidence added to her determination to protect the people she cares about I think her enemies are going to have a bigger fight on their hands than they could ever have anticipated!

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