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Review: Kissed by a Dark Prince - Felicity Heaton

Olivia thinks it’s her lucky night when a dangerously handsome unconscious fae ends up on her inspection table. He’s her chance to redeem herself with her employer, the demon-hunting organisation, Archangel. But when the tall, dark and deadly immortal warrior awakes, she gets much more than she bargained for . . .

Attacked by his enemy in the elf kingdom, the last thing Prince Loren expects when he comes around is a beautiful angel watching over him and medical technology of the mortal realm. Hazy from his injuries, all he can focus on is the pulse ticking in her throat and the sweet allure of her blood.

One single bite reveals she is his eternal mate, triggering a bond between them that will leave him weakened until it is complete… or broken, and pulling Olivia into the crossfire of his ancient feud.

To protect his people and his mate from the machinations of a madman, Loren must risk everything by working with Olivia at Archangel to find a way to break the bond blossoming between them.

But will Loren be strong enough to place duty before desire and give up the one thing he has waited millennia for and craves above all others—his eternal mate? And will Olivia be able to resist the incredible heat that burns between them and the temptation of her dark prince’s kiss?

Eternal Mates Series:
(This series is set in the same world as the Vampire Erotic Theatre series but can be read completely separately)
Kissed by a Dark Prince
Claimed by a Demon King
Kissed by a Dark Prince
Hunted by a Jaguar
Craved by an Alpha
Bitten by a Hellcat
Taken by a Dragon
Marked by an Assassin
Possessed by a Dark Warrior
Awakened by a Demoness
Haunted by the King of Death
Tuned by a Tiger
Tamed by a Tiger
Treasured by a Tiger
Unchained by a Forbidden Love

Vampire Erotic Theatre Series:

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I can always rely on Felicity Heaton when I'm looking for a hot paranormal romance with engaging characters and she has outdone herself with Kissed by a Dark Prince. This is the first book in her new Eternal Mates series and I'm already looking forward to getting my hands on the next book. Although this is set in the same world as her Vampire Erotic Theatre series there is currently no crossover of characters (I believe previous characters will make an appearance in the 2nd book Claimed by a Demon King though) so this can easily be read as a stand alone story.

While the VET series focuses mainly on the vampires living in the Vampirerotique theatre and their mates Kissed by a Dark Prince allows us to explore the wider world of the elves, fae and demons. It turns out that the elves are the forefathers of the vampires, the race withdrew from the human world to one of the demon dimensions when some of their members started turning dark, eventually evolving into vampires. Loren is prince of the elves and he has been at war with his brother Vain for centuries doing whatever it takes to protect his people from Vain's evil schemes. He had given up hope of finding his eternal mate but after being badly hurt and left for dead he bites Olivia, needing blood to heal his injuries, and accidentally activates the bond between them. As much as he has longed to find her for centuries he knows that Vain will use his mate against him and he doesn't want to put Olivia in harms way so feels his only option is to find a way to break their bond.

I loved Loren, he's everything you want from a hero - strong, commanding and sexy he is an alpha male who knows what he wants but thankfully he doesn't have to behave like an ass to get it. He well respected by his people and protective of them and of Olivia. One of the things I really liked about him was how he tries so hard to do right by Olivia, he goes out of his way to make sure she is comfortable and puts himself in danger so that she can remain in familiar surroundings where she feels safe. Even when he starts to develop feelings for her and wants them to complete their bond he never pressures her because he wants her to make the decision freely. That doesn't mean he won't use all the skills he has at his disposal to show her how good it could be between them though! Olivia is another character I found easy to like, she is a scientist so has a natural curiosity about Loren and the elves which makes her want to learn more about them and the dimension they have made home. I was pleased to see her making sensible choices and that she was willing to own up to her mistakes rather than automatically blaming everything on Loren.

Alongside the main couple we have been introduced to some interesting side characters that I'm looking forward to getting to know better. I have a feeling Oliva's friend Sable might be the heroine of book 2 and that things are about to get very interesting for her. She works for the demon-hunting organisation Archangel but her role is much more hands on than Olivia research background so it'll be interesting to get to see another side to them too. I loved Loren's second in command Bleu so hope we'll get to see more of him as the series continues and there is one particular male that I'm already dying to get to know better but I can't tell you his name without giving a spoiler. Kissed by a Dark Prince is a fantastic start to this new series and Claimed by a Demon King is already at the top of my wish list even though there is currently no release date and we don't even have confirmation of who the main couple will be!

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Review: Unleash - Felicity Heaton

A powerful vampire lost deep in his bloodlust, Snow is a savage animal, mindless with rage and a thirst for violence, and trapped with no hope of awakening from an endless nightmare… until a song draws him up from the abyss, restoring his sanity but leaving him haunted by the sweet feminine scent of lilies and snow, and fragmented familiar lyrics.

When the mysterious and beautiful songstress reappears in Snow’s room at Vampirerotique, she awakens a fierce protective streak and stirs dark desires that drive him to claim her as his female, even when he knows his touch will destroy her innocence.

A single forbidden taste is all it takes to unleash emotions in Aurora that she shouldn't possess, tearing her between duty and desire, and luring her into surrendering to her wildfire passion and embracing hungers that burn so hotly they threaten to consume them both.

One act of kindness can lead to one thousand acts of sin though, each a black mark against the bearer’s soul and another grain of sand that slips through an hourglass. The clock is ticking and time is almost up. Can beauty save the beast?

Vampire Erotic Theatre Series:

Eternal Mates Series:
(This series is set in the same world as the Vampire Erotic Theatre series but can be read completely separately)
Kissed by a Dark Prince
Claimed by a Demon King
Tempted by a Rogue Prince
Hunted by a Jaguar
Craved by an Alpha
Bitten by a Hellcat
Taken by a Dragon
Marked by an Assassin
Possessed by a Dark Warrior
Awakened by a Demoness
Haunted by the King of Death
Tuned by a Tiger
Tamed by a Tiger
Treasured by a Tiger
Unchained by a Forbidden Love

Visit Felicity Heaton's website for more information

I waited a long time for the final book in the Vampire Erotic Theatre series, Snow was one of my favourite characters from the very first book so I have been eagerly waiting for his story and to meet the woman who could bring him back from the edge of bloodlust. I was so invested in the outcome that I was actually nervous to read it though and I ended up putting off reading it for months after I had a copy because I was worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations. I should have known better though, Felicity Heaton has never let me down before and she didn't this time either, in fact Unleash is now my favourite instalment of the series!

Fans of the series have all seen how much Snow struggles with his bloodlust, how close he is to losing control forever and how worried his brother Antoine is about him. I loved the bond between the two brothers in Antoine's story (Seduce) and it was great to see more of their story through Snow's eyes in this one. They have a dark and tortured past and Snow has never forgiven himself for the things he did to Antoine and the rest of their family when the bloodlust had overtaken him. Snow doesn't believe he can be saved, he longs for death and the only thing keeping him alive is his promise to Antoine, he doesn't feel worthy of forgiveness and doesn't think that he will ever be able to gain full control of his dark side. Although the darkness is always close to the surface we have also seen evidence of a softer side to Snow, the way he is so protective when it comes to Antoine but also the way he interacts with the mates of his fellow theatre owners. Snow never sees the good in himself though and spends his time punishing himself for actions in the past.

What Snow doesn't realise is the effect his actions have had on others outside of his family though and he has completely forgotten meeting Aurora when they were both just children. Aurora has spent centuries watching over Snow from a distance and she has suffered for every single sin he has committed but in spite of that she sees the good in him and wants to give him the chance to save himself. It is completely forbidden for her to have direct contact with Snow but he needs the comfort she can offer him desperately and she has to do what she can to help him. It was her act of compassion when they were children that doomed him to a life of hell and although it cost her deeply too she still feels guilty about the part she played in his destruction. Now she has one final chance to make things right but if things go wrong it will cost them both everything.

I don't want to say too much more because I think you're best going into this book knowing as little as possible. What I will say is that I love Snow even more now than I did in the past which is saying something since he was always my favourite. I worried that no heroine would be good enough for him but Aurora is a fantastic match. She is strong enough to stand up to her man, willing to put her life on the line to fight for him and brave enough to risk it all for the things she loves the most. Unleash is a fabulous conclusion to the series and it was great to get a glimpse of the rest of the characters we've come to know and love and see how they have all become such a close knit family.

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Review: Kiss Me at Midnight - Diane Alberts (#KISSMEATMIDNIGHT)

Her New Year’s resolution was seduction.

Doctor Ashley Hanes has one mission and one mission only—end her annoyingly long dry streak and ring in the New Year with a bang. Literally. When her long lost and oh-so-sexy ex-best friend, Ethan Pierce, shows up as if he hadn’t broken her heart all those years ago, suddenly she doesn’t want to bring home just any man. She wants Ethan.

What should have been one night of blow-your-mind make-up sex quickly turns into another. And another. Before long, Ashley thinks maybe she and Ethan should reunite for good. If only the elusive bachelor will stop running from his tortured past and trust a future in Ashley’s arms.

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Ashley has every intention of seeing the New Year in with a bang and when she realises her ex-best friend Ethan is back in town there is only one man she wants to celebrate with. Ethan may have broken her heart years ago but this is her chance to get him out of her system once and for all with a night of hot sex and no commitments. Ethan has returned home for the holidays to visit his family but the last thing he'll ever do is move back to a town he hates. He never forgot Ashley though so if she's looking for a night of passion he'll make sure she has one she'll never forget, as long as she realises that he's not going to stick around afterwards. Both Ashley and Ethan are quite clear that this is a one night only deal but somehow once just isn't enough and the more time they spend together the deeper they both get. Can they find a way to make things work long term or is someone going to end up broken hearted all over again?

I love friends to lovers stories so I had high hopes for this one and I'm happy to say Diane Alberts hit the spot perfectly. Ethan and Ashley were best friends throughout school until a misunderstanding caused Ethan to walk away from Ashley forever. She didn't understand what had happened and spent months trying to get him to talk to her again until he moved away for college and she hasn't seen him since. Nine years on Ashley is still furious with Ethan for breaking her heart but she is determined to have a taste of the man she always wanted. Ethan has grown up a lot since the day he pushed Ashley out of his life, he realises now how unfair his actions were and he feels guilty for hurting her. I liked the fact that he was man enough to own his actions and apologise to Ashley, he knew he was in the wrong and doesn't try to blame anyone else for his mistake. Ashley may be mad at him but she accepts his apology and is willing to give him another chance to be her friend.

At around 100 pages this novella is short and sweet but it's full of great banter and plenty of steam. Diane Alberts packs a lot of emotion into her stories so as much as things develop fairly quickly between the characters the story is still believable and fun to read. It's easy to forgive fast relationship development in a novella, especially when characters have such a strong history and connection as these two did. If you're looking for a sexy holiday story that can be read when you don't have much time on your hands then you can't go wrong with this one. Starting on New Years Eve Kiss Me at Midnight is perfect for this time of year and it's the kind of story that I'll probably come back to and reread in the future.

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Spotlight: Kiss Me at Midnight - Diane Alberts (+ International Giveaway) #KISSMEATMIDNIGHT

I'm a massive fan of Diane Alberts, she writes fabulous contemporary romances so of course I jumped at the chance in reading her newest novella Kiss Me at Midnight which releases today. I'll be posting my full review later on but in the meantime I'm thrilled to have a couple of teasers to share with you all along with a giveaway for Diane's entire Take a Chance series! First though let me give you a bit more information about Kiss Me at Midnight:

Her New Year’s resolution was seduction.

Doctor Ashley Hanes has one mission and one mission only—end her annoyingly long dry streak and ring in the New Year with a bang. Literally. When her long lost and oh-so-sexy ex-best friend, Ethan Pierce, shows up as if he hadn’t broken her heart all those years ago, suddenly she doesn’t want to bring home just any man. She wants Ethan.

What should have been one night of blow-your-mind make-up sex quickly turns into another. And another. Before long, Ashley thinks maybe she and Ethan should reunite for good. If only the elusive bachelor will stop running from his tortured past and trust a future in Ashley’s arms.

Visit Diane Alberts' website for more information

Author Bio:
Diane Alberts is a multi-published, bestselling contemporary romance author with Entangled Publishing. She also writes New York Times and USA Today bestselling new adult books under the name Jen McLaughlin. ON ONE CONDITION hit #18 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list, and TRY ME hit #76 on Amazon. CAPTIVATED BY YOU hit #31 on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list. Diane is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency. Her goal is to write so many fantastic stories that even a non-romance reader will know her name.

Diane has always been a dreamer with a vivid imagination, but it wasn’t until 2011 that she put her pen where her brain was, and became a published author. Since receiving her first contract offer, she has yet to stop writing. Though she lives in the mountains, she really wishes she was surrounded by a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear water. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her four kids, a husband, a schnauzer mutt, a cat, and a Senegal parrot. In the rare moments when she’s not writing, she can usually be found hunched over one knitting project or another.

Website: http://dianealberts.com/
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/DianeAlberts6
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DianeAlberts
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5081315.Diane_Alberts

Giveaway Details:

Diane Alberts is giving away an ebook copy of all four books in her Take a Chance series - Try Me, Love MePlay Me and Take Me - to one lucky reader who enters using the rafflecopter form below. The winner will announced by Diane and she will contact them directly to arrange sending out the prize.

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Review: Forgotten Sins - Rebecca Zanetti

His Secrets Can Destroy Her

From the moment Josie laid eyes on sexy, mysterious Shane Dean, she was in love. Their desire ignited a passionate affair, and within weeks, Shane had slipped a ring on her finger. It seemed her every fantasy was coming true . . . until her new husband disappeared without a trace. Now, two years and one broken heart later, Josie is shocked by the hospital calls: Shane has been found . . . at a crime scene with no memory of how he got there.

Her Love Can Save Him

Shane can't remember the blue-eyed angel at his bedside—or who he even is—but he knows something isn't right. His hearing is razor sharp, his physical strength incredible, and the urge to protect Josie overwhelming. For powerful enemies are hunting him, and Josie is the key to discovering why. As Shane struggles to unravel his past, dangerous new truths come to light. Can he protect the only woman he's ever loved? And can Josie trust a man she thought she knew—one who carries such a deadly secret?

Sin Brothers Series:
Forgotten Sins
Sweet Revenge
Blind Faith
Total Surrender

Blood Brothers Series:
(Spin off from the Sin Brothers)
Deadly Silence
Lethal Lies
Twisted Truths

Visit Rebecca Zanetti's website for more information

Josie and Shane fell in love and married very quickly after a whirlwind romance but Josie was left broken hearted when Shane disappeared without a trace. Now two years on Josie is shocked when she is contacted by the police, Shane is in hospital with amnesia and can't remember anything about his past or even who she is. She wants to help him but Shane always held a part of himself back from her and Josie doesn't know as much about him as she should considering he was her husband. Shane may not remember the time he spent with Josie but all his instincts are screaming that she is important to him and that he needs to protect her at any cost. But why are they under attack? Who are the enemies that are chasing them and who can he trust to help him find the answers he so desperately needs.

As a fan of Rebecca Zanetti's Maverick Montana series I jumped at the chance of reading the first book in her new romantic suspense series. Forgotten Sins was just as good as I expected it to be and I can already tell I'm going to love this series. If you like alpha military men, strong bonds between brothers, lots of action and stories with a hint of the supernatural in the form of genetic engineering then you'll love this one. It reminded me of a mix up between the TV series Dark Angel and Christine Feehan's GhostWalkers books so if you're a fan of either of those then this should be right up your street.

Shane and his brothers didn't exactly have a normal upbringing, in fact they were born and raised to be the perfect soldiers so didn't have much of a childhood at all. Reading about their background was heart breaking and it was only because they had each other to rely on that they made it through. I loved the bond between Matt, Nathan and Shane, all three of them are full on alpha warriors who are incredibly protective of those they care about. They have never been able to rely on anyone but themselves and they will fight to the death to look out for each other. Their background has made them closer than normal brothers and that connection really shines through and has made me desperate to continue reading the series.

I loved Shane from the beginning, he is so determined to fight for Josie and win her back and nothing is going to stop him getting things right with her this time around. As the story continues there were times I was left questioning his motives in the past but no matter how strange things looked I never doubted that he loved her and had her best interests at heart even when it looked the complete opposite. I should have loved Josie but I'll admit there were times when I found her incredibly irritating. On the surface she is everything I should want in a heroine, she is strong and capable not the kind of woman who sits around waiting to be rescued but someone who is able to protect herself, she knows what she wants and she isn't prepared to accept less than what she needs. I loved the fact that she proves time and time again that she is stronger than Shane thinks she is, she fights against his impression that she is weak and makes him see her as his equal. In spite of that there were still times when I wanted to shake her, moments where she does incredibly stupid things and puts herself in harms way for no good reason. I understood her reluctance to trust Shane but her inner monologue got on my nerves, she goes back and forth between wanting him and not being able to trust him and I just wanted her to make up her mind one way or the other. She came close to ruining the book for me at one point but I loved Shane and his brothers enough to get past my irritation.

Forgotten Sins is the beginning of a series that looks set to be full of action, intrigue and betrayal. I'm already half in love with Matt and Nathan so can't wait to read their stories and find out more about who is searching for them all!

Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Darkhouse - Karina Halle

A supernatural journey with two unlikely ghost hunters who must battle not only spirits but their attraction to each other.

Perry Palomino is not what you would call ‘ordinary’. For one thing, there’s her past which she likes to pretend never happened, and then there’s the fact that she sees ghosts. Luckily for her, that all comes in handy when she stumbles across Dex Foray, an eccentric producer for an upcoming web­cast on ghost hunters. Even though the show’s budget is non-existent and Dex himself is a maddening enigma, Perry is instantly drawn into a world that both threatens her life and seduces her with a sense of importance.

Her uncle’s haunted light­house provides the perfect catalyst and backdrop for a horrific mystery that unravels the threads of Perry’s fragile sanity and causes her to fall for a man who, like the most dangerous of ghosts, may not be all that he seems.

Experiment in Terror Series:
Red Fox
The Benson (Novella)
Dead Sky Morning
Lying Season
On Demon Wings
Old Blood (Novella)
The Dex-Files (Novella)
Into the Hollow
And With Madness Comes the Light (Novella)
Come Alive
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust (2014)

Visit Karina Halle's website for more information

When Perry decides to explore an old abandoned lighthouse on her uncle's property she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Not only is she convinced that there is something not right about the lighthouse, something that makes her skin crawl and leaves her scared for her life, but she also meets the mysterious Dex who is on the property filming for a new web show that he wants to create. When he offers Perry the chance to present the show she has to decide if she is ready to face something that she has spent so many years trying to suppress. Even though the idea terrifies her it also excites her, she is sick of her average life and wants to take a chance on something that could give her so much more.

I've been hearing great things about the Experiment in Terror series for a long time now but being a bit of a wimp the horror label has always put me off trying it. Then I discovered Karina Halle's totally addictive Artists trilogy and I loved it so much that I just had to give Darkhouse a try. I'm glad I took a chance because although the story was creepy it wasn't as scary as I expected it to be (although I have been assured that it gets scarier later on in the series which has me a little nervous LOL). What I loved about the story was how different it was to anything else I've read, most of the paranormal stories I come across are full of vampires and shapeshifters so finding a pair of human protagonists who set out to become ghost hunters was something new for me.

I loved the fact that Perry is just a normal girl, she isn't a stunner who has every man she meets falling at her feet, she has a normal job and in a lot of ways she's pretty much the average girl next door. At the same time she is smart, sassy and full of snark, she has her own sense of style and refuses to conform to what other people consider normal. She also has an unusual ability that allows her to see things that most people don't notice, this is something that she has spent years trying to suppress but that she isn't going to be able to ignore forever. I like the fact that Perry is brave enough to take a chance on following her dreams, when Dex asks her to present a new web show he wants to create she knows it is the kind of opportunity that will only come along once in her life and she jumps on board immediately. She isn't stupid enough to completely quit her day job though and that just made me respect her even more. Perry isn't perfect and there are times when I questioned her decisions but that just makes her all the more realistic and easier to relate to.

Dex is a trickier customer and I'm still not quite sure what to make of him. There is definitely some chemistry between him and Perry but at the moment I'm on the fence about him and sometimes I really struggled to see the appeal. There were times when I really didn't like how he treated Perry, it seemed like whenever she was scared out of her mind he would disappear on her leaving her to face whatever was frightening her on her own which irritated the heck out of me. As much as Dex annoyed me at times he could also be incredibly charming and I did enjoy the banter between him and Perry. After talking to a couple of friends about him I believe that he gets more irresistible as you get to know him better so I'm going to hold off on making a judgement about him. I'm hoping I'll fall just as hard as my friends have as I carry on reading the series. Whatever I feel about him now one thing I know is it's very hard to be indifferent to him, he is unlike any other hero I've come across, he's full of secrets and more than a little messed up but that just makes me more curious about him and I'm definitely interested in uncovering his full back story!

Darkhouse is an interesting start to the series, the first half moves at a fairly slow pace but is all about introducing the main characters and giving us a little information about their backgrounds. I appreciate the time the author has put into making them feel like real people and I'm really enjoying the set up for the storyline. The pace really picks up in the second half and that is where the creepy factor starts to kick in too so I can only imagine that things continue to ramp up from here onwards. I'm looking forward to spending more time with Perry and Dex in Red Fox very soon.

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Review: The Christmas He Loved Her - Juliana Stone

All he wants this Christmas is her.

In the small town of Crystal Lake, Christmas is a time for sledding, hot chocolate, and cozying up to the fire with those you love. For Jake Edwards, it’s also time to come home and face his past. He thought there would never be anything harder than losing his brother. Turns out there is: falling in love with his brother's widow, Raine.

Ever since they were little, Jesse was the Edwards brother who was always there for her, and Jake was the one who knew just how to push her buttons. Raine can't imagine a life without them, which is why it was doubly decimating when Jake left town after his brother’s sudden death. Now he’s back and she doesn't know whether to be mad or thrilled. Maybe both. Maybe it will be the perfect chance for both of them to finally find happiness again.

Bad Boys of Crystal Lake Series:
The Summer He Came Home
The Christmas He Loved Me
The Day He Kissed Her (2014)

Visit Juliana Stone's website for more information.

I knew that Jake and Raine's story would be an emotional one considering their history but I don't think I'd anticipated exactly how gut wrenching it would be to read. I think that's one of the things I loved most about The Christmas He Loved Her though, Juliana Stone doesn't shy away from the pain that her characters are suffering and she pulls you into the story so you feel their emotions right alongside them. Although each book in this series features a different main couple I would recommend reading these books in order, we met both of these characters in The Summer He Came Home so already had an insight into their background that meant I was immediately invested in the outcome of their story.

Raine didn't just lose her husband Jesse when he was killed in Afghanistan, she also lost one of her best friends when Jake walked away and left her alone to deal with the consequences. She was going through the most difficult time in her life and she didn't really have anyone to lean on to help her through so as much as she's pleased Jake has come back she also has to work through her anger at him for leaving in the first place. In a lot of ways Raine's grief has broken her, she is a shell of the woman she used to be and has been living in limbo for the last year and a half, struggling just to make it through the days. It was hard to see how much pain she was in but I was glad to see her start to slowly pull herself back together. There is no doubt that Jake coming back gives her the kick she needs to start moving forward but she doesn't just do it for him, she realises that she has to make a change for herself more than anything and I think that was an important distinction to make.

It just about broke my heart reading from Jake's point of view, he had to deal with seeing his twin brother die in front of him and I don't think that is something you'd ever get over. He feels so guilty that he couldn't save his brother and bring him home to Raine but he's also angry that Jesse let himself get hurt in the first place. Jake is obviously suffering from PTSD and I thought that this was very realistically portrayed, the lack of sleep and nightmares are wearing him down but there isn't really anyone he feels comfortable talking to about it all. Another thing I liked was how the story shows the effect of Jesse's death on the whole family, his parents are just about coping but they're worried sick about Jake and scared that they're going to end up losing both of their sons. As if Jake wasn't messed up enough he also has guilt about his feelings for Raine, he has loved her since they were teenagers but it feels like a betrayal of Jesse to act on that, even if it does seem like she cares for him too.

This couple really does have so much going against them but it was fabulous to see them working through their issues both individually and together as a couple. I don't want to say too much more because I think it's a story you should savour for yourselves but it's definitely a book I'd highly recommend. We still have one remaining Bad Boy's story to go and I must say that The Day He Kissed Her is at the top of my 2014 wish list. I already love Mac's character and am looking forward to seeing him confront his past in what I suspect will be another emotional roller coaster of a book. I have to confess that I'm not too sure how I feel about Lily yet, I wasn't the biggest fan of her in this story but I think that there is a lot more depth to her than we've seen so far so I'm prepared to hold off on judging her for now. I'm sure if anyone can make me warm up to her character Juliana Stone can!

Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Review: The Summer He Came Home - Juliana Stone

Sometimes the best place to find love is right back where you started...

Falling asleep in a different bed every night has made it easy for Cain Black to forget his past. It's been ten years since he packed his guitar and left Crystal Lake, Michigan, to chase his dreams. Now tragedy has forced him home again. And though Cain relishes the freedom of the road, one stolen moment with Maggie O'Rourke makes him wonder if he's missing out on something bigger than fame.

For Maggie—single mother and newly settled in Crystal Lake—love is a luxury she just can't afford. Sure, she appreciates the tall, dark and handsome looks of prodigal son Cain Black. But how long can she expect the notorious hellion to stay?

The last thing either of them wants is something complicated. But sometimes love has its own plans.

Bad Boys of Crystal Lake Series:
The Summer He Came Home
The Christmas He Loved Me
The Day He Kissed Her (2014)

Visit Juliana Stone's website for more information.

Cain left Crystal Lake ten years ago to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star and he hasn't been home since, in fact it takes the funeral of one of his best friends to get him back at all. Now he's here though he's starting to wonder why he left in the first place, especially when meeting Maggie and her son Michael makes him think about all the things missing from his life. Maggie moved to Crystal Lake to escape from her past so the last thing she wants or has time for is falling in love. She is focused on rebuilding her life for herself and her son but Cain is a distraction she can't ignore. Maggie knows his interest is only fleeting though, after all what does she have to offer a famous rock star?

I was already a fan of Juliana Stone for her Jaguar Warriors paranormal romance series but The Summer He Came Home has proved she writes contemporary romance just as well. If you love small town romances and the quirky town characters that come with them then you're sure to enjoy the Bad Boys of Crystal Lake series!

Cain was an easy guy to fall for, he may be a successful rock star but he's still quite a grounded character and he doesn't use his fame to get what he wants. He is drawn to Maggie from the moment he sets eyes on her but she pushes him away which only makes him want her more. Cain isn't used to having women turn him down so the challenge of winning Maggie around is something he can't resist. I loved the way he woos her, he is so romantic and goes out of his way to make things special for her but he also takes the time to bond with Michael and to make sure he has fun too. I do have a soft spot for men who are good with children and after everything Michael had been through it was so nice that Cain made him a priority alongside Maggie.

Maggie could be quite closed off emotionally at times but after everything she had been through it was easy to understand why she kept people at arms length. It was good to see her finally start to open up to her new friends and realise that she had support from other people in the town and not just Cain. She is a strong woman who has suffered a lot and become fiercely independent because of that. She works hard to make sure her son has everything he needs and she was a wonderful mother who always put Michael first. It was nice to see Cain help take some of the pressure off her though and I was pleased that they seemed to slot so well together as a family.

Their romance has some incredibly sweet moments and less angst than I was expecting considering her past. They have fantastic chemistry too so there are plenty of hot moments but it was the scenes where they were talking and having fun together that I enjoyed the most. I also loved both of the other Bad Boys and can't wait to read their stories. I think Jake's story will be particularly heartbreaking as he comes to terms with the death of his twin brother Jesse but I have a feeling Mac's book will be an emotional one too. I loved The Summer He Came Home so much that I'm going to start The Christmas He Came Home immediately because I can't wait to see how things play out for Jake and Raine.

Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Review: Searching for Someday - Jennifer Probst

Kate has given up on love—at least for herself. She is both blessed and cursed with the ability to sense a romantic connection between two people—a gift that her family passed down for generations. When Kate launches her own matchmaking company, Kinnection, with her two best friends in a cozy New York town, she has to put aside her own romantic disasters to make her business a success.

But when a furious man stalks into her office and accuses her business of being a scam, Kate is given the ultimate challenge to prove herself. Slade puts himself in her hands and asks Kate to find him love. Enraged at his arrogance but stubbornly eager to prove herself, Kate agrees, dedicating herself to the journey of finding him love...only to find herself falling for him along the way.

Searching for Series:
((This is a spin off from the Marriage to a Billionaire series)
Searching for Someday
Searching for Perfect

Marriage to a Billionaire Series:
The Marriage Bargain
The Marriage Trap
The Marriage Mistake
The Marriage Merger
The Book of Spells (Novella)

Visit Jennifer Probst's website for more information

Kate and her two best friends Kennedy and Arilyn have set up a matchmaking company called Kinnection wanting to use their special skills to help others find love. Kate has a gift and is able to sense the romantic connections between people by touching them so she is especially good at  matching couples together who will go on to have a happy and successful relationship. Unfortunately her abilities have never been much use on herself and she's always been unlucky in love. When Slade finds out his sister has joined a matchmaking company he is convinced that Kinnection is a scam and that Kate is just trying to con money from innocent victims. He is absolutely livid and as a lawyer he has the ability to make things very difficult for them so when he issues Kate a challenge she has no choice but to accept. If Kate can help Slade find love he will not just leave her business alone but actively help her promote it. The trouble is that Kate's ability seems to go haywire around Slade and she is far more attracted to him than she should be. Could it be that the cynic and the hopeless romantic might just be the perfect match?

I didn't realise that Searching for Someday is the first book in a new a spin off from Jennifer Probst's Marriage to a Billionaire series when I picked it up, in fact if I had then I probably wouldn't have read it because I haven't read any of her other books. However, I'm happy to say that apart from one family get together where I had trouble keeping track of who everyone was this easily works as a separate story. I think I would have appreciated that particular get together more if I'd known who everyone was but it didn't detract from my enjoyment of this book and if anything it's just made me more eager to go back and read her other series.

Kate is an immediately likeable character and I loved the interactions between her Kennedy and Arilyn, it's always nice to come across stories with strong and supportive female friendships so that was a definite plus point for me. Kate has spent so long looking for love that she's almost given up on ever finding it, she has a big heart though and longs for that someone special to share life with. If she can't find her own happy ever after she's going to put all her effort into helping other people find theirs so she has thrown herself into her new company with gusto. She just wants to make a success of things and there is no way she is going to let a cynic like Slade come along and ruin everything for her. How can she find love for the man who doesn't believe it exists though?

Years working as a divorce lawyer has convinced Slade that ever lasting love doesn't exist. The one person in the world he cares about is his younger sister and he will do anything to stop her being hurt - either financially by a sham company, or emotionally by some guy who will break her heart. If protecting her means going out on a few dates then he's happy to go along with that, it's not like he doesn't like women after all. What he isn't expecting is to be so drawn to the woman who runs the matchmaking service, Kate isn't like the women he usually meets and he finds himself incredibly attracted to her. They have fantastic chemistry from the beginning but it isn't going to be smooth running for this couple considering they are both pulling against each other.

I don't think I was expecting the amount of humour I got in Searching for Someday, this is a really sweet and romantic story that is full of giggles as well as plenty of heat. As much as I loved the main characters I also enjoyed getting to know the side players and I have a massive soft spot for Kate's dog Robert - he was utterly adorable and made me want to adopt him. This was such a fun read and I've definitely been missing out by not discovering this author sooner. Luckily I already have 4 of Jennifer Probst's other books on my to read pile and I can't wait to jump in and start reading them!

Source: Received from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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Happy Christmas!

Christmas Kisses from Cassie

I just wanted to write a quick post wishing everyone a happy Christmas! I hope you're all having a wonderful day with family and friends, eating too much delicious food, perhaps enjoying a drink or two and hopefully finding some books wrapped up under the tree :o)

You can see she's thinking "Bah humbug" LOL

I have some posts scheduled to go up over the next few days but I'm going to be spending time with family so I won't be online much so will catch up with you all soon.

Santa Kitty

I thought I'd leave you with a few funny videos! Who in their right mind would think of trying to wrap up their cat as a Christmas present? There is no way in a million years that Cassie would let me do this to her - just look at the pictures from when I tried to put her in a Christmas hat and collar & you can see from the evil look on her face that she wants to kill me! Is it wrong that I'm tempted to try it anyway though? LOL

Last but not least it wouldn't be Christmas without a new Simon's Cat video or two!

Happy holidays everyone!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Review: Falling for the Marine - Samanthe Beck

Pretending to be in love has never felt so sexy.

USMC helicopter pilot Michael McCade has two goals: Get his damn back into alignment and keep his nose clean until his ultra-conservative commanding officer clears him to fly again. The doctor-recommended massage therapy seems like a necessary evil if he's to return to the cockpit, but when his too-hot-to-handle neighbor turns out to be his masseuse, he strays from the straight and narrow in a major way.

Former military brat Chloe Kincaid is looking for an ego-boosting, no strings attached hook up. But when her positively panty-melting neighbor (aka Major Hottie) shows up on her massage table, their off-the-charts chemistry overrides her no-military-men policy until they're caught. Now they have to fake an engagement to avoid the fallout, but can a girl who runs from attachments pretend to be in love with a straight-arrow soldier without falling hard?

McCade Brothers Series:
Lover Undercover
Wicked Games (Novella in the Lovers Unmasked anthology also available as a stand alone ebook)
Falling for the Marine
Best Man with Benefits

Visit Samanthe Beck's website for more information

Michael is a helicopter pilot with the USMC, after injuring his back he has been grounded and all he can think about is getting back to full strength so he can fly again. He's not convinced that massage therapy is going to make any difference to his back but he's willing to try anything and it doesn't hurt that his hot new neighbour Chloe is his masseuse. Chloe is a free spirit, she loves to travel and never spends too long in one place, she isn't looking for love and the last thing she needs is a relationship that is going to tie her down. She is more than up for a hot fling though and Michael is impossible to resist. When the pair of them are caught in a compromising position they find themselves forced into a fake relationship so they don't destroy both of their careers. Can Michael convince Chloe that his feelings for her are anything but fake and get her to take a chance on a real relationship?

I have become a huge fan of Samanthe Beck since discovering her earlier this year and I have to say Falling for the Marine was my favourite of her books so far. This story is a sequel to Lover Undercover and Michael is the brother of previous hero Trevor but although I would happily recommend both stories it isn't essential to read them in order and this would work well as a stand alone. If you're looking for a fun contemporary romance full of humour, great characters, hot chemistry and sweet romance then you don't want to miss this.

I absolutely loved Michael, he is pretty much everything you could wish for in a guy - sweet, funny, caring, protective and sexy as sin. He loves his job, is proud to serve his country and his nickname "Major Hottie" suits him perfectly! Chloe is a really sweet girl, she has been through a lot and that has made her wary of getting hurt again but there is no way she can resist Michael's charm or the attraction she feels for him. This couple is incredibly hot together but they also have a strong connection and become good friends. I knew I was going to love this book from the opening chapters and the circumstances surrounding their first meeting and I don't think the smile left my face until I reached the end. I'm so pleased that we've still got the youngest McCade brother Logan's story to look forward to. His book is already at the top of my wish list and it doesn't even have a title yet!

Source: Received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Officer Off Limits - Tessa Bailey

His need to possess her is non-negotiable.

Story Brooks’ fiancé just called off their wedding two weeks before the happy day. As if that isn't bad enough, her semi-estranged father, an infamous NYPD hostage negotiator, has suffered a heart attack. Not wanting to examine her lack of emotion over the broken engagement, she hops on a plane to reconnect with her father before it’s too late.

Playboy hostage negotiator Daniel Chase has never, not once, been refused by a woman, so when a debate over hospital snack foods with a delectable kindergarten teacher ends in flat-out rejection, he makes it his mission to seduce her. His only obstacle? She’s the daughter of his mentor who implicitly forbade Daniel from pursuing her.

Despite her father’s warnings and Daniel’s troubled past, Daniel and Story can’t resist their intense attraction to one another. But when the reason for her fiancé’s abrupt wedding cancellation comes to light, can Story and Daniel's already forbidden relationship survive?

Line of Duty Series:
Protecting What's His
Protecting What's Theirs (Novella in the Lovers Unmasked anthology)
His Risk to Take
Officer Off Limits
Asking for Trouble
Staking His Claim

Related Stories:
Unfixable (Standalone NA story featuring Ginger's sister Willa who originally appears in Protecting What's His and Protecting What's Theirs)
Riskier Business (Prequel to the new Crossing the Lines series which stars Ruby and Troy from His Risk to Take)

Visit Tessa Bailey's website for more information.

Story isn't having the best week, she found out her fiancé had been cheating on her when he dumped her just two weeks before they were due to get married and now her father is in hospital after suffering a heart attack. She's never had the best relationship with her absentee father but she wants to make things right between them while she still has the chance, it also gives her a great excuse to get away from home for a while while she recovers from her broken heart. Daniel is immediately attracted to Story when he meets her at the hospital, he isn't used to being turned down by women so her knock back just makes him even more determined to date her. There is just one major problem with that - Story is the daughter of Daniel's mentor, the man who has been like a father to him, and that makes her completely off limits. Can Daniel resist temptation or is Story worth crossing the line for?

I enjoyed both of the previous books in Tessa Bailey's Line of Duty series so I was looking forward to reading Officer Off Limits and I have to say it's now my favourite book in the series. These books really do get better and better so I can't wait to get started on the next one Asking for Trouble! If you've read any of the previous stories you'll know that Tessa Bailey writes fantastic alpha heroes who all tend to have a penchant for talking dirty and I'm happy to tell you that Daniel is no different. I absolutely loved his conversations with Story, he is totally swoon worthy! He has a reputation as a womaniser but he's also a really nice guy and has a surprisingly sweet side to him. On the outside he oozes sex appeal and witty banter but underneath he is kind and a little vulnerable.

Story has been through a lot so she really isn't looking for a new relationship, she is incredibly attracted to Daniel though so is more than willing to indulge in a fling to help get over her ex. She isn't expecting to like Daniel as much as she does though so it is much harder to keep her emotions out of it than she thought it would be. I can't say I blame her because Daniel is pretty irresistible! Officer Off Limits is full of intense chemistry, dirty talk and plenty of sexy times, it also has humour, romance and a little action making it a fantastic read. If you're a fan of the series you're going to love this instalment and if you've not read anything by Tessa Bailey before but love dirty talking, intense alpha heroes then you want to grab a copy of this book ASAP!

Source: Received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Review: The Unidentified Redhead - Alice Clayton

The first in USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Redhead series is a playful and erotic romance between an aspiring actress and Hollywood’s hottest new leading man.

When Grace Sheridan returns to Los Angeles to become a working actress, it’s a second shot at a life-long dream. With some help from her best-friend agent, will that dream become a reality—or at thirty-three, has Grace missed her chance at the big time? And when an unexpected sizzling romance with Jack Hamilton, the entertainment industry's newest “it” boy, threatens to shine an uncomfortable spotlight on her life, how will that affect her career…and his?

Funny, borderline neurotic Grace is perfect in her imperfections, and the sexual chemistry between her and charming yet blissfully unaware Jack is off the charts. With laugh-out-loud dialogue and a super-steamy romance that will get your heart racing, sneaking around in L.A. and dodging the paparazzi has never been so fun.

Redhead Series:
The Unidentified Redhead
The Redhead Revealed
The Redhead Plays Her Hand

Visit Alice Clayton's website for more information

Grace has already tried (and failed) to become a Hollywood superstar and ended up going home with her tail between her legs. Now ten years later she is back and this time she's determined to prove she has what it takes to be a successful actress. The last thing she is looking for is romance, especially not with the latest hot actor who is not just the guy everyone wants a piece of but also much younger than her. Jack is pretty hard to resist though, especially when he is making such a determined effort to chase her. Can Jack get Grace to take a chance on love and if she does what will happen when the press gets hold of their story?

When I picked up The Unidentified Redhead I was in the mood for something that was light hearted and funny and that's exactly what I got so it hit the spot perfectly. The banter between Grace and Jack is absolutely hilarious and I spent most of the book with a huge smile on my face and snorting with laughter. The banter isn't the only thing this couple has going for them though, they also have fantastic chemistry and you're in for a treat with some really sexy encounters between them. Grace is very much an every day kind of woman, she is quite a klutz and in some ways she made me think of an American version of Bridget Jones. she's always getting tongue tied and she gets into all sorts of funny situations. If you've ever made a fool of yourself in public then I'm sure she's someone you'll be able to relate to.

Jack is fantastic, he is sweet, funny and incredibly sexy. He knows from the beginning that he wants Grace and he couldn't care less about the age difference between them. She has reservations but he immediately sets out to put her mind at rest and convince her to take a chance on them. I love a guy who knows what he wants and who isn't afraid to express his feelings so he definitely appealed to me because of that.

If I had to mention a negative it would be that the characters can sometimes get a little over the top, most of the time this was funny but there were occasions that it goes a little too far and I would have liked them to be a little more serious. There were also a few word choices that I didn't like very much and when Grace kept referring to her "oonie" I started to wonder if she was a five year old child instead of a woman in her thirties. That is a fairly minor complaint though and mostly I was having too much fun with the story to worry about it. If you're looking for something light hearted and humorous then you can't go far wrong with this one. I can't wait to carry on reading the series & am looking forward to seeing how things play out for Grace and Jack in the future.

Source: Received from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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Review: Heating up the Holidays - Anthology

As leftover turkey and stuffing give way to stockings and little black dresses, this tantalizingly sexy eBook bundle offers up holiday-themed novellas from a trio of beloved romance authors. Lisa Renee Jones gives a dedicated reporter and a powerful businessman a chance to count their Thanksgiving blessings in Play with Me; Mary Ann Rivers presents Snowfall, the story of a woman who confronts a life-changing event—hopefully with a special man by her side—just in time for Christmas; and in Serena Bell’s After Midnight, an explosive New Year’s kiss leaves two strangers wondering whether they’ll ever see each other again.

PLAY WITH ME by Lisa Renee Jones

Kali Miller has spent three years reporting fluff stories, waiting for the article that will launch her career to new heights. When she suddenly finds herself forced to take a job as an executive secretary at a Vegas casino, Kali meets the subject of what will surely be a shocking exposé: her boss, Damion Ward, the arrogant and undeniably sexy CEO. But after Damion invites her to help him plan a Thanksgiving charity event, Kali begins to see another side of the man. And when she surrenders to the exhilarating tension simmering between them, Kali hopes her story will have a happy ending.

SNOWFALL by Mary Ann Rivers

Jenny Wright can’t get enough of her erotic conversations with someone she knows only as “C.” Flirting online helps Jenny temporarily escape confronting the changes to her life as she slowly loses her vision. Jenny’s occupational therapist, Evan Carlisle-Ford, is helping her prepare for the challenges ahead, but the forthright, trustworthy man can no longer ignore his growing attraction to his fiercely intelligent client. Now Jenny must choose between the safe, anonymous “C”—or the flesh-and-blood Evan, whose heated kisses can melt snow faster than it can fall.


The clock is ticking down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, and all Nora Hart and Miles Shephard can think about is kissing each other—even though they met just minutes before. Then, as fast as Miles enters Nora’s life, he’s gone . . . and she never even gets the name of the man she thinks might just be “the one.” One year later, Nora and Miles are reunited. The chemistry between them is just as strong as they remember. But Miles broke her heart once before—and this time around, Nora’s not sure whether she can give love a second chance.

For more information about any of these authors you can visit their websites by clicking the links below:
Lisa Renee Jones
Mary Ann Rivers
Serena Bell

I've been devouring Christmas anthologies in the run up to the holidays so I was really looking forward to starting this one. Heating up the Holidays includes three stories all set around Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Eve which makes it perfect for this time of year. These novellas are all quite steamy so if you're looking for a naughty Christmas treat then I'm sure you'll enjoy this one.

Play With Me by Lisa Renee Jones

Kali has spent years following her dream to become a reporter, now she has moved across the country to take the next step in her career but the job she was supposed to start never materialises. She finds herself forced to take on the role of secretary to casino CEO Damion to make ends meet. It may not be the job she wanted but she is determined to do it to the best of her ability, she just needs to avoid acting on her attraction to her new boss.

Play With Me was my least favourite story in the anthology but even saying that it was still an enjoyable read. I think I would have preferred it if had been longer so Kali and Damion had been able to spend more time getting to know each other before jumping into bed together though. They have fantastic chemistry but I found it completely unbelievable that Kali would act on her attraction so quickly after the way Damion had treated her over one particular incident. Things did slow down a little between them after that though which made me enjoy the story more. My other disappointment was the lack of a holiday feel to the story, Thanksgiving is mentioned in passing but other than that this could have been set at any time of the year.

Snowfall by Mary Ann Rivers

Jenny is going through a tough time, she moved away from home to start her dream job but she misses her family and friends, especially now that she has been diagnosed with a condition that means she is slowly losing her sight. Her deteriorating vision makes her nervous about going out and meeting new people but she has been chatting online with a guy called C who could possibly be becoming more than just a friend. The only person she can let her guard down around and share her fears and anger over her problems is her occupational therapist Evan. It is his job to help her finding ways of coping as her eyesight fades away but there is an intense connection between them that she is scared to pursue further. Jenny must make a choice between the two men in her life but which one should she pick?

Snowfall was the first story I've read by Mary Ann Rivers but if all of her books are as intense and hard hitting as this one then it won't be the last. I tend to expect Christmas stories to be fairly light and fluffy so I was surprised at how emotional this one was but I don't mean that as a negative. The author does a fantastic job of capturing how Jenny is feeling, she is scared, angry and hurting and she takes those negative emotions out on Evan because she doesn't want to worry her friends and family who live so far away. For a woman who is used to being independent she finds it really hard to think about what her loss of vision could take away from her but Evan works hard to prove that although things may change she can still live a happy and fulfilling life. This could have turned into quite a depressing story but it wasn't at all, yes there were darker moments but there was also plenty of humour to lighten things up. We are treated to some great cybersex scenes between Jenny & C but you also have the fabulous chemistry between her and Evan to look forward to. I think Jenny and Evan's first kiss was one of the best I've ever read about!

After Midnight by Serena Bell

When Nora and Miles meet at a New Years Eve party the last thing either of them is looking for is a relationship but they can't deny the chemistry between them and share an incredible kiss to celebrate the arrival of the new year. They don't keep in contact, in fact they never even found out each others names, but neither of them is able to forget their encounter. Nearly a year later they find each other again and the connection they feel is just as intense. Issues from both of their pasts make it hard for them to trust but sometimes love is worth taking a risk for.

After Midnight was without a doubt my favourite story in the anthology, it has all the feel good holiday magic I want at this time of year and I loved both of the main characters. Nora is so open and honest, she sees the good in people and in spite of the way her ex treated her she isn't afraid to go after what she wants. Miles used to be a happy go lucky kind of guy but with a huge problem hanging over his head he has become insular and closed off from those around him. He finds it much harder to put his past behind him but it was great to see him working through his issues. Things move quite quickly between the couple but because of the way the story is written it never felt like things were happening too fast. I didn't have any problems believing the way they were feeling and I loved the intensity of their interactions. It doesn't hurt that the story contains some of the hottest phone sex you'll ever come across and things get even better when they're finally in the same room together! I'm very much looking forward to reading more from Serena Bell in the future and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she is going to write a spin off story about Miles's friend Owen.

Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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2014 Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Personal Reading Challenge

For the last few years I've taken part in the various forms of paranormal challenges hosted by Carolyn from Book Chick City. I can't find a sign up for a 2014 challenge so I don't think she's hosting one next year but I love to keep track of the books I read so I'm just going to keep a running list here. I may change this post to an official challenge at a later date if I can find one that suits my plans.

2010 - I read 124 books for the Speculative Fiction Challenge
2011 - I read 98 books for the Horror & Urban Fantasy Challenge
2012 - I read 132 books for the Speculative Romance Challenge & the Horror & Urban Fantasy Challenge
2013 - I read 88 books for the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Challenge

I'm going to set myself a personal goal of reading 100 books that are either urban fantasy or paranormal romance in 2014, I didn't quite achieve that in 2013 so I'm hoping to do better next year!

I'll keep a list of the books I read (links will take you to my reviews) here:
  1. Rogue Rider - Larissa Ione
  2. Reaver - Larissa Ione
  3. Alien Research - Gini Koch
  4. The Stone Demon - Karen Mahoney
  5. Seize the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon
  6. Clean Sweep - Ilona Andrews
  7. Heart of Stone - Christine Warren
  8. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K. Rowling
  9. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling
  10. Death & Co. - D.J. McCune
  11. Claimed by a Demon King - Felicity Heaton
  12. Banished - Liz de Jager
  13. Up from the Grave - Jeaniene Frost
  14. Moon Called - Patricia Briggs (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  15. Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  16. Sins of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon
  17. Gilded - Christina Farley
  18. Red Fox - Karina Halle
  19. Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs
  20. Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson book 2) - Patricia Briggs (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  21. Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson book 3) - Patricia Briggs (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  22. Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson book 4) - Patricia Briggs (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  23. Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson book 5) - Patricia Briggs (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  24. River Marked - Patricia Briggs
  25. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling
  26. Sex and the Single Vamp - Robin Covington
  27. Copper King - Vivian Arend
  28. Monster in the Closet - R.L. Naquin
  29. Fair Game - Patricia Briggs
  30. Frost Burned - Patricia Briggs
  31. Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Laini Taylor (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  32. House Rules - Chloe Neill
  33. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling
  34. White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. Armentrout
  35. Alien Collective - Gini Koch
  36. Unleash the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon
  37. Night Broken - Patricia Briggs
  38. Pooka in My Pantry - R.L. Naquin
  39. Dark Vision - Debbie Johnson
  40. Queen of Swords - Katee Robert
  41. Born in Blood - Alexandra Ivy
  42. Transparent - Natalie Whipple
  43. Blindsided - Natalie Whipple
  44. Captured - S.J. Harper
  45. Days of Blood and Starlight - Laini Taylor
  46. Darkness Unbound - Keri Arthur (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  47. Hostage to Pleasure - Nalini Singh
  48. White Cat - Holly Black
  49. Dark Side of the Moon - Sherrilyn Kenyon
  50. Dreams of Gods and Monsters - Laini Taylor
  51. A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  52. Veiled Target - Robin Bielman
  53. Tempted by a Rogue Prince - Felicity Heaton
  54. No Rest for the Wicked - Kresley Cole (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  55. Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night - Kresley Cole (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  56. Take Back the Skies - Lucy Saxon
  57. Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews
  58. Long Live the Queen - Kate Locke
  59. Battle Lines - Will Hill
  60. Crave the Night - Lara Adrian
  61. The Beautiful Ashes - Jeaniene Frost
  62. Most Wanted - E.L. Friel
  63. Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson - Patricia Briggs
  64. The Glass Republic - Tom Pollock
  65. Red Glove - Holly Black
  66. Fairies in My Fireplace - R.L. Naquin
  67. Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh
  68. The Dream-Hunter - Sherrilyn Kenyon
  69. Dark Needs at Night's Edge - Kresley Cole (I re-read this book but the link takes you to my original review)
  70. Darkness Rising - Keri Arthur
  71. Blaze of Memory - Nalini Singh
  72. Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh
  73. Her Avenging Angel - Felicity Heaton
  74. Misty Falls - Joss Stirling
  75. Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout
  76. Burn for Me - Ilona Andrews
  77. Play of Passion - Nalini Singh
  78. Kiss of Snow - Nalini Singh
  79. Vowed - Liz de Jager
  80. Masters of Seduction - Anthology
  81. Stone Cold Touch - Jennifer L. Armentrout
  82. The Gifted Dead - Jenna Black
  83. Darkness Devours - Keri Arthur
  84. Darkness Hunts - Keri Arthur
  85. A Cursed Bloodline - Cecy Robson
  86. Night Sky - Suzanne & Melanie Brockmann
  87. Universal Alien - Gini Koch
  88. Darkness Hidden - Zoe Marriott
  89. Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh
  90. Archangel's Shadows - Nalini Singh
  91. A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness
  92. Biting Bad - Chloe Neill
  93. Enigma - Moira Rogers
  94. Vision of Darkness - Tonya Burrows
  95. Whisper the Dead - Alyxandra Harvey
  96. Cut and Run - Lara Adrian & Tina Fulsom
  97. Wild Invitation - Nalini Singh
  98. Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh
  99. Shield of Winter - Nalini Singh
  100. Devil May Cry - Sherrilyn Kenyon
  101. Golem in my Glovebox - R.L. Naquin
  102. East of Ecstasy - Laura Kaye
  103. The Girl with the Iron Touch - Kady Cross
  104. Night Shift - Anthology


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