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Review: One Silent Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon

It is the Christmas season and all hell's breaking loose. Literally. While humans are busy shopping, an angry demon lord is plotting an all-out onslaught against his enemies, which - unfortunately for us - includes the human race. But as Stryker gathers his forces, he discovers a grown daughter he never knew existed and an angry ex, Zephyra, who's as determined to end his existence as he is to end ours.

The ultimate predator is about to meet his match as new battle lines are drawn and the Dark-Hunters are rallied for a blood bath on Christmas Eve. The only question is this: can Stryker survive his oldest enemy to fight the ones he really wants to kill - or will Zephyra finally have her shot at the husband who abandoned her?

The Dark-Hunters Series:
The Beginning (Short Story)
Fantasy Lover
Dragonswan (Novella) (Were-Hunter 0.5)
Night Pleasures
Night Embrace
Dance with the Devil
Kiss of the Night
Night Play (Were-Hunter 1)
Seize the Night
Sins of the Night
Unleash the Night (Were-Hunter 2)
Dark Side of the Moon (Were-Hunter 3)
The Dream-Hunter (Dream-Hunter 1)
Fear the Darkness (Short Story)
Devil May Cry
Upon the Midnight Clear (Dream-Hunter 2)
Dream Chaser (Dream-Hunter 3)
One Silent Night
Dream Warrior (Dream-Hunter 4)
Bad Moon Rising (Hellchaser 1, Were-Hunter 4)
Dark-Hunter: An Insider's Guide (Hellchaser 2)
No Mercy (Were-Hunter 5)
The Guardian (Dream-Hunter 5, Were-Hunter 6, Hellchaser 3)
Time Untime (Were-Hunter 7, Hellchaser 4)
Dark Bites (Short Story Anthology)
Son of No One (Were-Hunter 8, Hellchaser 5)
Dragonbane (Were-Hunter 9, Hellchaser 6)
Dragonmark (2016)

Chronicles of Nick Series:
(This is a YA spin off from Sherrilyn Kenyon's adult Dark-Hunters series)
Invasion (2016)
Intensity (2017)

Visit Sherrilyn Kenyon's website for more information

Let's face it Acheron is a hard act to follow so any hero that came next was going to have his work cut out. I wasn't convinced that Stryker was the best choice, considering all the horrible things we've seen him do throughout the series he was always going to be hard to sell as a hero for me, but I trust Sherrilyn Kenyon and I do adore a great redemption story so I was willing to give One Silent Night the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, no matter how much I wanted to love this story, it just completely failed to win me around.

Stryker in no way managed to redeem himself and he didn't even attempt to make amends for his previous actions. He doesn't seem to think he's done anything wrong and he's STILL plotting against Acheron and the other Dark-Hunters. Zephyra is just as bad and the two of them are determined to destroy all of humanity because of the actions of a few humans centuries ago. I get that the daimons have had a rubbish hand dealt to them but they're not the only people who have had their lives messed up by the gods. They aren't the only ones suffering from curses and we've all just read in great detail about how much crap Acheron has put up with over the centuries but you don't see him plotting mass genocide!

I just don't understand how I'm supposed to feel any sympathy for either of these characters, in fact the best thing I have to say about them is that they deserve each other. At least this way nobody else has to put up with either of them! These two just don't deserve to be happy, I'd rather see them locked up together in a dungeon somewhere to live a miserable eternity of constant fighting until one of them finally murders the other and puts us all out of our misery.

The only thing that makes this book worth reading are the scenes with Acheron or Nick, those two characters steal the show every time they step onto the page and there are some really interesting developments there that I'm glad I found out before continuing the series. That's the only thing stopping me from telling other fans to just skip this story entirely, I would suggest borrowing it from the library rather than paying good money for it though. There is absolutely NOTHING likeable about Stryker or Zephyra, I wasn't at all interested in seeing these two characters get a happy ending and I honestly won't care if they end up dying in later books which is something I never expected to say about any couple in this series. If I had to describe One Silent Night in just one word it would be disappointing and I feel terrible saying that because I normally adore Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing. I guess everyone is allowed a dud at some point though and considering how many books of hers I have absolutely loved I'm not going to let this put me off continuing with the series. I just hope we don't have the misfortune of spending any more time with these two characters in the future!

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Friday 29 April 2016

Video: Sarah J. Maas talking about the new characters we'll meet in A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Thorns and Roses was one of my favourite books of 2015 so of course I'm incredibly excited about the sequel A Court of Mist and Fury which is releasing next week! I spotted this video of Sarah J Maas giving a few hints about some of the new characters we're going to meet in ACOMAF today so thought I'd share it here for anyone else who loves the series as much as I do.

Here's a bit more information about A Court of Mist and Fury:

The stunning sequel to Sarah J. Maas' New York Times bestselling A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Feyre survived Amarantha's clutches to return to the Spring Court - but at a steep cost. Though she now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, and it can't forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin's people.

Nor has Feyre forgotten her bargain with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre navigates its dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms - and she might be key to stopping it. But only if she can harness her harrowing gifts, heal her fractured soul, and decide how she wishes to shape her future - and the future of a world cleaved in two.

With more than a million copies sold of her beloved Throne of Glass series, Sarah J. Maas's masterful storytelling brings this second book in her seductive and action-packed series to new heights.

ACOTAR Series:
A Court of Thorns and Roses
A Court of Mist and Fury
Future titles to be confirmed

Visit Sarah J Maas' website for more information

Just in case you haven't read A Court of Thorns and Roses yet (in which case why the hell not? It's AWESOME!) I found this pretty cool, fan made, book trailer which should hopefully convince you to give it a try:

Now I'm off to start my reread of A Court of Thorns and Roses so I'm ready when my copy of A Court of Mist and Fury turns up on Tuesday!

Thursday 28 April 2016

Review: Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

The first in the Witchlands series, Truthwitch by Susan Dennard is a brilliantly imagined coming-of-age story perfect for fans of Robin Hobb, Sarah J. Maas and Trudi Canavan.

In a continent on the edge of war, two witches hold its fate in their hands.

Young witches Safiya and Iseult have a habit of finding trouble. After clashing with a powerful Guildmaster and his ruthless Bloodwitch bodyguard, the friends are forced to flee their home.

Safi must avoid capture at all costs as she's a rare Truthwitch, able to discern truth from lies. Many would kill for her magic, so Safi must keep it hidden - lest she be used in the struggle between empires. And Iseult's true powers are hidden even from herself.

In a chance encounter at Court, Safi meets Prince Merik and makes him a reluctant ally. However, his help may not slow down the Bloodwitch now hot on the girls' heels. All Safi and Iseult want is their freedom, but danger lies ahead. With war coming, treaties breaking and a magical contagion sweeping the land, the friends will have to fight emperors and mercenaries alike. For some will stop at nothing to get their hands on a Truthwitch.

The Witchlands Series:
Windwitch (2017)
Further titles to be confirmed

Visit Susan Dennard's website for more information

Truthwitch is a book that has had a massive amount of hype surrounding it since long before its actual publication date. I've not actually read anything by Susan Dennard before but, like many others, I was caught up in the excitement that swept across the blogosphere and I was thrilled to get hold of an early copy of the book. I started reading it minutes after it dropped through my letterbox but for some reason I really, really struggled to get into it. So much so that I actually put it to one side and nearly gave up on it. Then a couple of trusted friends promised me that once it got going it's an amazing book so I gave it a second chance and I'm glad I did because I did end up enjoying it.

I think the problem with Truthwitch is in the world building, we're thrown into a complex world (which is great) but with very little explanation about anything (which isn't). There are lots of different types of witches who have all kinds of abilities and then you have the different threads that bind them together. The main characters Safi and Iz are threadsisters but I'm still not 100% sure what that actually means, obviously they're incredibly close, their friendship is actually one of the best things about the book, but it seems like there is a deeper meaning that was kind of lost on me. It does get easier to cope with all the different place names and other things that are thrown at you once the story hooks you in but I completely agree with other reviewers who have said that this almost feels like the second book in a series rather than the first. There were definitely times when I felt I was missing important information and I worried there was a short story or something that I should have read before picking up this book.

Although I struggled with the beginning of the story there are a lot of great things about this book too, I loved the friendship between Safi and Iz from the beginning. We see far too many YA books where girls who are supposed to be best friends actually act like mortal enemies and it's something I'm absolutely sick of so it was refreshing to see how in tune these two were. They have an unbreakable bond and have spent years doing everything together so they make a formidable team when they're in trouble. The way they're able to fight side by side was brilliant and it's obvious that they'd both risk their own lives before seeing the other one get injured. The girls both put their friendship before any kind of romantic relationship which was great to see, you'll never find these two falling out over a boy! We need more of these kind of friendships in fiction and I'd recommend this book just for that. I also loved the idea of the threads binding people together, I still feel we need more of an explanation about that but it's an interesting concept that is worth exploring further.

Iz is a threadwitch which means she can see those threads that link other people together, unfortunately she can never see ties of her own but that is something to be expected. She's never been considered very powerful or particularly good at using her magic and it's left her feeling like an outcast amongst her people, especially since her mother is an important woman who has taken on someone outside of the family as her apprentice over Iz. Safi is a rare truthwitch which means she can always tell when someone is lying to her, it's a useful ability but a rare one and it's one that would place Safi in high demand. Just imagine how useful it would be to always know if your enemy was plotting against you. Safi has always had to keep her ability a secret because it would make her far too valuable to both friends and enemies so when Safi's secret is discovered her life is in danger. Safi has no choice but to make a run for it but there is no way Iz is going to let her best friend run into danger alone.

It took a while for the story to suck me in but once it did I was completely hooked and didn't want to stop reading. I love both Safi and Iz and enjoyed learning more about both of their backgrounds while following their current journey. I also liked both of the potential love interests, one we've spent a bit more time with and I love the chemistry between him and Safi, the other is still a very dark horse that I'm not so sure about right now but there is definitely potential there and I want to learn more about his background. I liked the fact that romance isn't the main focus of the story though, this is much more about the girl's fight to survive and them trying to figure out their place in the world. I think this series has a huge amount of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing where Susan Dennard takes it next.

Source: Received from Amazon Vine in exchange for an honest review

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Wednesday 27 April 2016

My Top Ten Contemporary Romances Of All Time

The Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge is hosted by Gone with the Words and Love at First Page. As part of the challenge they are setting a different topic every month that participants can choose to join in with which I think is a brilliant idea so you can expect a post like this to appear at random most months throughout the year.

The April Prompt is:
My Top Ten Contemporary Romances Of All Time
(Links below will take you to my reviews)

I've kind of cheated a little because it was impossible to narrow it down to just 10 books! So I've picked my Top books for three different categories, Young Adult, New Adult and Adult. I read a lot less contemporary YA so I've only chosen 5 of those but I've picked my top 10 NA and Adult books.

Young Adult:

  1. Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles
  2. If I Stay - Gayle Forman
  3. Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry
  4. Saint Anything - Sarah Dessen
  5. The Square Root of Summer - Harriet Reuter Hapgood (review coming soon)
New Adult:

  1. Rock Hard - Nalini Singh
  2. Come Back To Me - Mila Gray
  3. Once Pure - Cecy Robson
  4. Losing It - Cora Carmack
  5. Before I Fall - Jessica Scott
  6. Deeper - Robin York
  7. Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover
  8. Sins & Needles - Karina Halle
  9. Easy - Tammara Webber
  10. Anything but Broken - Joelle Knox

  1. Forever and a Day - Jill Shalvis
  2. Ride With Me - Ruthie Knox
  3. Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye
  4. Wrecked - Shiloh Walker
  5. The Siren - Tiffany Reisz
  6. Bared to You - Sylvia Day
  7. A Wild Ride - Vivian Arend
  8. On Dublin Street - Samantha Young
  9. 30 Days - Christine d'Abo
  10. Hollywood Dirt - Alessandra Torre (review coming soon)

So what do you think of my choices? Would you pick any of the same books as me? Have I missed off any of your favourites?

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Review: Z - Larissa Ione

Zhubaal, fallen angel assistant to the Grim Reaper, has spent decades searching for the angel he loved and lost nearly a century ago. Not even her death can keep him from trying to find her, not when he knows she’s been given a second chance at life in a new body. But as time passes, he’s losing hope, and he wonders how much longer he can hold to the oath he swore to her so long ago…

As an emim, the wingless offspring of two fallen angels, Vex has always felt like a second-class citizen. But if she manages to secure a deal with the Grim Reaper — by any means necessary — she will have earned her place in the world. The only obstacle in the way of her plan is a sexy hardass called Z, who seems determined to thwart her at every turn. Soon it becomes clear that they have a powerful connection rooted in the past…but can any vow stand the test of time?

The Demonica Series:
Pleasure Unbound
Desire Unchained
Passion Unleashed
Eternity Embraced (Novella)
Ecstasy Unveiled
Sin Undone
Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance book 1)
Vampire Fight Club (Novella in the Supernatural anthology or as a separate ebook)
Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance book 2)
Lethal Rider (Lords of Deliverance book 3)
Rogue Rider (Lords of Deliverance book 4)
Azagoth (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 1)
Hades (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 2)
Base Instincts (Novella)
Z (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 3)
Razr (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 4)
Hawkyn (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 5)
Her Guardian Angel (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 6, also part of the Masters and Mercenaries Crossover Collection)
Dining with Angels: Bits & Bites from the Demonica Universe (Short Story Collection & Recipe Book, Demonica Underworld book 7)
Cipher (Demonica Underworld book 8)
Reaper (Demonica Underworld book 9)

For more information visit Larissa Ione's website

Zubaal was an elite warrior angel until he gave up his wings to follow the woman he loved when she fell from heaven. Unfortunately Laura died before he could find her again but he knows her soul was reborn and is determined to do whatever it takes to find her. He's dedicated his whole life since he fell to that search, even becoming an assistant to Azagoth, the grim reaper himself, so that he doesn't miss a chance to see Laura's soul if she dies again.

Vex is an emin (the daughter of two fallen angels) and that puts a huge target on her back from both angels and the fallen alike. Few emin are born and even fewer survive but her parents did everything they could to protect her and keep her away from the supernatural world. Until the day she started developing unusual abilities and they were forced to seek help. Vex's ability to capture souls by sucking them inside her was a lucrative one the whole time she was able to trade those souls on the black market but now that someone is working to shut down trade she's in trouble. Without help she has no way to get rid of the souls she has captured and she's at risk of being possessed by the evil soul that is already inside her. Her only chance is to make a deal with Azagoth but the grim reaper isn't a big fan of anyone who attempts to capture his souls.

I've been hoping we'd get Z's story for a long time now since he's been around as a side character in several of the previous stories. We've always known he was searching for someone but I didn't realise quite how much he had given up to be with Laura. He has spent 100 years searching for his long lost love and now finally he thinks he might have found her trapped inside Vex along with the other souls she is trying to sell to Azagoth. Things get complicated very quickly when Azagoth realises that the evil soul Vex has captured is too powerful for him to safely remove it and now the fight is on to save both Vex and Laura before that soul completely takes over and destroys the pair of them.

It's hard to go into too much detail about the romance without giving away spoilers but I loved seeing Z finally find the woman he has loved for so long. His expectations are thwarted when Laura has no memory of him and their past life together though, she is a very different woman now and although he's still attracted to her he keeps thinking if he can just show her how things used to be between them then he can get his version of Laura back. If he's not careful he risks losing her completely by not accepting her for who she is now though. The path to true love never runs smoothly and that's definitely the case for Z and Laura but their struggles are well worth it in the end. Z is another fab story from Larissa Ione and I enjoyed the chance to catch up with Azagoth, Lilliana and several of the other previous characters. I love this world and I'm glad that we've not reached the end of the series yet, in fact Larissa Ione has announced a spin off series that will feature the next generation of characters and I can't wait to get my hands on the first book!

Source: Received from author via Inkslinger PR in exchange for an honest review

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Release Day Blast: Z - Larissa Ione

Z is the latest in Larissa Ione's incredible Demonica Underworld Series brought to you by the amazing team at 1001 Dark Nights! Be sure you grab your copy of this sexy new novella today!

About Z:

Zhubaal, fallen angel assistant to the Grim Reaper, has spent decades searching for the angel he loved and lost nearly a century ago. Not even her death can keep him from trying to find her, not when he knows she’s been given a second chance at life in a new body. But as time passes, he’s losing hope, and he wonders how much longer he can hold to the oath he swore to her so long ago…

As an emim, the wingless offspring of two fallen angels, Vex has always felt like a second-class citizen. But if she manages to secure a deal with the Grim Reaper — by any means necessary — she will have earned her place in the world. The only obstacle in the way of her plan is a sexy hardass called Z, who seems determined to thwart her at every turn. Soon it becomes clear that they have a powerful connection rooted in the past…but can any vow stand the test of time?


Inside Sheoul, the demon realm sometimes called Hell, evil was everywhere.

It dripped off the sides of the sheer rock walls in streaks of black acid that ate into the stone with a hiss. It wafted through the humid air on tendrils of mist that reeked of sulfur and decaying flesh. And, as Vex watched, it oozed like toothpaste from out of a fissure in midair that only people like her could see.

Her purple-tipped black hair, already short and spiky, stood even more on end as the thing squeezing out of the fissure, a dead demon’s soul, popped free of whatever realm and mystical enclosure it had been inside. The toothpastey glob took a transparent, vaguely humanoid shape, but its glowing crimson eyes were sharp and clear. A malevolent wave of rage and hate rolled off the soul, and Vex backed away, even though escape was impossible for her.

She was what her parents had called a daemani, a demon soul magnet, a person to whom souls stuck like glue. According to them, most daemanis couldn’t prevent it from happening, and that was a serious pain in the ass. If a demon died near Vex, not even the Grim Reaper’s personal daemanis, creatures called griminions, had a chance to collect the soul before it got sucked into her and stored as a glyph on her skin.

The demon shrieked, a sound only she or another soul-sensitive person could hear, as it struggled to keep from being sucked into the prison of her body. In a futile attempt to avoid the inevitable, she fled, her booted feet nimbly negotiating the rock shard-strewn ground that was all too common in this part of Sheoul.

But no matter how fast she ran, every time she looked over her shoulder, the distance between her and the soul had decreased. Closer. Closer.

About Larissa Ione:

Larissa Ione is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. An Air Force veteran, she traded in a career as a meteorologist to pursue her passion of writing. She now spends her days in pajamas with her computer, strong coffee, and supernatural worlds. She believes in celebrating everything, and would never be caught without a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge…just in case. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her U.S. Coast Guard husband, her teenage son, a rescue cat named Vegas, and her very own hellhound, a King Shepherd named Hexe.

Website | FacebookTwitter | 1001 Dark Nights

Monday 25 April 2016

Review: Terry Pratchett: from birth to death, a writer - Terry Pratchett, Rob Wilkins, Neil Gaiman & Rhianna Pratchett

Limited edition hardback book provided at Terry Pratchett's memorial at the Barbican, London, 14th April 2016.

Find out more about the author's by visiting their websites:
Terry Pratchett
Rob Wilkins
Neil Gaiman
Rhianna Pratchett

This book is a limited edition hardback that was given out in the goody bags at the Terry Pratchett Memorial event at the Barbican Theatre in London on the 14th of April 2016. I did wonder if it was even worth writing a review for it since I don't think the book will ever be available to purchase but since I mainly write my reviews so that I can look back at them in years to come I'm just going to do what I always do.

I was lucky enough to be one of the fans who was given tickets to the Terry Pratchett Memorial and the whole evening was a wonderful tribute to Terry, there were some incredibly emotional moments but overall the theme of the evening was definitely laughter. I wrote about the event on my blog (HERE) so you can read all the details there if you're interested and for now I'll just focus on the book.

The team who organised the event obviously put a huge amount of effort into creating this book, aside from the iconic silhouette of Terry in his trademark hat on the front you also have the Roman numerals for his birth and death years (1948 - 2015) on the back along with a bee to represent the Venerable Order of the Honeybee which is an award Terry created to thank the people who most helped him during his writing career. Then on the inside you'll find a large image of the Pratchett family crest along with their motto "Noli Timere Messorem" (which translates rather appropriately to "Don't Fear the Reaper").

This is a fairly small book and has less than 100 pages but the contents are incredibly personal and very moving. After an introduction from Terry's long term personal assistant Rob Wilkins it includes several pieces of writing by Terry, from The Hades Business, the first story he ever sold (when he was just 13 years old!), to nonfiction pieces about his thought process and his love of hats, a very fitting excerpt from the last Discworld novel The Shepherd's Crown (I'm not going to say what it's about but I think anyone who has read the book will have a pretty good idea) and finally "A Little Advice for Life" from Terry that made me laugh and cry in equal measure.

It also includes a piece about Terry written by Neil Gaiman (that he actually read out at the memorial and I don't think there was a dry eye left in the whole theatre), this was written as the introduction to Terry's non fiction book "A Slip of the Keyboard" but was also posted on the Guardian website so anyone interested can read it in full HERE. If that wasn't enough to bring on the waterworks you'll also find Terry's daughter Rhianna Pratchett's obituary (that she also read to the audience on the night of the memorial) that was again posted online after Terry's death and can be read HERE.

This book is a wonderful keepsake from the event and it's one that I'll always treasure.

I'll leave you with a couple of appropriate Discworld quotes

- Good Omens

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away
- Reaper Man

GNU Terry Pratchett

Mind How You Go!

Review: The Light Fantastic - Terry Pratchett

As it moves towards a seemingly inevitable collision with a malevolent red star, the Discworld has only one possible saviour. Unfortunately, this happens to be the singularly inept and cowardly wizard called Rincewind, who was last seen falling off the edge of the world . . .

The funniest and most unorthodox fantasy in this or any other galaxy.

Discworld Series:
The Colour of Magic (Rincewind book 1)
The Light Fantastic (Rincewind book 2)
Equal Rites (Witches book 1)
Mort (Death book 1)
Sourcery (Rincewind book 3)
Wyrd Sisters (Witches book 2)
Guards! Guards! (Ankh-Morpork City Watch book 1)
Eric (Rincewind book 4)
Moving Pictures (Industrial Revolution book 1)
Reaper Man (Death book 2)
Witches Abroad (Witches book 3)
Small Gods
Lords and Ladies (Witches book 4)
Men at Arms (Ankh-Morpork City Watch book 2)
Soul Music (Death book 3)
Interesting Times (Rincewind book 5)
Maskerade (Witches book 5)
Feet of Clay (Ankh-Morpork City Watch book 3)
Hogfather (Death book 4)
Jingo (Ankh-Morpork City Watch book 4)
The Last Continent (Rincewind book 6)
Carpe Jugulum (Witches book 6)
The Fifth Elephant (Ankh-Morpork City Watch book 5)
The Truth (Industrial Revolution book 2)
Thief of Time (Death book 5)
The Last Hero (Rincewind book 7)
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Night Watch (Ankh-Morpork City Watch book 6)
The Wee Free Men (Tiffany Aching book 1)
Monstrous Regiment (Industrial Revolution book 3)
A Hat Full of Sky (Tiffany Aching book 2)
Going Postal (Moist von Lipwig book 1) (Industrial Revolution book 4)
Thud! (Ankh-Morpork City Watch book 7)
Wintersmith (Tiffany Aching book 3)
Making Money (Moist von Lipwig book 2) (Industrial Revolution book 5)
Unseen Academicals (Rincewind book 8)
I Shall Wear Midnight (Tiffany Aching book 4)
Snuff (Ankh-Morpork City Watch book 8)
The World of Poo
Raising Steam (Moist von Lipwig book 3) (Industrial Revolution book 6)
The Shepherd's Crown (Tiffany Aching book 5)

Discworld Related books:
The Discworld Mapp - Terry Pratchett & Stephen Briggs
Terry Pratchett's Discworld Colouring Book - Paul Kidby
Terry Pratchett's Discworld Imaginarium - Paul Kidby

Visit Terry Pratchett's website for more information

I've read most of the Discworld books many, many times over the years but I've not actually written reviews for most of them so I figured it really was about time I started yet another reread and this time actually sing their praises to the world!

If you've read The Colour of Magic you'll know it ended on quite a cliffhanger as we saw our two intrepid heroes, Rincewind and Twoflower, literally fall off the edge of the world. Luckily for them Rincewind happens to be carrying a very important spell around inside of him, and the Octavo (the magical book that the spell came from) can't let that spell disappear so it has to bend reality to rescue them. So Rincewind and Twoflower are now back on the Disc but they're in the middle of nowhere and they're going to have to try and figure out the way back to Ankh-Morpork, when Twoflower has finished sightseeing that is.

As I'm sure anyone who is familiar with the series will imagine lots of hilarious hijinks ensue as Rincewind and Twoflower, followed closely by the Luggage, meet up with the rather ancient and very toothless barbarian Cohen and proceed to accidentally rescue a virgin sacrifice. Meanwhile the lives of everyone on the Disc are in peril if the eight spells from the Octavo can't be reunited and spoken on a very specific date so every wizard from the Unseen University is taking part in a giant man hunt trying to find Rincewind before it's too late. Throw in a visit to Death's house and the Great A'Tuin's determination to fly the entire world into a giant red star and you're in for a bumpy ride.

Although most of the books in this series work as standalones I really think the first two books (The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic) should be read as a pair because the events from both books are so closely entwined. Rincewind and Twoflower have always been favourites of mine, I love the banter between them and like the way Twoflower's over enthusiastic love for everything balances out against Rincewind's fear of the unknown. The Luggage always steals the show though which is quite impressive since it's a wooden box that doesn't speak a word. It does have a lot of legs and very sharp teeth though so it can pull of menacing rather well whenever Twoflower is in danger. Although the series just gets better and better these earlier books will always be amongst my favourites just because they introduced me to this weird and wonderful world created by Terry Pratchett. I have never come across a series quite like this one and I seriously doubt I ever will.

Source: Purchased

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Sunday 24 April 2016

Review: No Quarter - Christine d'Abo

When bounty hunter Gar Stitt is given a simple locate-and-retrieve mission, he’s convinced it’s a waste of his skills. His success rate is legendary, after all, and Captain Faolan Wolf isn’t hard to find. He’s the most notorious pirate in the galaxy, and when he shows up planetside to take his pleasures, he’s far from subtle.

Faolan never expected a hot but tightly wound hunter to walk into his private party and try to apprehend him single-handedly. And when an unexpected betrayal forces them to work together, Faolan’s even more surprised to find himself drawn to Gar personally—especially since neither of them do personal.

Gar had intended to put Faolan in prison. Instead he finds his solitary existence shaken by his desire for the pirate. And when the bounty hunter becomes the hunted, he must put his faith in Faolan and his pirate crew, or run the risk of ending up dead.

The Bounty Series:
No Quarter
No Remedy
No Master

Visit Chrisitne d'Abo's website for more information

Gar Stitt is a bounty hunter with a heart of ice, he lost his family when he was young and has sworn never to let anyone close again so he keeps himself to himself and is pretty much a loner. He's the best at what he does though so when the guild send him after space pirate Captain Faolan Wolf he's sure the job will be a walk in the park. Faolan isn't exactly hard to find and Gar knows he'll be an easy capture, what he doesn't realise is that Faolan has orchestrated the whole thing because he wants to make a deal with Gar's boss. What should have been a quick find and kill mission fast turns into a retrieval mission that will have the two men working closely together for days. Add in an unexpected betrayal that finds them on the run and fighting for their lives and all hell is about to break loose.

You can always count on Christine d'Abo when you're looking for a hot read, she creates excellent chemistry between her characters and her stories are always hot as hell so I knew exactly what to expect from No Quarter and I wasn't disappointed. Gar and Faolan are both damaged men with secrets to keep but there is no denying the attraction the feel towards each other no matter how hard they try and fight it. This is a fairly short novel so the romance does happen very quickly but that wasn't an issue because it's so well done. I liked both of the characters and enjoyed seeing Gar start to thaw out a little as Faolan got under his skin. Faolan is the more easygoing of the two and he loves nothing more than winding Gar up and getting him all hot and bothered. No matter how relaxed he is on the outside there's a lot more to Faolan than first meets the eye though and he's a dangerous adversary to get on the wrong side of.

The main storyline was fairly predictable but when I'm picking up an erotic novel let's face it I'm reading for the smut more than the plot so as long as the sex is hot and plentiful and I like the characters that's the most important thing. No Quarter is the first book in Christine d'Abo's Bounty series, these books were originally released a few years ago but are now being repackaged in sexy new covers and I can't wait to read the next two stories.

Source: Received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Other Reviews:
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Paperback / Kindle:

Friday 22 April 2016

Cover Reveal: The Graces - Laure Eve (#TheGraces)

I've been excited about Laure Eve's upcoming novel The Graces ever since I heard about it at the Faber & Faber blogger event in February. It's not out until September so we have a little longer to wait but today I get to share the gorgeous cover with you!

First let's have a look at this fabulous animated version Faber & Faber created:

Isn't it awesome! Now let's have a look at the finished cover and the blurb (taken from Amazon):

Everyone said the Graces were witches.

They moved through the corridors like sleek fish, ripples in their wake. Stares followed their backs and their hair.

They had friends, but they were just distractions. They were waiting for someone different.

All I had to do was show them that person was me.

Like everyone else in her town, River is obsessed with the Graces, attracted by their glamour and apparent ability to weave magic. But are they really what they seem? And are they more dangerous than they let on?

This beautifully-written thriller will grip you from its very first page.

Visit Laure Eve's website for more information

Now just imagine that cover with lots of gold foil so it's all shiny and it's going to be so pretty. Another really cool feature is the invisible writing on the spine. If you look at the full cover wraparound below you can see the greyish looking writing on the spine that says "everyone said" and "were witches", well Faber are using a special technique to print that writing so that you'll only be able to see it from a certain angle when the light hits the cover just right. Isn't that brilliant!

So what do you think of the cover? Was the book already on your radar or have you just added it to your wish list? Did you read Laure Eve's first series?

Thursday 21 April 2016

Cover Reveal: Shadow - Christi J. Whitney

Today I'm excited to be able to share the cover for the 2nd novel in Christi J. Whitney's Romany Outcasts series, Shadow, which will be published in the UK on the 2nd of June by Harper Voyager. I'm looking forward to catching up with Sebastian and seeing how he is coping with all the things that were thrown at him in the first book Grey!


The second volume in this incredible YA trilogy. When stone hearts break they shatter.

Sebastian Grey used to be a normal teenager. Now he’s a creature whose sole purpose is to be a guardian for secretive gypsy clans.

When the Romany gypsies need his help, Sebastian is given a second chance to protect Josephine Romany – the girl he loves. But this is no easy task when some of them think he’s as bad as the shadow creatures attacking their camp.

Yet to keep Josephine safe, Sebastian might have to embrace his darker side. Even if that means choosing between his humanity and becoming the monster everyone believes him to be.

The Romany Outcasts Series:
Shadow (June 2016)
Midnight (2017)

About the author:

Christi J. Whitney is a former high school English teacher and theatre director with a weakness for sci-fi/fantasy conventions and superhero films. She loves a hot cup of coffee, a plate of sushi, and a good book—though not necessarily in that order.

She believes purple is the best color ever, chocolate fixes everything, and mismatched socks are a fashion statement. Christi lives just outside of Atlanta with her three favorite boys: her amazing husband, and her two spectacular sons.

She has written numerous scripts for theatrical productions and directed dozens of musicals and plays, but young adult fiction is her favorite pastime. When not inventing worlds on the stage or on the page, Christi surrounds herself with family and friends, artistic clutter, and enough geeky hobbies to last into the next century.

Connect with the author:

Website | Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook

What do you think of the cover? I absolutely love the colours, the circus big top makes a lot of sense if you've read the first book and I really like the dandelion seeds being blown across the image. I'm glad we don't have to wait too much longer to get our hands on a copy!

Monday 18 April 2016

Review: Let Me - Cecy Robson

Once he was broken beyond repair. Now this MMA contender is fighting to be a better man—for her. RT Book Reviews proclaims that the O’Brien Family series from award-winning author Cecy Robson “has the hottest brothers ever!” And in Let Me, it is Finn’s turn to discover how love can heal the deepest wounds.

A mixed martial arts star on the rise, Finn O’Brien dismantles his opponents with brutal precision. And yet beneath his fierce persona, Finn is raw from a trauma he’s buried for years . . . until the day his deep-rooted rage erupts and lands him in court-mandated therapy. Finn’s not one to bare his soul, but if talking it out means meeting beautiful women like Sol Marieles, he’ll give it a shot.

Sol is working toward her master’s degree in psychology, and already she feels like she’s in over her head. With an important internship on the line and a scary family situation demanding her attention, the last thing Sol needs is Finn around to distract her. The man is ripped and seriously sexy yet it’s his troubled side that warns her to keep her distance. But their attraction is intense, and he clearly has the heat to see how far and fast their passion takes them.

Alone, Finn and Sol have been fighting to find happiness in their lives. Together, there’s no stopping them as they face their greatest challenges—not in the ring, but in their hearts.

Shattered Past Series:
Once Perfect
Once Loved
Once Pure

O'Brien Family Series:
(Characters were introduced in the Shattered Past series but this series can be read separately)
Once Kissed
Let Me
Crave Me
Feel Me
Save Me

Visit Cecy Robson's website for more information.

I'm just going to come right out and say it: I love the O'Brien family! From the minute we met Killian's siblings in Once Pure I was hoping they'd all get books and then when Cecy Robson announced the O'Brien series and gave us Curran's story in Once Kissed I wanted to cheer. If you've read those previous books you'll already have met the youngest O'Brien, Finn, and you'll probably already know what happened to him as a child. Because of that his older siblings are all very protective of him but he is holding a lot of anger deep inside and none of the others are quite sure how to deal with it. Finn's anger fuels him in the cage and it's helping him build a name for himself as a top MMA fighter but his siblings are worried that he's bottling up his emotions and that it's going to end in disaster if he doesn't find a way to release it safely.

When Finn gets into trouble for fighting outside the cage he is forced into court mandated therapy and it is there that he bumps into long term family friend Sol. Sol is working as an intern while she qualifies for her masters in psychology and she has more than enough on her plate dealing with her mentally unstable mother so the last thing she needs is a boyfriend no matter how hot she's always found Finn. She knows that it isn't a good idea for two damaged people to get involved with each other but Finn isn't easy to resist and she finds herself desperately wanting to help him.

Cecy Robson isn't afraid to tackle difficult issues in her novels, we've already seen her deal with domestic violence sensitively and here she gives us a glimpse into the long lasting effects of child abuse and mental illness. These aren't easy subjects to talk about and are often things that are brushed under the carpet but Cecy gives a brutally honest portrayal of how badly they can affect the people involved. Finn has always suppressed what happened to him, he refuses to talk about it and tries so hard to be strong but it has a massive impact on every area of his life and he's going to have to face up to it if he wants any chance of moving forward and finding happiness. Sol's issues are very different but they affect her just as badly and she's not in a great place either but they both find comfort in each others arms. It's not enough to love each other though, they have to be brave enough to tackle things that they've spent years trying to hide and that's not going to be easy for either of them.

I love this couple, they fit together brilliantly and the banter between them was great, the attraction between them is also intense but beyond that they are able to open up to each other in ways that they've never been able to do with anyone else in the past. Finn in particular broke my heart, no child should have to suffer through what he did but I was so incredibly proud of the way he dealt with things in the long term. It took a lot of work to get there but thanks to the support that both Sol and his family gave him he was finally able to face up to what had happened to him. Sol's story was also heart wrenching, the relationship she had with her mother was painful to watch and Sol put a lot of pressure on herself to try and fix something that was basically unfixable. These two don't have it easy to start with but that just makes their happy ending even more perfect and I had such a huge smile on my face when they finally figured out how to deal with their issues.

Of course we also get to see plenty of the other O'Brien siblings too, both the ones who have already found their HEA and the ones who are still happily single. There is definitely something going on with Wren that has me a little worried about her so I'm really hoping that we get to read her story next but no matter which sibling steps up to the plate this series is a must buy for me.

Source: Received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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Paperback / Kindle:

Blog Tour: Let Me - Cecy Robson (Excerpt & Giveaway)

To visit the rest of the stops on the blog tour CLICK HERE

If you regularly visit my blog you should know by now how much I adore Cecy Robson's writing. Whether it's her urban fantasy Weird Girls series or her contemporary romance Shattered Past and O'Brien Family I devour all of her books the moment I get my hands on them and it's so incredibly easy to get sucked into her worlds and root for her characters. Anyway, today I'm thrilled to be taking part in the blog tour to celebrate the release of the second O'Brien Family book, Let Me, which will be available tomorrow. I've already read the book (watch out for my review later today) and you guys are going to totally fall in love with Finn when you meet him!

Once he was broken beyond repair. Now this MMA contender is fighting to be a better man—for her. RT Book Reviews proclaims that the O’Brien Family series from award-winning author Cecy Robson “has the hottest brothers ever!” And in Let Me, it is Finn’s turn to discover how love can heal the deepest wounds.

A mixed martial arts star on the rise, Finn O’Brien dismantles his opponents with brutal precision. And yet beneath his fierce persona, Finn is raw from a trauma he’s buried for years . . . until the day his deep-rooted rage erupts and lands him in court-mandated therapy. Finn’s not one to bare his soul, but if talking it out means meeting beautiful women like Sol Marieles, he’ll give it a shot.

Sol is working toward her master’s degree in psychology, and already she feels like she’s in over her head. With an important internship on the line and a scary family situation demanding her attention, the last thing Sol needs is Finn around to distract her. The man is ripped and seriously sexy yet it’s his troubled side that warns her to keep her distance. But their attraction is intense, and he clearly has the heat to see how far and fast their passion takes them.

Alone, Finn and Sol have been fighting to find happiness in their lives. Together, there’s no stopping them as they face their greatest challenges—not in the ring, but in their hearts.

O'Brien Family Series:
(Characters were introduced in the Shattered Past series but this series can be read separately)
Once Kissed
Let Me

Shattered Past Series:
Once Perfect
Once Loved
Once Pure

Buy Links: Amazon | B & N | iTunes | Kobo

Add Let Me to your Goodreads shelf HERE

Author Info:
Cecy Robson is a new adult and contemporary author of the Shattered Past series, the O’Brien Family novels and upcoming Carolina Beach novels, as well as the award-winning author of the Weird Girls urban fantasy romance series. A 2016 double nominated RITA®finalist for Once Pure and Once Kissed, Cecy is a recovering Jersey girl living in the South who enjoys carbs way too much, and exercise way too little. Gifted and cursed with an overactive imagination, you can typically find her on her laptop silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Excerpt from Let Me:

Easton grins. He thinks I’m afraid of him. He thinks he has me where he wants me. But fear is an emotion I don’t allow myself to entertain. Fear gets you hurt and rips you apart till you think there’s nothing left.

I dodge out of reach. He scowls and takes another swing. This one gets close enough to my jaw to create a breeze that whips across my skin.

“Finn,” my brother Killian barks from the side. “Take him out now.”

He’s worried about me. So is my family. But now’s not the time to think about them. I keep my hands up as I edge away, letting Easton think I’m backing down, that I’m tired and need to catch my breath.

I sidestep when he lunges forward, avoiding his next swing and use the momentum to drop my head and nail him in the temple with a roundhouse kick.

Like I said, Easton’s fast.

Too bad for him I’m a little bit faster.

The kick is my signature move, as natural for me as the next breath. He goes down like I planned. But in the Octagon you don’t stop just because your opponent collapses like timber. You charge forward. You show him what you’re made of. And you prove just how tough you really are.

That muffled screaming, isn’t so muffled anymore. The crowd loses their shit as I pounce, my blows nailing Easton in the face until the ref’s arms hook beneath mine as he hauls me off. I back away, my fists up because I already know I won.

I should do a back flip or some crazy shit to incite the crowd. This is it. My time has come to own it. But the good things aren’t as great as they can be. Not with the memories that haunt me. And not with the anger they stir.

Killian rushes in as the medic wipes down my face. I’m bleeding from the punch Easton caught me with at the beginning of the round. I didn’t think it was that bad, but the way the ringside medic is pressing the towel against my head clues me in the gash isn’t closing like it should.

“I’m going to have to stitch you up, Fury,” he mumbles.

“I figured,” I tell him.

Kill pats my back. “Good job,” he says.

Maybe he believes it, but I don’t miss the concern in his voice. He thinks I took too many unnecessary hits. I can’t really argue, seeing how it’s true.

He doesn’t understand that I don’t feel those strikes the way I should. Hell, I don’t think I’ve felt anything the way I should in a long time. Not like I used to. I try to tell myself that maybe that’ a good thing. That numbness is better than pain. But I’m not so convinced anymore, and neither is my family. I try to shrug it off like I’m fine. Except given the way they’ve been eyeing me, I’m not fooling anyone.

I’m scaring everyone around me. And it sucks. Not only because I don’t want them scared, but mostly because I don’t know how to stop it.

Giveaway Details:

To celebrate the release of Let Me Cecy Robson is giving away a Prize Pack, including: Two T-shirts and swag from Cecy’s SHATTERED PAST series (Once Pure and Once Kissed RITA® 2016 Finalists), magnets and pins from both her SHATTERED PAST and award-wining WEIRD GIRLS series, WEIRD GIRLS water bottle, and signed paperback of A CURSED EMBRACE.

You can enter the giveaway using the rafflecopter form below, the winner will be contacted directly by the tour organiser so they can arrange to send out the prizes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to check back later today to read my review of Let Me!

Sunday 17 April 2016

Review: A Wild Ride -Vivian Arend

He’s the golden boy with a secret past

When Nicole Adams abruptly cancels their secret fling, Troy Thompson is stunned. The sex between them is sizzling, but she’s ready to move on—find a reliable guy, settle down, pop out a few babies. The thought of Nic in another man’s arms is maddening. And while her agenda freaks him out, Troy knows there’s no one in town nearly good enough for her. No one, that is, except him.

She’s his redemption and his future

Nicole doesn’t regret her sexual romp with Troy, but when he insists on taking the next step with her—marriage and parenthood—she figures he’s out of his mind. Troy? Husband and daddy material? Oh, he’s sexy beyond belief, with the ability to melt her panties with a single command, but the man’s not known for being responsible. Trying for forever with Mr. Frivolous? Everyone thinks it’s a fool’s game.

Everyone except Troy, who’s determined to make Nicole see the real him under the shiny exterior.

Thompson & Sons Series:
Rocky Ride (Novella in the Marked anthology, also available as a separate ebook)
Baby Be Mine
One Sexy Ride
Let it Ride
A Wild Ride

Visit Vivian Arend's website for more information

I've been a fan of this series ever since I read the first book, they're perfect for when I'm in the mood for a humourous, small town romance with a great cast of characters, brilliant chemistry and a lot of laughs on the way to a happily ever after. Vivian Arend is an autoread author for me, she has an extensive back list so I'm still not caught up with all of her books (I'll get there one day!) but she never lets me down whether it's with her contemporaries, paranormal romances or even romantic suspense.

Although this story does work well as a stand alone I think you'll enjoy it even more if you read the series in order because each of the previous couples make ongoing appearances before and after their own book. If you've read the other stories you'll already be familiar with Troy, the youngest of the Thompson brothers. He has always been shown as someone who doesn't take life too seriously, he likes to have fun and he's in no rush to settle down. He isn't particularly a player but he doesn't really go for serious relationships either. What we haven't really seen until now is how much he really adores his family and how many quiet little things he does in the background to make everyone else's lives better. I always liked his character but I fell for him even more when I started to realise how he is the glue that ties the Thompson family together and that everything he does has had a lot of thought put into it.

Nicole has been seeing Troy for a few months, he's her older brother's best friend and roommate so they've kept things secret but they've shared a lot of very passionate encounters when nobody was around to see them. She's known all along that Troy isn't the man she'll settle down with but their friends with benefits relationship was just what she needed at the time. Now though she finds herself thinking about the future, she wants to get serious and find the man who is going to be her partner in life so it's time to end things with Troy and start dating guys who are interested in settling down. It isn't until Nicole tries to walk away that Troy realises how important she has become to him but how can he convince her that he's changed enough to want a serious relationship when she only thinks of him as someone who is happy to sail through life without making any plans for the future?

I have to admit that Nicole took a little while to grow on me, in the beginning she was so determined to date other guys and I was annoyed with the way she refused to listen to Troy and talk things through properly. Thankfully that doesn't last long though and at least her attempts at dating were disastrous enough to be amusing. I loved Troy from the very beginning though, he's just such a great guy and I enjoyed seeing all the little ways he tried to make life better for the people around him. I ended up getting really annoyed with his family for not noticing how much he looked out for them but it was nice to see Nicole wise up and have his back when he really needed her. They make a brilliant couple, the chemistry between them was smoking, and I think this was probably the hottest book of the series but that wasn't all there was to their relationship. They had fun together both in and out of the bedroom and I loved that Troy was able to show Nicole that settling down and planning a future together didn't mean they had to stop enjoying life and messing around sometimes.

This book was pretty much perfect from beginning to end and I'm kind of hoping that Vivian Arend can pull out a few long lost Thompson siblings (or perhaps cousins?) so that the series doesn't have to end here. I guess since this series is loosely linked to her Six Pack Ranch series I now have a perfect excuse to buy more of her books in the meantime though and I'm hoping the characters we met here will at least start to appear in those books if nothing else.

Source: Received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Other reviews of this book:
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Saturday 16 April 2016

Terry Pratchett Memorial, a wonderful & fitting tribute #speakhisname

On Thursday my Dad and I were lucky enough to be one amongst hundreds of Terry Pratchett fans to get the chance to attend the Memorial event held at the Barbican Theatre in London. We both fell in love with Terry and the many Discworld characters over 20 years ago so I'm sure you can imagine we were thrilled to get much sought after tickets for this event but it was a kind of bittersweet moment and as excited as we were to attend we're both still heartbroken that the world has lost such a wonderful writer.

We set off really early and ended up spending a couple of hours before the event in the courtyard outside the Barbican. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and it was lovely to get a chance to chat with other fans and share memories of Terry and talk about what the series means to us all. I think my Dad was a bit horrified that I'd insisted on getting us both costumes for the event but I'm glad we made the effort and although less people had dressed up than we expected we did spot Lord Vetinari, several versions of Twoflower and the Queen of Elves walking around!

On entering the auditorium we found wonderful goody bags had been placed on every seat which was a lovely gesture and contained items I'll treasure forever. They had thoughtfully included a pack of tissues (which came in handy later on in the evening!) printed with the Pratchett family motto "Noli Timere Messorem" (which translates to Don't Fear the Reaper), a pack of postcards featuring Terry and some of the most well known Discworld characters, a bottle of Ankh water (I'm not sure how safe this is to drink but if Mustrum Ridcully is to be believed "Anything that's passed through seven pairs of kidneys has to be very pure indeed"), a tin of Dried Frog Pills and a gorgeous purple memorial pin. My favourite item would have to be the specially printed book "Terry Pratchett: From Birth to Death, a Writer" there are so many beautiful touches to this book, from Terry's silhouette on the front and the family crest on the first page, through to the honeybee and the roman numerals for 1948 - 2015 printed on the back this book has obviously had a huge amount of thought put into it. It includes an introduction from Rob Wilkins, several of Terry's essays and quotes from Discworld along with the speeches read by Rhianna Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and Sir Tony Robinson during the memorial so it's a wonderful keepsake.

Terry Pratchett: From Birth to Death, a Writer
The event was opened by Lord Vetinari who threatened death and dismemberment to anyone in the audience who tried taking photos or who didn't have their mobile phones switched off and the whole evening was hosted by Terry's good friend and assistant Rob Wilkins.

After a brief intro things kicked off with a stunning rendition of Spem in Alium by The Ephiphoni Consort, I couldn't find a video of them singing the song but they were absolutely fantastic and I'd highly recommend attending one of their concerts if you get a chance.

This isn't the correct choir but it is the song they sung and one of Terry's favourites:

While the choir was singing there was a video showing all of Terry's book covers (all 70 of them!) falling through an hourglass and the atmosphere felt quite solemn while we were left to our own thoughts. Things quickly livened up when Rob came back on the stage though and he lightened the tone by talking about what Terry had wanted for his memorial. Terry's first wish was that he could be there himself but if that wasn't possible he wanted lots of humour, plenty of swearing and for Rob to use both "fuck" and "bugger" which he did before promptly apologising to his mum who was in the audience!

Throughout the evening there were lots of incredibly emotional tributes to Terry but the tone was always lightened with funny stories about Terry's rating system for book signings and hotels or the disastrous time he and Neil Gaiman attempted to walk from a signing to an hour long radio interview in LA and ended up missing the first 45 minutes of air time. Terry's daughter Rhianna read the obituary she wrote for her father, Neil Gaiman read his foreward for A Slip of the Keyboard, Sir Tony Robinson read an extract from Terry's Richard Dimbleby Lecture and Rob read out a letter that he'd received from Terry posthumously. We heard stories from staff at Terry's UK Publisher Transworld, from his British and American editors, from artist Paul Kidby, from The Cunning Artificer himself sculptor Bernard Pearson alongside tributes from many other friends and colleagues.

British folk band Steeleye Span came on stage several times to sing songs from their Wintersmith album that was inspired by the first three books in the Tiffany Aching Discworld mini series including the popular Dark Morris. It was obvious that Terry had a long history with the band and the lead singer Maddy had even visited him in his final days to sing for him one last time.

Several important people in Terry's live were invited on stage to be awarded membership of the Venerable Order of the Honeybee. They were presented with stunning bumblebee pendants that had been created to Terry's original design and Rhianna was given a special ring version to show her importance as Queen Bee of the Order. One of the most moving moments of the night was when Rob presented Neil Gaiman with Terry's trademark hat, Neil was obviously very moved to receive it and he wasn't even able to bring himself to put it on while still on stage. I did see him tweet this picture later though, and yes, it did make me sniffle all over again!

Neil Gaiman wearing Terry Pratchett's hat

We were shown clips of the three BBC documentaries Terry took part in: Living with Alzheimer's, Choosing to Die (about assisted suicide) and Facing Extinction (where he travelled to the jungle in Borneo to look at the plight faced by orangutans) and the same team were actually filming the memorial for a fourth documentary in the trilogy that will be a celebration of Terry's life. They already have over 4 hours of footage of Rob and Terry in conversation taken over the last few months of Terry's life and will be using that alongside what was filmed at the memorial.

Before going on to talk about future projects we were shown snippets from the current TV adaptations of The Colour of MagicThe Hogfather and Going Postal. Rob and Rhianna both confirmed that although they are aware of at least 10 new Discworld novels that Terry was working on before his death they will never be completed and they will also never allow any other author to write new Discworld novels. I have to admit I was actually quite relieved about that, it just wouldn't feel right to continue the Discworld series with anyone else at the helm.

There are still plenty of exciting things to look forward too though, I may have forgotten some but this is what I can remember:
  1. The Discworld Colouring Book (Aug 2016) - this was announced quite some time ago so I'm sure it's something most fans are already aware of but we heard from Paul Kidby about how much work has gone into turning his full colour illustrations into black and white line drawings (around 60 hours per page!!). We also got to see quite a few pages and there is no doubt the book will be stunning.
  2. Small Gods Graphic Novel (July 2016) - We also got a glimpse at some of the pages for the upcoming Small Gods graphic novel and I'm sure it's going to be fantastic.
  3. Terry Pratchett Biography (No date given) - it was confirmed that Rob Wilkins will be writing the Official Terry Pratchett Biography which seemed rather fitting since there aren't many people who knew Terry as well as Rob did.
  4. Discworld Encyclopedias (No date given) - Rob and Rhianna will also be working on a series of Discworld Encyclopedias, something which Terry had always wanted to do when the series was complete.
  5. A 4th BBC Documentary about Terry Pratchett's life (no date given) - As mentioned above they are already working on a new BBC documentary, they recorded more footage at the memorial (my Dad even gave a brief interview as we left the theatre) and I'm hoping it won't be too long before we can watch the completed documentary.
  6. Troll Bridge Movie (no date given) - Troll Bridge is a fan made movie that has been in the works for a long time but is nearing completion. You can find out all about it at the Troll Bridge website.
  7. Good Omens TV Adaptation - It was confirmed that Neil Gaiman will be writing the screenplay for this which caused a lot of loud cheering from the audience. When Rob first approached him about it Neil was adamant that he didn't want to be involved because everything to do with Good Omens, even down to creating publicity bookmarks, was always done in collaboration with Terry, but after receiving a posthumous letter from Terry urging him to go ahead Neil didn't have much choice but to agree. Neil let slip that it will be a 6 part TV series but we weren't given any information about when we can expect to see it on our screens.
  8. The Wee Free Men - Rhianna is currently working on the screenplay for this but I'm not sure if it'll be a movie or a TV series. They did say we could expect a big announcement about it at Comicon later this year though so we shouldn't have to wait too long for more news.
  9. Mort - Terry Rossio (the second highest grossing screenwriter of all time who gave us movies like Aladdin, Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean) is working on the screenplay for a Mort movie, that's definitely going to be one to watch out for!
  10. Night Watch - it was also confirmed that the Night Watch adaptation is going ahead but again we were given no information about the format or when to expect it.
Rob ended the evening by thanking both his own and Terry's family and left us with a couple of appropriate Discworld quotes:

- Good Omens

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away
- Reaper Man

Before he could leave the stage Neil Gaiman presented him with a video of Kylie's greatest hits that actually turned out to be a video message recorded by Eric Idle who led the choir and the entire audience in a sing along rendition of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in making this event evening happen, it was a wonderful and fitting tribute and I feel honoured to have been able to attend. I've written this to the best of my memory but since I didn't take notes during the event there may be unintentional mistakes. I'll be happy to correct anything or add things I missed if people let me know in the comments though!

GNU Terry Pratchett

Mind How You Go!


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