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Review: Passion Unleashed - Larissa Ione

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Forbidden Temptations

Serena Kelley is an archaeologist and treasure hunter - and a woman with a secret. Since she was seven, she's been the keeper of a powerful charm that grants her health and immortality ... as long as she stays a virgin. But Serena isn't all that innocent. And when a dangerously handsome stranger brings her to the brink of ecstasy, she wonders if she's finally met the one man she cannot resist.

Fatal Desires

Wraith is a Seminus demon with a death wish. But when an old enemy poisons him, he must find Serena and persuade her to give him the only known antidote in the universe - her charm. Yet, as she begins to surrender to his seductions and Wraith senses the cure is within his grasp, he realizes the horrible truth: He's falling for the woman whose life he must take in order to save his own.

The Demonica Series:
Pleasure Unbound
Desire Unchained
Passion Unleashed
Eternity Embraced (Novella)
Ecstasy Unveiled
Sin Undone
Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance book 1)
Vampire Fight Club (Novella in the Supernatural anthology or as a separate ebook)
Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance book 2)
Lethal Rider (Lords of Deliverance book 3)
Rogue Rider (Lords of Deliverance book 4)
Azagoth (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 1)
Hades (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 2)
Base Instincts (Novella)
Z (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 3)
Razr (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 4)
Hawkyn (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 5)
Her Guardian Angel (Novella) (Demonica Underworld book 6, also part of the Masters and Mercenaries Crossover Collection)
Dining with Angels: Bits & Bites from the Demonica Universe (Short Story Collection & Recipe Book, Demonica Underworld book 7)
Cipher (Demonica Underworld book 8)
Reaper (Demonica Underworld book 9)

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This is the third book in the Demonica series and although I would recommend reading the series in order to get the most of the ongoing background story I think you would be able to read this as a stand alone book without too much confusion.

Serena is a charmed human, blessed with immortality and protected from harm as long as she remains a virgin. If she has sex with someone then her charm will be passed to them but because she was bitten by a demon as a child losing her charm will mean death within a few days. Wraith has been poisoned and there is no known antidote apart from Serena's charm. It should be a simple matter for Wraith to seduce Serena and claim the charm for himself.

When he meets Serena things become more complicated though - is it really fair to condemn an innocent to death so that he can live? He has been through a lot in his life and hasn't always behaved in the nicest ways but even he has to stop and think before he takes Serena's charm, especially when the more he gets to know her the more he comes to like her. If only things could be different and one of them didn't have to die.

I am a huge fan of this series but I think that this was the best book yet. Wraith and Serena's story really does have a little of everything - there is incredible passion between them but it was the emotional connection between them that I really loved. I also love the connection between all of the brothers and the fact that they are there for each other despite the ups and downs in their relationship. Let me just say with the appearance of their new brother I can't wait to read Ecstasy Unveiled! There is a lot of action in Passion Unleashed and I really enjoyed the side story with Gem and Kynan, that along with some fantastic plot twists made the book impossible to put down. This series really is right up there with Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed and J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood - future books will definitely be on my pre-order list and I've had to make space on my favourite author shelf! I can't recommend this series highly enough so if you haven't already come across these books what are you waiting for? Go out and get a copy now!

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  1. I love this book. The adventures those two go thru and yes you are so right, their passion is just to wonderful all the way around. Now hurry up and get you some Lore. He is one sexy Sem-demon. :) Happy weekend, Sarah!

  2. I haven't read this one, but finished the first two and LOVED them. I need to pick this one up SOON:)

  3. I just reviewed this one too..I loved Wraith and Serena - such a good story! I'm reviewing Ecstasy Unveiled this weekend - Lore's story was pretty awesome too!

  4. Woot! Very happy you liked it! This book, without a doubt, was the easiest to write, and Wraith has a special place in my heart.

    Great review! :)

  5. @ Mar - I wasn't sure if I was going to like Wraith but I was very happy to be proved wrong. I'd be very hard pressed to pick my fave brother LOL. I'll make sure I get to Lore soon! Hope you're having a fab weekend :o)

    @ Moonsanity - if you liked the first 2 books just wait until you start this one!! It was fab :o)

    @ Heather - I just read your review & it was fab. I'll keep an eye out for the Ecstasy Unveiled one - I really need to read that book LOL

    @ Larissa - thanks so much for stopping by again :o) I'm not surprised Wraith has a special place in your heart - he was pretty loveable even though I didn't really expect him to be! I loved getting to know him better & Serena was great too



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