Friday 9 April 2010

Book Blogger Hop

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly event hosted by Jennifer from Crazy For Books.  The idea is for book bloggers & readers to find new blogs that we might not have come across otherwise.  If you want to join in with the Blogger Hop just add your blog address to the Mr Linky on Crazy For Books

I'm looking forward to finding some new blogs to gollow!  If you find my blog through the Blogger Hop please leave me a comment & I'll be sure to return the visit :o)


  1. Just bouncing through on the hop. Here's ME.

  2. Just found you on the hop & am now following. Love the blog!

    Come visit me some time. :)

  3. you have a wonderful blog! i found you at the blog hop and am now following! thank you for the suggestions! i am off to check out the it's monday button! thanks!

  4. @ Angel - Thanks for dropping by :o)

    @ Leanna - Thanks for becoming a new follower, I'm about to go & check out your blog now!

    @ Priya - Thanks for becoming a follower :o) I'm off to check out your blog now - enjoy the rest of the hop!

  5. Hop Hop Hop...

    Checking out your blog and waving hello.

    Happy Reading :)

  6. Hi, i just found you on the hop and now am following. Great Blog!

  7. @ Hawk - Thanks for hopping by :o)

    @ Bookventures - thanks for following!

    I'm just about to check out both your blogs now!



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