Tuesday 27 April 2010

Review: Beneath A Darkening Moon - Keri Arthur

Someone is murdering humans on the Ripple Creek Werewolf Reservation, and the murders are eerily similar to those Chief Ranger Savannah Grant witnessed nearly ten years ago.  Having once had the reputation for being the wild sister, it seems her past has come back to haunt her.  Worse still, the man sent in to help with the investigation is the one man Savannah had hoped never to see again - the man who had taken her trust and her heart, and smashed them both.

Cade Jones is in Ripple Creek to catch the killer who escaped his noose ten years before.  What he doesn't expect to find is the woman who had also slithered from his grasp.  This time, Cade has every intention of holding her to the promises she made long ago.  But, as the murders continue, it becomes evident that the killer isn't murdering at random.  Suddenly, Savannah finds herself having to trust the one man she'd sworn never to trust again.  But can Cade unravel the clues left from the past and present in time to save them both, or will a killer's need for revenge snatch away their hopes for a future together yet again?

Ripple Creek Werewolf Series:
Beneath A Rising Moon
Beneath A Darkening Moon

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Savannah is a Ranger on the Ripple Creek Werewolf Reservation and is investigating a spate of murders that are very similar to ones she witnessed 10 years previously.  Because the people who have been murdered were human she is forced to call in the IIS (Interspecies Investigation Squad) to help with the investigation but she is shocked when she discovers the man in charge of the investigation is Cade.  10 years ago she met and fell for Cade but due to circumstances and some major misunderstandings she ended up with a broken heart.

Cade may be the last person she ever wanted to see but because of a promise they both made all those years ago they are now bound to each other in ways she had never imagined.  They can't fight the attraction between them but is it just the pull of the moon or is there something real behind it?  They need to work through the issues in their past but with a murderer hot on their tails will they have the opportunity to try?

I loved Beneath A Rising Moon and I'm pleased to say that Beneath A Darkening Moon didn't disappoint me.  I'm sure you would be able to read this book without reading the first book in the series but I would definitely recommend reading them both in order as there is some cross over with the characters.  I feel the need to point out that this series is paranormal romance rather than urban fantasy so there is a lot more sex in this book than there are in Keri Arthur's Nikki & Michael & Spook Squad series (I can't speak for her other series as I've not read them yet).  That isn't a bad thing & didn't take away from my enjoyment of this series in the slightest but if you're not keen on PR then you might want to give this series a miss & try some of Keri's other books.

Although Beneath A Darkening Moon concentrates mainly on the romance between Savannah and Cade there is still plenty of action and a few plot twists thrown in for good measure.  One of the things I love about Keri Arthur is her ability to throw a curve ball that comes out of nowhere and completely changes everything.  Savannah & Cade's relationship is very complicated - there are issues on both sides that date back to a murder investigation 10 years ago and it isn't easy for them to trust each other again.  Physical attraction isn't a problem though & because of their moon promise they are unable to resist which makes for some scorching scenes between them.  I would definitely recommend this series to paranormal romance fans.

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  1. OH I love paranormal romance and books with sex. Sounds like one I would like. Great review!

  2. Hi Cheryl, you can't beat a good paranormal romance LOL. Have you read any of Keri Arthur's books? I'd definitely recommend any of her books that I've read :o)



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