Thursday 15 April 2010

Review: The Devil's Due - Jenna Black

Things aren't going very well for exorcist Morgan Kingsley.  She's been betrayed by the boyfriend of her dreams, her brother has been repossessed, and she's unable to escape from the hunky demon who shares her body.  All Morgan wants is to curl up and avoid reality for a while.  But she can't.  A woman named Claudia Brewster seeks her services.

During the brief time that Claudia has been on a cruise, her son, Tommy, has changed from an invective-spewing member of an anti-demon society to a happy little demon host.  Claudia smells a rat - as does Morgan - but all the paperwork looks legal.  That is, until Morgan begins digging up the secrets of Tommy's past and finds herself deep in another deadly conspiracy...

Morgan Kingsley Series:
The Devil Inside
The Devil You Know
The Devil's Due
Speak of the Devil
The Devil's Playground

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This is the third book in the Morgan Kingsley series so there may be spoilers for the first 2 books included in this review.  If you are new to the series then I recommend you check out my review for book one - The Devil Inside - rather than reading any further.

When Morgan is asked by Claudia to investigate the circumstances surrounding her son Tommy's decision to become a demon host she soon realises something isn't right.  All of the paperwork is in order but something is very strange when someone is a member of an anti-demon society and then within a matter of days they have become a demon host.  If Morgan exorcises a legal demon she'll be looking at a murder charge but that doesn't stop her wanting to investigate further.  What she isn't expecting is the trouble she finds herself in when she begins her investigation - once again she is going to need the help of her friends is she wants to solve the mystery.

I really enjoyed this third installment of the Morgan Kingsley series - in fact I think I'd have to say that this was my favorite book so far.  The series really does seem to be coming into it's own with each new book and I'm looking forward to reading the next installment.  I like the fact that Morgan is becoming less self obsessed and more concerned with others than she was before.  She is still the snarky, bad tempered character that I've grown to love but we are starting to see a more caring side to her which gives her more depth.  I'm also enjoying the series more now that the S&M side has been toned down but that is down to my personal preference.

I'm happy that we're getting to see more of Lugh's personality as he is one of my favorite characters in the series.  I was also pleased that we get to know Adam better - I'm finding him much easier to relate to now.  If you liked the first 2 books in the series then I'm sure you'll enjoy this installment.

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  1. I'd never heard of this author or series before, but i love the synposis of them (i went back and read your other reviews =) ) so they're def going on my TBL!

    You've now been added to my book pimps too Sarah LOL

    great review hun!

  2. Yay glad like the sound of this series - you'll have to let me know what you think when you've started it :o)

    You've added plenty of books to my TBR pile so I'm happy to return the favor - I quite like the idea of being a book pimp LOL!



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