Saturday 17 April 2010

UK YA Blogger Meet Up Details

I posted back in February that Jo from Once Upon A Bookcase was trying to organise a meet up in London for any interested YA Book Bloggers.  The details were confirmed a couple of weeks ago so I'm very late in posting this but I wanted to let you all know about it in case you missed the previous announcement!

Saturday 15th May at 12pm

All the details can be found on Jo's post here
Who's Attending?
Nayuleska of Nayu's Reading Corner
Becky of The Bookette
Cat - unpublished YA author who blogs on This Counts as Writing, Right?
Keren David - YA author who blogs on Almost True
And finally me LOL

I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone & I want to say a massive thank you to Jo who has gone to a lot of trouble organising everything for us all!  I'm sure we'd all love it if even more people could come so if you're not on the list but are interested in coming head on over to Once Upon A Bookcase & let Jo know you're coming!  Just a reminder - for safety reasons if you're under 18 please come with an adult

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