Wednesday 21 April 2010

Quick Reviews: Bloodlust - Larissa Ione & Weaved for Pleasure: Sinclair - Stella & Audra Price

I think it's great when authors put free short stories on their website - it's a fab way of trying out new authors before you buy their books.  The 2 short stories I'm mentioning today are actually from authors I already know & love but I wanted to mention them for those of you who haven't tried their work before.

Bloodlust - Larissa Ione
Sometimes, you don't need romance…

Sir Brynn of Lochland has a serious problem. He's been captured by an evil vampire queen who wants to use him as her newest blood slave. But Bryann doesn't have a submissive bone in his body, and he intends to fight her every step of the way.

Can Brynn's willpower remain intact when pitted against Sorla's superior vampire strength, seductive skills, and underhanded cruelty, or will she ultimately take possession of both his mind…and body?

* * * CONTENT WARNING: This is a VERY graphic erotic horror/fantasy novella. Expect blood, sex, some M/M content, and bad, bad words

The PDF for Bloodlust can be downloaded from Larissa Ione's website here

Review: I'm a massive fan of Larissa Ione's Demonica series and enjoyed Bloodlust, a story about vampire Queen Sorla and Sir Brynn Blackheath of Lochland - a knight who was captured in battle and is now her sex slave.  I have to say that this is very different to the Demonica series so if you don't enjoy Bloodlust don't let that put you off trying Pleasure Unbound, the first book in the Demonica series.
Weaved for Pleasure: Sinclair - Stella & Audra Price
When Nora is willed a beautiful house on a bluff, and a musty old curio shop from a distant relation, She thought it would be great way to start over after her divorce.
While cleaning the store room, a carpet unrolls and a very naked and sexy man pops out offering her a month of sultry passion... and three wishes.
For more information you can check Stella & Audra's website and Weaved for Pleasure can be downloaded from All Romance eBooks here
Review: I really enjoyed Weaved for Pleasure - Nora was a likeable character and I couldn't help but love Sinclair.  I found it was a sweet romantic love story but that didn't mean we missed out on plenty of hot scenes between them.  I'd definitely recommend reading this if you've a fan of Stella & Audra's and it would also be a great first read if they are new to you - I'm sure you'll want to read more of their work.


  1. I loved Bloodlust when i first read it, its pretty much a given i will read it if Larissa Ione writes it

    and I still have Sinclair in my ebooks to read, since im a fan of Stella and Audra im sure ill love it too.

    Its always kewl to us readers when we get free reads, little tasters into the authors fictional world, its how ive discovered some of my favourite authors.

    *waves and tosses a cookie to sarah* HI! =D

  2. Hey Bear thanks for the cookie LOL :o) You're gonna love Sinclair - he's HAWT!!! I wanna find a genie of my own LOL. Free reads rock & I love the chance to try out new authors :o)



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