Wednesday 17 April 2013

Review: Losing It - Cora Carmack

Love. Romance. Sex. There's a first time for everything...

As far as Bliss Edwards can tell, she's the last virgin standing, certainly amongst her friends. And she's determined to deal with the 'problem' as quickly and simply as possible.

But her plan for a no-strings one night stand turns out to be anything but simple. Especially when she arrives for her first class and recognises her hot new British professor.

She'd left him - naked - in her bed just 8 hours earlier...

Losing It Series:
Losing It
Keeping Her (Novella)
Faking It
Finding It (October 2013)

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Bliss is 22 years old, about to graduate from college and still a virgin. She is sick of being the last virgin amongst her group of friends and along with her friend Kelsey she plans a night out to find a guy to have sex with. When she meets sexy Brit Garrick in a bar she knows she has found the perfect guy to help her. It was supposed to be one night of fun to get rid of her V card but Garrick isn't the kind of guy it's easy to forget about, especially when she discovers the following day that he is her new teacher! There is no way they can pursue a relationship without breaking all kind of rules but can Bliss and Garrick walk away from each other?

I think it's pretty obvious for anyone who follows my blog that I've been on a bit of a contemporary romance kick recently. I've been really enjoying reading the new adult books that are currently flooding the market so of course I jumped at the chance of reading Losing It. I'm so glad I did because I have to say this is one of my favourite new adult books, right up there with everything I've read by Colleen Hoover! Cora Carmack's debut is just such a fun and light hearted read and it's definitely put her on my list of authors to watch out for. If you're looking for a romance that is sweet and sexy but doesn't have too much angst (yes, there is some angst - this is forbidden love between a teacher and a student after all - but compared to so many other stories in this genre it's actually a much lighter read) then you need to pick up Losing It - trust me, you'll enjoy every minute of it!

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading this story, if I hadn't started it so late at night it is the kind of book I would have devoured in one sitting - I actually had to force myself to put it down so I could get some sleep! Bliss is such a neurotic character and her inner monologues are hysterical to read, she does the same kind of mental agonising over every little thing that I do so I found it incredibly easy to relate to her and she had me giggling the whole way through. The way she is so awkward and clumsy when she gets nervous was really endearing, she's such a sweet natured klutz that you want to take her under your wing and help her through every difficult situation she finds herself in. As much as she is innocent Bliss knows her own mind and she refuses to be pushed into anything she doesn't want or isn't ready for. I was a little worried about the way she decided to go out and lose her virginity without really thinking it through but if you read the book you'll understand why I was so happy with the way things played out. It worked out so well that I couldn't keep the smile off my face and I just wish every girl's first time could be so special.

I have to admit that teacher / student type relationships don't always work for me, sometimes they can come across as a bit creepy - especially if you have an older guy chasing after an innocent young girl. I have to tell you that this isn't the case with this book, Garrick is only slightly older than Bliss and when they first meet they have no idea that he is going to be her new teacher. I never once felt that there was anything creepy about their relationship and I swooned over Garrick from the moment we met him. Cora Carmack knows how to write about hot boys and Garrick is wonderful! Not only is he sexy as hell but he is also a genuinely nice guy, he is caring and protective towards Bliss without going over the top and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she is comfortable around him. Their relationship takes time to develop so although they are eyeing each other up from the moment they meet (this is definitely a case of instant lust!) their feelings grow slowly as they get to know each other. I can't tell you how relieved I was by the realistic relationship development between them.

Losing It is such a fantastic romance, one that I honestly can't recommend highly enough. When you're in the mood for a story that is going to make you smile and swoon in equal measures look no further than this one - it really is something special and a book I know I'll be reading again in the future. I can't wait to get my hands on Cora Carmack's next book Faking It, I'm looking forward to reading Cade's story but I'm also hoping we get to see a little more of Bliss and Garrick's relationship too.

Source: Received from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review, I was also sent a print copy by Ebury.

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  1. Glad you liked it! I loved this one as well! :)

  2. I think I would really like this one!

  3. @ The Reading Kitten - it's so good isn't it! One of my favourite reads of the year so far :o)

    @ Lyndsey - I really loved this so I'd definitely recommend it!

  4. I'm actually really surprised by how much I LOVED this one. It was super cute and funny and awkward.

    1. It's such a brilliant book isn't it Michelle! I wasn't expecting it to be as funny as it was and I loved Bliss for being so awkward LOL



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