Monday 11 April 2016

Book Trailer: Girl From Above Series - Pippa DaCosta

If you've read any of my reviews for Pippa DaCosta's books then it's no secret that I've become a HUGE fan of her writing since I discovered her books last year, so much so that I devoured her entire backlist and am now contemplating a reread while I wait for her next release! Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with her Girl From Above science fiction series, she created a brilliantly fast paced series with some of my favourite flawed characters ever. These guys are willing to cross all sorts of lines if it will get them what they want so you can never quite tell what will happen next!

I have so much love for this series that I think everyone should be reading it so I'm sharing the book trailer with you here today to hopefully nudge you in the right direction :o)

The prequel novella Girl From Above: Falling is currently available to download for free on Amazon (and I assume from other ebook retailers) but I don't know if this is a permanent discount or a limited time promotion so I'd suggest you grab your copy ASAP while it's still available.

There is absolutely no excuse for not trying this series while it's free so READ IT NOW!

Caleb Shepperd is a fixer. He'll do anything for credits.

When he's hired to track and kill a woman who's muscled in on a dangerous smuggler's territory, he figures it's just another day in the black...Until he's trapped in a silo with his mark.

'Just another day in the black' could turn out to be his last day alive.

A short story prequel to the bestselling science fiction series 'Girl From Above ~ The 1000 Revolution'.

Can be read at any time before, during, or after any of the main books in the series.

NOTE: This is a short story of approximately 35 pages.

*Originally published in The Galaxy Chronicles 2015 (since modified for re-release).

The 1000 Revolution:
(Links will take you to my reviews)
Girl From Above: Falling (Short Story)
Girl From Above: Betrayal
Girl From Above: Escape
Girl From Above: Trapped
Girl From Above: Trust

Visit Pippa DaCosta's website for more information

Have you already read any of this series? Let me know if you have because I'd love to check out your reviews! Are there any other science fiction series you love? This is a genre I'm still fairly new to so I'm always looking for more recommendations.

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