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Review: Best Man with Benefits - Samanthe Beck

How far can one favor go...

Logan McCade arrives at his best friend’s wedding overworked and in desperate need of a vacation, only to discover his best man duties have been...expanded. He must coax Colton’s sister out of her shell, or risk her hiding in her room all week. Logan figures he can handle one introverted bridesmaid, but he’s not expecting how much he enjoys “handling” Sophie…or how much she enjoys being handled.

Socializing has never been web designer Sophie Brooks’s strong suit, but she’s determined to shed her wallflower image and embrace the “New Sophie”—a feat made easier with the supremely sexy Logan McCade tempting her to explore all her forbidden fantasies. If she’s not careful, she just might fall for the best man.

Sophie’s sweet, sexy, and delectably awkward demeanor brings much-needed calm to Logan’s hectic life. With the nuptials only days away, Logan is forced to face the possibility that his favor to a friend might have become something else entirely…and that he’s not willing to let Sophie go. Ever.

Wedding Dare Series:
Dare to Resist - Laura Kaye
Falling for the Groomsmen - Diane Alberts
Baiting the Maid of Honor - Tessa Bailey
Seducing the Bridesmaid - Katee Robert
Best Man with Benefits - Samanthe Beck

As well as being part of the multi-author Wedding Dare series, Best Man with Benefits is also part of Samanthe Beck's McCade Brothers series.

McCade Brothers Series:
Lover Undercover
Wicked Games (Novella in the Lovers Unmasked anthology also available as a stand alone ebook)
Falling for the Marine
Best Man with Benefits

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Logan has been working his fingers to the bone and is in desperate need of a holiday so he's looking forward to getting some down time at his best friend Colton's wedding. When Colton asks Logan to look after his shy young sister Sophie Logan is happy to agree, surely keeping an eye on one woman can't be too difficult? What he isn't expecting is that the sweet teenage girl he remembered is now a fully grown and beautiful woman. As his best friend's sister Sophie couldn't be more out of bounds but the attraction he feels is impossible to resist. The chemistry between them is fantastic but can Logan find a way to juggle his hectic work life with a permanent relationship?

Seducing the Bridesmaid is part of the Wedding Dare multi-author series which has been written by five of my favourite Brazen authors. The prequel novella, Dare to Resist by Laura Kaye, sets the scene for the rest of the series and introduces us to the original couple Kady and Colton. Each of the following novels, written by Diane Alberts, Tessa Bailey, Katee Robert and Samanthe Beck, follow the same time line and take place at Kady and Colton's wedding. Each book features a different bridesmaid and sees the four of them daring each other to find a hot groomsman to have fun with for the duration of the wedding. Although the series doesn't have to be read in order I would recommend at least starting with the prequel novella before you go on to read the remaining stories in any order that takes your fancy. There is a crossover of characters and you'll see certain conversations between the friends from several different angles throughout the series and I've really enjoyed seeing how cleverly all of the books have been tied together. Best Man with Benefits by Samanthe Beck is the final story in the series following Dare to Resist, Falling for the Groomsman, Baiting the Maid of Honor and Seducing the Bridesmaid. This is also the third book in Samanthe Beck's McCade Brothers series although it doesn't matter if you've read the previous books or not.

I have to say I think they saved the best until last and Best Man with Benefits was my favourite story in the series, I've now fallen for all three of Samanthe Beck's McCade brothers and I'd highly recommend her books to anyone who is looking for a hot story with fabulous main characters and swoon worthy romance. This author is definitely on my auto-buy list and I'm looking forward to reading whatever she comes up with next.

I loved Sophie, she is such a normal every day girl, someone who has insecurities about her figure, who is shy and who doesn't like to be the centre of attention. She may be quiet in a crowd but, as Logan quickly discovers, if you get her one to one she has an adventurous streak a mile wide. Not only that but she loves to experiment in the bedroom too - you know what they say about the quiet ones? Sophie more than lives up to that saying! I could easily imagine myself being friends with Sophie and I really enjoyed seeing her coming more and more out of her shell as Logan helped her confidence grow.

Logan is a man with a plan, he has worked his butt off to build his company and make it a success and now he works non stop to keep it at the top. He has trouble letting go and handing responsibility off to anyone else but when Sophie comes along he finally starts to realise what he has been missing by spending all his time chained to a desk. Sophie reminds him what it is like to have fun and she is one distraction that he is more than happy to indulge himself in. I enjoyed everything about this romance but I think I especially loved the epilogue, each of the stories in this series has given us a hint of what is to come for the couples but Best Man with Benefits has an epilogue that ties everything together and gets the whole group back together again. If you've enjoyed the previous books then I'm sure you're going to love this one as much as I did.

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    1. You're welcome Iza, I hope you enjoyed all of the books :o)



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