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Review: All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy - Anthology

From Emma Cane, Jennifer Ryan, and Katie Lane come three wildly romantic holiday stories featuring snowstorms, proposals, a sleigh ride . . . and, yes, cowboys.

The Christmas Cabin by Emma Cane
Sandy and her young son, Nate, are Christmas tree–hunting when a snowstorm strikes and an old ranch hand points them to an abandoned cabin. Little does Sandy know he sent cowboy Doug Thalberg to the same place. It's a Christmas all of Valentine Valley will remember.

Can't Wait by Jennifer Ryan
Before The Hunted Series began . . .
Though she is the woman of his dreams, Caleb Bowden knows his best friend's sister, Summer Turner, is off limits. He won't cross that line, which means Summer will just have to take the reins if she wants her cowboy for Christmas.

Baby It's Cold Outside by Katie Lane
Alana Hale hits the internet dating jackpot when she finds Clint McCormick. He's sensitive and responsible—not to mention wealthy. When he invites her to spend the holidays on his family's ranch, she readily accepts. But on the way there, a blizzard strands her with a womanizing rodeo cowboy who could change everything . . .

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I love Christmas stories at this time of year and I also have a bit of a thing for cowboys so I couldn't resist All I Want for Christmas is a Cowboy. I was already a fan of Katie Lane but Emma Cane and Jennifer Ryan are both new authors to me and I've now added 2 new series to my wish list! If you're looking for a collection of sweet and heart warming Christmas romances then you're definitely going to enjoy this anthology - it's certainly one I'd recommend.

The Christmas Cabin by Emma Cane

Valentine Valley Series:
The Christmas Cabin (Novella in the All I Want for Christmas Cowboy anthology)
A Town Called Valentine
A Wedding in Valentine (Novella)
True Love at Silver Creek Ranch
The Cowboy of Valentine Valley
A Promise at Bluebell Hill (2014)

The Christmas Cabin is part of Emma Cane's Valentine Valley series but as someone who hasn't read any of that series yet I can confirm that this works well as an introduction. From what I can gather the stories already available are those of Sandy and Doug's children so I think fans of the series who already know this couple will enjoy getting their story. When Sandy takes her five year old son Nate out into the forest to choose a Christmas tree the last thing she is expecting is to get caught in a snowstorm. Taking refuge in a secluded log cabin they realise they weren't the only ones caught in the storm and they meet the handsome cowboy Doug. This story was such a sweet romance, obviously in a one room cabin with a five year old there isn't really much room for any smexy times but I loved how Doug and Sandy got to know each other. Yes, things develop pretty quickly between them but that doesn't worry me too much in a novella, especially when there are no declarations of undying love - you just get a real sense of how well suited they are and they'll see a lot more of each other once they have been rescued. I'm definitely planning on continuing with this story and was excited to discover that the first book, A Town Called Valentine, is Nate's story (obviously set quite a few years after this one when Nate is an adult!).

Can't Wait by Jennifer Ryan

Hunted Series:
Can't Wait (Novella in the All I Want for Christmas Cowboy anthology)
Saved by the Rancher
Lucky Like Us
The Right Bride
Chasing Morgan

Can't wait is a prequel to Jennifer Ryan's Hunted series and is the story of Summer Turner who is the sister of Jack and Sam (the heroes of the first 2 books in the series). Again this is a series that I haven't come across before but it's one I'm planning on continuing asap. Summer has been in love with her brother Jack's best friend Caleb for a long time but no matter how many hints she gives him he refuses to make a move on her. Caleb owes Jack his life so the last thing he wants is to risk losing his friendship by making a move on his little sister but that doesn't stop him wanting her more than anything. Can Summer convince him that what they could have together is worth taking a chance for? I love a good friends to lovers romance so this hit the spot perfectly. This story has a lot more spice than the first one and I really enjoyed getting to know Summer and Caleb. I also really liked Jack and Sam so am looking forward to reading their stories!

Baby It's Cold Outside - Katie Lane

Katie Lane's story Baby It's Cold Outside is completely stand alone and not part of her Deep in the Heart of Texas series. Alana met Clint on an internet dating site and they hit it off immediately, he is the complete opposite of the guys she usually ends up with - much more reliable and responsible than the fun loving surfers she usually dates - but she loves that about him and is convinced they could have something special. When she travels from Hawaii to his home in Texas she gets caught in a blizzard and ends up trapped in a cabin with a hot hunky cowboy who is just like the guys she's always attracted to. I don't want to say too much about the story because it would be easy to give you a spoiler so I'll just say I liked both of the main characters. Neither of the is perfect and they both make mistakes but they have great chemistry and are really well suited to each other. This was another heart warming story that left me with a smile on my face.

Source: Received from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Love having short stories occasionally when my life is busy. Love Katie Lane, first time reading Emma Cane and Jennifer Ryan, both are very good writers. I like that the stories move quickly and have substance.
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    1. I was already a fan of Katie Lane but I'm definitely planning on reading more from both Emma Cane and Jennifer Ryan in the future :o)



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