Monday 16 December 2013

Review: A Vampire's Christmas Carol - Cynthia Eden

This holiday season has bite.

Ben Prescott hates Christmas - he’s a vampire, and to him, there’s certainly nothing jolly about the holiday season. While the humans are running around being merry, he’s hunting in the shadows. Ben plans to spend the holidays his way . . . by stalking deadly prey.

But fate has other plans for Ben.

Three visitors are coming Ben’s way . . . A demon who will force Ben to face his past, a ghost who will show Ben the present he could have, and a shifter who will reveal the darkness that waits in Ben’s future. Unless Ben can change his ways, he may just turn into a real monster, one who can’t be saved by anyone or anything.

’Tis the season . . . to be undead.

Ben’s redemption rests in the hands of the one woman he loved and lost - Simone Laurent. If Ben is going to have a chance at being more than just the beast in the darkness, he has to prove himself to the lovely Simone. A very hard task, considering that, once upon a Christmas Eve, Simone died in Ben’s arms . . .

Warning: This book features one very tortured vampire, a sexy ghost from his past, and hot scenes designed to melt the winter snow. Plenty of action, adult situations, and steamy times are ahead. Happy holidays!

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It's that time of year when I'm reaching for the festive holiday reads again so how could I resist a paranormal retelling of A Christmas Carol? Obviously I couldn't and I'm really glad I picked up Cynthia Eden's novella A Vampire's Christmas Carol. This is a fairly short story at around 80 pages so it is very easy to read in one sitting and is a great little holiday read.

Ben's life was changed forever when he was attacked and turned into a vampire one Christmas, losing the love of his life not long afterwards just sent him deeper into despair. Now Ben has started to become the monster he never wanted to be, he kills the people he feeds from but justifies his actions by only choosing murderers and rapists as his victims. He is on the verge of losing his soul though and this Christmas eve he will be visited by three different supernatural creatures who will show him the past, present and future in the hope of convincing him to change his ways.

This was such a fun retelling and I really enjoyed the paranormal twist on the traditional tale. Ben is visited by a demon whose life he once saved, the ghost of the woman he loved and a shapeshifter he inadvertently helped but can they convince him that life is worth living and he doesn't have to be a monster just because he is a vampire? If you enjoy a reunited lovers story and are looking for a short but sweet Christmas read then this will be just what you're looking for.

Source: Received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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