Sunday 10 March 2024

Review: Magical Midlife Flowers - K.F. Breene

Previously part of the Magical Midlife Kickstarter.

This is a bonus story that plays into elements in Magical Midlife Battle. It should be read after Magical Midlife Alliance. It isn't necessary to the overall series ARC, but rather a fun little aside into the lives of the Ivy House Crew.

Edgar does not cheat in flower shows. He might use a magically enhanced serum, but anyone could do that. It's not his fault the other competitors don’t know magic exists!

But when the Ivy House crew goes to the pre-show to support him, it becomes clear that someone should've been watching Edgar much more carefully. What he's done is way worse than overgrown flora.

While Jessie is dealing with that, she gets a shock as she discovers photos of her ex with his girlfriend…turned fiancée. And while the flood of emotions can be ignored, the desire to show off Austin on social media is not.

After putting Mr. Tom in charge of the flower fiasco, she decides to take Austin on his perfect date. Her goal: to have one thing go right in her life. Just one thing!

Leveling Up Series:
Magical Midlife Madness
Magical Midlife Dating
Magical Midlife Flowers (Novella)

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I remember seeing the Kickstarter that included this novella but I somehow completely missed it being published as a separate kindle ebook so I'm a bit late to the party with this novella. Technically it fits into the series after Magical Midlife Alliance so I wouldn't recommend reading it before that point but it won't be a problem if you read it later. It was fun to see more background information of the magical flowers Edgar used in the big battle scene though so I'm glad I picked up this story.

I love the entire crazy Ivy House crew and the banter between them all is just fab. Edgar has always been one to go his own way and he really goes off the rail in this story so it's up to the others to try and reign him back in again. This may only be a short novella but it packs a lot of fun into those pages so while it's not an essential part of the series it's definitely a recommended one!

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