Thursday 26 October 2017

Review: Rapture in Death - J.D. Robb

He killed himself, Lieutenant. He was hanging there, just hanging there from the ceiling light in the living room. And his face . . . Oh God.

Death follows New York City cop Eve Dallas everywhere—even on her honeymoon with Irish lover Roarke. When one of Roarke's employees is found dead, the post-mortem confirms suicide. An isolated case, or so Eve thinks.

But more suicides follow—strangers with nothing in common. The pathologist's report states each victim has an unexplained mark on their brain. Is this a genetic abnormality or a high-tech method of murder?

With the body count rising, Eve must delve into the world of virtual reality to hunt down a twisted killer. A killer who preys on the minds of the innocent.

In Death Series:
Naked in Death
Glory in Death
Immortal in Death
Rapture in Death
Ceremony in Death
Vengeance in Death
Holiday in Death
Midnight in Death (Novella)
Conspiracy in Death
Loyalty in Death
Witness in Death
Judgement in Death
Betrayal in Death
Interlude in Death (Novella)
Seduction in Death
Reunion in Death
Purity in Death
Portrait in Death
Imitation in Death
Big Jack (Available in the Remember When Anthology or separately)
Divided in Death
Visions in Death
Survivor in Death
Origin in Death
Memory in Death
Haunted in Death (Novella)
Born in Death
Innocent in Death
Creation in Death
Eternity in Death (Novella)
Strangers in Death
Salvation in Death
Ritual in Death (Novella)
Promises in Death
Kindred in Death
Missing in Death (Novella)
Fantasy in Death
Indulgence in Death
Possession in Death (Novella)
Treachery in Death
New York to Dallas
Chaos in Death (Novella)
Celebrity in Death
Delusion in Death
Calculated in Death
Thankless in Death
Taken in Death (Novella available in the Mirror, Mirror anthology or separately)
Concealed in Death
Festive in Death
Obsession in Death
Devoted in Death
Wonderment in Death (Novella)
Brotherhood in Death
Apprentice in Death
Echoes in Death
Secrets in Death
Dark in Death
Leverage in Death
Connections in Death
Vendetta in Death
Golden in Death

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I left it too long after reading to write a comprehensive review of Rapture in Death but I'm really loving this series. Eve and Roarke are a great couple and I've enjoyed seeing their relationship grow stronger since the beginning of the series. I do find that the murder mysteries are usually a little easy to guess (I'd pegged the killer in this book within a couple of pages of meeting them) but unusually that doesn't stop my enjoyment of these books, especially when the murders are so creatively committed that most people mistake them for suicide.

I like the futuristic world, Eve and Roarke are both brilliant multilayered characters who have deep dark secrets that we're only starting to get to the bottom of. I love the way the darkness in their pasts helps to bond them together and it's really interesting seeing Eve adjust to life as Roarke's wife. She's actually pretty happy and secure in her relationship now which is great to see. Side characters like Peabody add plenty of humour with their snarky comments and I'm enjoying getting to know characters like Mavis, Dr Mira and Feeney.

I'm still intimidated by the number of books that are already published in this series but the more of them I read the more excited I am that I have so many left to get through.

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