Friday 18 October 2019

Review: Promises in Death - J.D. Robb

Inside the paralysed shell, she struggled, she strained. She looked up into the eyes of her killer. Into the eyes of a friend. Why?

Every cop gets angry when a police officer is killed. And Lieutenant Eve Dallas is no exception. Throwing every resource into solving Amarylis Coltraine's brutal murder, Eve encounters bitter opposition from Coltraine's fellow officers, who are desperate to take over the case. But when Eve receives a strange parcel containing Coltraine's badge and gun together with a note threatening the imminent arrival of her own ID, she knows the case has just got personal.

Then a link to millionaire Alex Ricker, son of a criminal she had put behind bars, heats things up even further. Ricker was romantically involved with Amarylis - did she leak information to him and then have a change of heart? Eve must put herself in extreme danger to get to the truth . . .

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It's never good when Eve has to investigate the murder of a fellow cop but it's a million times worse when the murdered officer was dating one of her friends. Amarylis Coltraine had been dating Chief Medical Officer Morris since she moved to New York City and Eve is put in the awful position of telling him that his girlfriend has been killed. Matters are made even more complicated when Eve digs into Ammy's background and finds a connection to the son of a dangerous criminal. Now Eve finds herself questioning whether Ammy was a dirty cop or an innocent one who was caught up in something outside of her control. No matter what the answer is Eve is determined to get answers for Morris and justice for Ammy.

In Promises in Death we really get to see Eve show her caring and protective side. This murder hits a little close to home and not only does it hurt her to see Morris in so much pain but it also makes her think about how Roarke would react if anything happened to her. It quickly becomes clear that Ammy's death is linked to a case that Eve was involved in in the past so when she is threatened too she has to take that seriously. There were some really sweet moments between her and Roarke here and I loved seeing her putting his feelings above her own for a change but it was the way she looked out for Morris that really showed how far her character has come since the beginning of the series. She's no longer a completely closed off unit and instead has an ever growing group of people that she cares for and who care about her in return.

That also shows in the bridal shower that she's hosting for Louise and the rest of the girls. Roarke and the guys get to go off to Vegas (why oh why isn't that a short story that I can buy? I wanted so badly to be a fly on the wall for that trip!) while the girls all gather at Eve and Roarke's home for a night of pampering and girl talk. It's Eve's idea of hell (I'm sure she'd have been much more comfortable with the boys!) but it's obvious that she's getting more used to the idea of having girlfriends even when she's completely out of her element surrounded by them. It's nice that these books always have a lighter side to them to stop the murder mystery element making the series too dark. As always this book left me eager to dive into the next one, I'm definitely addicted now and I don't think there's going to be any stopping until I'm caught up!

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