Sunday 6 October 2019

Etsy Finds: Book Buddies - MelvisMakes

I love looking for new fandom sellers on Etsy, there are just so many amazing creators making items from bookmarks to candles and everything else you can possibly think of. I've brought from a few of them over the last few years but for some reason I've never got around to reviewing the products here on my blog. I thought it was about time I changed that so keep an eye out for some random Etsy Finds posts over the next few months. I'll start by posting about products I've purchased but I'll probably branch out onto items on my wish list later on.

Today I want to talk about the Etsy Store MelvisMakes run by Melanie. MelvisMakes has a fabulous collection of Book Buddies (Book Sleeves), Bags, Bookmarks and even Glasses Cases all made from a selection of gorgeous fabrics. There are a lot of bookish themed items in her stores from Alice in Wonderland to Library Cards or Newspaper Prints but also lots of bright and colourful animal designs, patterns and more. Even seasonal stuff like Christmas and Halloween prints. Melanie always seems to be finding cool new fabrics to use and every time I visit her shop I have a hard time not making multiple purchases!

I have two of her Book Buddies already, in small and medium sizes, and they're fab for protecting my book or kindle in my bag when I'm out and about. The fabric isn't waterproof but the few waterproof book sleeves I do have are all such a horrible material that I prefer these ones. They're softer to touch, lovely and padded and you can tell a lot of care has been put into making them.

Prices obviously vary depending on what type of product you're buying but the Book Buddies seem to start at approx £12 for the smallest size which is big enough to fit a normal sized UK paperback (so larger than the traditional US sized mass market paperbacks). My medium size (which is approx £13.50) is a little too small for most hardbacks but it easily fits 2 UK paperbacks and both Book Buddies easily fit my very old, very large, Kindle Keyboard. I can usually tuck my phone in there too.

These are the two Book Buddies I purchased. My first purchase was the medium pink Book Buddy which has a design with shelves containing three of my favourite things - books, cats and cacti - so it's no wonder I couldn't resist. The only slight negative about that sleeve is that because the colour is so pale it does tend to get dirty easily but since it's been very easy to clean with a damp cloth I can't really complain. I will probably stick to buying darker coloured sleeves in the future.

My second purchase was the bright blue Book Buddy with stars on it and I love how bright it it, it's the smaller of the two but still plenty big enough for my needs.

The small Book Buddy holds one standard sized UK paperback
while the medium Book Buddy fits two

Both sleeves also easily fit my huge Kindle Keyboard even in it's leather case

If you're interested in purchasing your own Book Buddy don't forget to check out Melanie's shop on Etsy MelvisMakes. Neither of these patterns are available any more but she has so many gorgeous designs to choose from that I'm sure there will be something you'll fall in love with!

In the interest of clarity this was NOT a sponsored post (I will always mention it when I receive products for review). I purchased these items for myself and did not receive a discount or compensation for reviewing them here.

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