Wednesday 30 October 2019

Review: Ronda - Jose Manuel Real Pascual

Informative tour guide of the Spanish town of Ronda including over 80 photographs as well as a detailed history of the area.

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Another tour guide purchased on my recent holiday to Spain this one is all about the mountain town Ronda and specifically Puente Nuevo, the bridge that separates the old and new town and spans the 100m deep Tajo gorge. The bridge was completed in 1793 after 40 years of construction and is just an incredible piece of architecture. I'm scared of heights so crossing the bridge was pretty terrifying to me but the views down the gorge and across the valley were absolutely stunning.

This guide book has a lot of background information about the history of Ronda but what I love most are the gorgeous photographs of the bridge and the surrounding area. It kind of blows my mind that anyone would chose to live right on the edge of such a deep gorge but it's certainly a beautiful area!

If you're interested I also found this fantastic drone footage of Puente Nuevo which really gives you some perspective on just how deep the gorge really is.

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