Wednesday 17 August 2011

Guest Post: Hot Boys in YA

I Want To Read That

When the lovely Sammee from I Want To Read That offered to write a guest post for me one of the first topics that came to both our minds was Hot Boys in YA (something we've had quite a few discussions about in the past lol).  I'm going to pass over to Sammee now so she can share her list with you, I have to say she's made some pretty good choices!


Honestly, there are so many hot boys in YA I have no idea where to start! But having done extensive research (*sniggers* ) I have narrowed it down to the following …

Ben from Texas Gothic (Rosemary Clement-Moore)
A chat on twitter about his hotness is the inspiration for this post! Ben, aka Mr Cranky Pants is definitely hot – he’s a cowboy for one. From Texas - I can just imagine that accent! And he has some great one liners!

Alex Fuentes from Perfect Chemistry (Simone Elkeles)
Okay, so this one is definitely a no brainer! Tough and sexy but also sweet and sensitive! Just totally hot! And he held her hair when she was sick so major plus points there. And hello!  Just check out the cover - that tattoo?  Hoootttt!

John After from Going Too Far (Jennifer Echols)
Going Too Far is one of my favorite books and a certain John After is one of the main reasons why! He’s such a complex character, and that combined with the chemistry between him and Meg – major hot!

Dimitri from the Vampire Academy series (Richelle Mead)
Do I really need to justify this one? Hot, hot and major hot *swoons* He fights like a god and loves Rose with such intensity and passion how could he be anything but completely hot? But I guess the definition ‘boy’ is being kind of stretched here…

Conrad Fischer from Jenny Han’s Summer series
At the beginning of this series it was Jeremiah I warmed to the most. But there is just something about Conrad that I can’t put into words that just makes him incredible hot! I craved his scenes and those with Belly are heart-stoppingly good.

Alex from Angel (L A Weatherly)
It’s the ‘Dean Winchester’ thing he has going on that really did it for me. Again it’s hard to put my finger on exactly what it is about him but yep, definitely hot!

Patch from the Hush Hush series (Becca Fitzpatrick)
A definite bad boy! I had no idea whether to trust him or not but he is just so hot I think my pages sizzled as I read! So mysterious and intense I couldn’t get enough!

Archer Cross from the Hex Hall series (Rachel Hawkins)
That make out scene in Hex Hall? Do I need to say more?

Mac from Rockoholic (C J Skuse)
He’s just awesome! He’s so comfortable in himself, funny and kind that he can’t be anything else but hot! And he’s incredibly sweet to his baby sister so major plus points there!

Adam from If I Stay /Where She Went (Gayle Forman)
He’s even hotter if you listen to the audio of Where She Went! That voice! *sighs*

Alex from Hunting lila (Sarah Alderson)
I appear to have a thing for Alex's don't I? But man, this one is HOT! He's protective, fit, good in a dangerous situation and well, apparently very easy on the eye! In other words H.O.T!

Of course I could go on! Those Benedict boys, the Drake brothers, Gale, Peeta and a certain Edward. Oh, also Jace (Mortal Instruments) , Xan (The Iron Witch) and then there’s Beck from the Demon Trappers series! Plus Dan Bailey (Della Says:OMG!) and Albie and David from Luisa Plaja’s Kiss series…

Hmm… maybe it’s just impossible to narrow them down!

What do you think?

Anyone you would add?


Thanks so much for writing this guest post for me Sammee, I have to say I'm impressed with your list!  There are quite a few here that would make my list too - especially Ben from Texas Gothic (I still need to start my campaign for more hot cowboys in YA!!), Dimitri from Vampire Academy (*swoon*) and Alex from Perfect Chemistry (although I'd have to include his brother Carlos too!).  I think I must have a thing for the name Alex as well - I loved the Alexes in Hunting Lila and Angel too hehe. 

Others on my list that you haven't mentioned would include Otieno from Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott (those tattoos *sigh* - I don't need to say anything else!), Ren from Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck (an Indian prince who spends most of his time as a tiger but is adorably romantic when in human form), Jay from The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting (he is such a sweetie and romantic too, especially in the second book - I'm a sucker for a friends to lovers romance), Will from Firelight by Sophie Jordan (he has a very intense connection with Jacinda that practically sizzles the pages), Zed from Finding Sky by Joss Stirling (he has a sweet and funny romance with Sky) and last but not least you have two very different hot boys in Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers, I can't choose between Luc (the bad boy demon) and angelic but sexy Gabe!  I could go on forever, I've only really included boys from books I've read this year!  As you can see I take my hot boy research seriously :o)

There are a few books you mentioned that will definitely be going on my wish list though, I need to read about more hot boys - purely for research you understand!  If anyone has any other recommendations please leave them in the comments


  1. ummmm John After *drools*. I want him to be my secret boyfriend

  2. Thanks for having me:) I will definitley have to check out Jay, Otieno, Ren and Will *runs off to find books*

  3. Love this, so many hot hot hot boys. I do like Archer from Hex Hall. x

  4. @ Kirsty - OK so it looks like I really need to read Going Too Far so I can drool over John After too :o)

    @ Sammee - hehe glad to be able to give you some recommendations too, you've definitely added to my wish list with this post! Thanks again for writing it for me :o)

    @ Susan - there can never be too many hot boys can there lol :o)

  5. OOOH. So many hot guys. I had an idea in my head before I clicked on this post and then they all immediately flew out of my head when I started think 'oh, yes! Yes! Definitely him!' I agree with so many of Sammee's picks and also Sarah's that I can't even remember who was on my list anymore.

  6. lol Clover, I think Sammee made some fab choices for boys to swoon over :o)



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