Tuesday 17 August 2010

Comments & Sunshine Award

I just wanted to write a quick post apologising for getting so behind replying to all of your comments.  I think most of you already know that I split up with my fiance in July so the last month has been really difficult for me & I ended up getting way behind on blogging.  Things are still difficult but I'm surviving and I've finally managed to catch up with the comments you've all left.  I'm still behind on visiting blogs and have probably missed quite a few posts where people have reviewed the some of the same books as me.  I'm gradually working my way through & adding links to my reviews as I find them but if any of you have reviewed the same books as me please feel free to leave a comment on my review with your link & I'll get it added for you :o)

I've also removed word verification to make it easier for you all to post comments.  Since most of the spam comments I receive seem to be on older posts I have added moderation for comments on posts that are over 2 weeks old but I think this new system will be much easier for everyone & save you all time when you want to comment.  I'll see how it goes & may change things again later if there are any problems.

I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you who visit my blog & to everyone who has ever commented.  Although I hadn't been replying over the last month I did read every comment and they all helped to brighten my day.  I have now replied to everyone so if you'd asked a question & were waiting for a response then I apologise for the delay & promise I'll keep on top of things from now onwards :o)

As a thank you for your patience & support I'd like to share the Sunshine Award with all of my blog readers:

Thank you to Larissa from Welcome to Larissa's Life for sharing this award with me.  I'm not sure if there are any rules for this award but on this occasion I'd just like to share some love for all my lovely followers :o)


  1. Hi Sarah, I'm sorry you've been having a tough time but hopefully things start getting better for you now. Have a (((hug))) :-) x

  2. Sorry to hear what's been going on with you (((hugs)))

  3. Thank you both :o) I'm doing OK but it's been hard. I'll get there though & I know I'll start feeling better when I've found somewhere to live & got the move over & done with LOL. (((Hugs)))

  4. Big, Texas sized hugs from us at I'd So Rather Be Reading! That is so hard. And moving stinks! BOy, nobody ever said life was easy, huh? :(

    And I love not having word verification---it makes me want to comment even more! :)

  5. Thanks Kelli :o) I'm dreading the move but have already started packing so hopefully I'll be organised by the time I find somewhere to move to. I'll just be relieved when it's all over & done with!

    I'm liking not having the word verification. I was a bit worried it would increase the spam comments but since blogger added their spam filter it seems to be picking them all up before they get published :o)



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