Tuesday 17 August 2010

Kiss Me If You Can - Carly Phillips

He’s New York’s Most Eligible Bachelor …
She’s just not interested!

Sam Cooper (“Coop”) has just become the most eligible bachelor in New York City. After foiling a jewelry store robbery, and being rewarded with the ring of his choice, single women all over the city are fawning over the crime reporter. But Coop isn’t interested in the admirers sending racy underwear his way. His attention is centered solely on Lexie Davis, the only woman in the city who claims not to be interested in his bachelor status.

Instead free-spirited Lexie is more interested in Coop’s antique ring, and its (potentially scandalous) history in her family. But Coop is quickly becoming more than just her route to the ring But when Coop’s investigation starts to uncover the truth, will she trust her heart – and her family secrets – to this most eligible bachelor?

Bachelor Blogs Series:
Kiss Me If You Can
Love Me If You Dare

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When crime reporter Sam Cooper stops a jewelry store robbery he suddenly finds himself named New York's most eligible bachelor by the press.  With his new found status women are falling over themselves to catch him but Coop isn't interested.  The only woman who catches his eye is Lexie and the only thing she is interested in is the ring he was given as a reward - she wants to buy it as a gift for her grandmother who already owns the matching necklace.  The attraction between them is intense but when Coop discovers the ring was reported stolen and the pair decide to investigate what they discover will have major implications for their growing relationship.

Kiss Me If You Can was the first book I've read by Carly Phillips but it definitely won't be the last.  It was an enjoyable contemporary romance with realistic and likable characters who were easy to relate to.  Lexie and Coop are complete opposites in many ways but their characters really complimented each other and I loved the way they were able to talk about their problems and try to work out their issues together.  It quickly became clear who was responsible for stealing the ring but I liked the way the investigation helped to develop the relationship between them.

I absolutely loved Lexie's grandmother Charlotte and her best friend Sylvia - the pair were hilarious and their antics caused me to laugh out loud on several occasions.  Kiss Me If You Can is an enjoyable light read full of humor and passion.  A thoroughly enjoyable story and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series Love Me If You Dare.

Source: Received for review from publisher via NetGalley

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