Thursday 14 October 2010

My Perfect Chemistry Review Was Quoted!!

OK so I know I'm behind with my reviews but I seem to have lost my reviewing mojo over the last few days - I'm hoping it's just where I'm still recovering from the tail end of my cold!  I'm sure I'll get back on track soon as I've been reading some great books recently.  In the meantime I wanted to share a little bit of news that made my day week.  I received a copy of Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles for review from Simon & Schuster (which was exciting enough in it's own right as I've been dying to read this one since I read Perfect Chemistry!) and part of my review was used in the press release!!  I know that's probably not a massive thing to some of the bigger bloggers out there but I had to jump up and down doing a happy dance when I saw it :o)

Front of the press release

Back of the Press Release (my quote is in the top left corner)

Close up of my quote

You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.  My quote is in very good company alongside quotes from some of my favorite blogs - Wondrous Reads, Once Upon A Bookcase, The Bookette & I Was A Teenage Book Geek (links will take you to their reviews of Perfect Chemistry) Congratulations to you all girls!!  You can also read my review of Perfect Chemistry here.  Thanks so much to S&S for sending me Rules of Attraction and for making my week by using my quote!

Anyway, I think I've rambled on enough - I just had to share my excitement with you all :o)  Hopefully I'll be back on track and get a review posted tomorrow for you all.


  1. That is so cool Sarah! Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations! That's so fun! :) Good job!

  3. Oh wow, congratulations Sarah!!! Very exciting :)

  4. Thank you all - I was very excited :o)

  5. *smiles* What a book! Congratulations on your quote hun!

  6. Thanks Becky :o) I really loved this one & can't wait to read Rules of Attraction. Congratulations to you too!



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