Monday 3 January 2011

Author's Animal Antics - Cat Clarke

Author's Animal Antics is a regular blog feature here at Sarah's Book Reviews where I'm very excited to have some fantastic authors come and chat to us about their pets or share animal related stories.  I'm thrilled to introduce the lovely Cat Clarke as my guest today...


Lots of my writer friends have cats. I have cats. So what is it about cats and writers? I mean, cats can be REALLY annoying when you’re trying to write. They step all over your keyboard, albeit in a dainty, elegant feline fashion. They sit on your lap, which means you can’t sit close enough to your computer. It’s an ergonomic disaster waiting to happen. They sit on whichever piece of paper you happen to working on...

Cute? Yes. Irritating? Definitely. This is Jem, my lovely three-and-a-half-legged friend. She’s possibly the cutest cat in the universe (I admit to being slightly biased on this matter). Her partner in crime is Scout, who is the second cutest cat in the universe...

Jem and Scout were rescue cats. They’d been abandoned on a shop roof when they were tiny little kittens. (Don’t even get me started on this subject... I get VERY angry). They’d been in the shelter for over three months. Nobody seemed to want them. The staff at the shelter said it was down to two things: their colouring and Jem’s gammy leg. Shelters across the country are often left with black cats. Some people are very strange – black cats are the coolest. Anyway, I saw a picture on the internet and knew they were the cats for me. I was right.

I wouldn’t be without Jem and Scout, even though they interrupt my writing ALL THE TIME. Hmm... perhaps that’s one reason I heart them so much. They provide a welcome distraction from the darkness of my writing. Especially when they pose like this...

If anyone has any other reasons why cats and writers are a match made in heaven, please let me know!


Thank you so much for visiting today Cat, Jem and Scout are adorable but I can completely relate to how they are always getting in the way - my 2 cats are the same!  I really don't understand why some people are so against black cats, how could anyone resist those cute little faces?

Cat Clarke's debut novel Entangled is released in the UK in just 3 days time on the 6th of January.  I was lucky enough to get hold of an advanced copy and I have to say I absolutely loved it, I'll be posting my review later today.  I'd definitely recommend getting hold of a copy as soon as possible!  Doesn't it just have the most beautiful cover?

Find out more about Cat and her work here - Website / Blog / Twitter / Goodreads

For more information about the Author's Animal Antics feature click here


  1. Aww great post! I love cats. The last picture is so adorable :)

  2. Cat, your cats are adorable!! Love the pic of them both!!

  3. @ Jessheartsbooks - Hi Jess aren't they cute! I would be tempted to steal them if I didn't already have my 2 lol

    @ Cem - Hi Claire, that picture of the two of them is fab isn't it. Cat could almost use the pair of them as bookends!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of cats but ohmygod, how cute are your two? I especially love the one of Scout stretching. Could cuddle with him forever.

  5. Squee! What cute kitties!!! :D

  6. @ Clover - Cat sure has the most adorable kitties doesn't she! :o)

    @ Lily - I've told Cat that if I didn't already have my 2 cats I'd definitley be trying to steal hers lol



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