Monday 3 May 2010

It's Monday, What are you Reading? (17)

This meme was started at J. Kaye's Book Blog but has now moved to One Person's Journey Through a World of Books run by Sheila.

Books read last week: (Click on the links to read my reviews)

Books read last week but reviewed this week:
  1. Mistress by Mistake - Maggie Robinson
  2. Beneath A Darkening Moon - Keri Arthur
  3. Winterborn - A.D. Roland
These are the books I read last week:
  1. The Iron Hunt - Marjorie M. Liu
  2. Strange Angels - Lilith Saintcrow
  3. Hard Magic - Laura Anne Gilman
  4. Penumbra - Keri Arthur
Yay I've almost caught up with my reviews - I'll get there this week for sure :o)

What I'm reading now:
What I'll be reading next:

I've got to get through some of my library books this week - I've got the maximum number of loans & 2 of my reservations are ready for me to collect LOL.  I'm also planning on starting re-reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series - I can't wait to read Lover Mine but I've not read Lover Avenged yet & I want to start from the beginning again.

Challenge updates:

100+ Reading Challenge - Read 80/100
Paranormal Reading Challenge - Read 50/50 - COMPLETE
Speculative Fiction Reading Challenge - Read 24/24 - COMPLETE
April NAC Mini-Challenge - Battle Royale - Read 5/5 - COMPLETE

What are you reading?


  1. I was glad to read what you said about Hard Magic since it is on my TBR list. Of course, Blue Diablo is also on my TBR list.

  2. Glad you almost caught up on your reviews. It is a great feeling. Happy reading this week.

  3. It sounds as though you had a good week. I hope this week is just as good to you, if not better. Happy reading. My Monday:

  4. @ Kathy - I enjoyed Hard Magic, I think that future books in the series will be even better though. I just finished Blue Diablo so should get my review up tomorrow - I really think you're going to love it!!

    @ Nise - I'm so relieved to be nearly caught up LOL. I'm determined that I'll do it this week :o) Hope you have a great week

    @ Jennifer - It was a good week thanks, hope yours was good too :o)

  5. You have been reading some great sounding books! Enjoy this week as well! :)

  6. Thanks Sheila, hope you have a great week too :o)



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