Thursday 23 September 2010

Review: Honeymoon of the Dead - Tate Hallaway

In wintry Wisconsin, occult bookseller  - and witch - Garnet Lacey isn't immune to the cold.  Thank the Goddess she has love to keep her warm, even though her new husband doesn't actually have a pulse...

No honeymoon is ever exactly perfect, but mine won't even get off the ground.  Literally!  After an extremely eventful wedding - and that's putting it mildly - Sebastian and I are about to jet-set to Transylvania for some quality R & R.  Yeah, I know it's not exactly every girl's fantasy honeymoon, but it suits me just fine.

Unfortunately, thanks to a vengeful frost demon, Sebastian and I - and our plane - are stuck in exotic Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Honestly, it wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't seeing Gods and Goddesses everywhere I turn.  I'm starting to think my new visions might be caused by the Goddess possessing my body, because ever since She moved in, I've been getting these weird waves of dizziness and seeing beings of a higher power.  And let me tell you, there are plenty in Minneapolis.  Go figure.

Now I'm learning quickly that dealing with Gods and demons - not to mention running into some people I would have rather left buried in the past - doesn't leave much quality honeymoon time for me and my new vampire hubby...

The Garnet Lacey Series:
Tall, Dark & Dead
Dead Sexy
Romancing the Dead
Dead if I do
Honeymoon of the Dead

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With Garnet and Sebastian finally married they are supposed to be jetting off on their honeymoon but with trouble attracted to Garnet like a magnet things don't go quite to plan.  Their plane is unable to take off due to a frost demon looking for revenge and the couple find themselves stuck in Minneapolis. Determined to make the best of things Garnet wants to share the favorite haunts from her old stomping ground with Sebastian.  However with 2 Goddesses fighting for control of her body she is suffering with dizzy spells and strange visions not to mention bumping into people she would rather have left in the past.  It isn't looking like this is going to be the holiday of a lifetime that they had planned on.

I have enjoyed reading the Garnet Lacey series so was sad to discover that Honeymoon of the Dead was going to be the last book in the series.  Garnet is a likable character - feisty and fun and her internal monologue usually has me laughing out loud.  This series has been great for fun light reads but I have to say I was a little disappointed with this last installment.

There were so many things going on in the plot that the story felt a bit disjointed and I never felt that everything was completely resolved.  One of my favorite things about the other books in the series has been the great cast of supporting characters.  I have to confess that I've never been Sebastian's biggest fan so I was disappointed that Parish didn't make an appearance (although I guess that is understandable considering they are on their honeymoon!).  We do get a brief visit from Matayas and William but I missed Izzy, Parish and the coven.  It was nice to see Agent Dominguez again but we didn't get to find out anything more about him and he was there more as a convenience for the plot.  I'm not even sure what he was doing in Minneapolis apart from the fact that Garnet needed a law enforcement friend.

There were still some laugh out loud moments and I'm glad I got to find out how things end up between Garnet and Sebastian.  This may not have been my favorite book in the series but I'd still recommend it to fans of the series.  If you've yet to read anything about Garnet then I would recommend the series to fans of light, humorous urban fantasy / paranormal romance stories.

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