Sunday 26 December 2010

Happy Christmas

I'm a bit late posting this message but I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas.  I had a very relaxing day with family eating far too much turkey and chocolate :o)

What did Santa bring you all?  I didn't get any books yet - my family know I own so many that they never know which ones are safe to buy - but I did get money so I can choose my own :o)  I also got a Tassimo coffee machine (which I'm over the moon about as my old one broke a couple of weeks ago) and some lovely new clothes. 

The next few days will be spent visiting more family & friends which I'm really looking forward to.  Even if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you're all enjoying the holidays!

Mo's not impressed with all the fuss...

...but Cassie seems quite tempted to try climbing the Christmas tree!


  1. We had pork this year which made a change. I love your cat photos, Cassie looks very similar to one of our cats from times past.

    Tatu couldn't decide if he should be stalking in the Christmas tree - or eating it (yuck!)

  2. Hi Michelle, I'm glad you had a good tie :o) I'm not too keen on turkey to be honest so I'd have prefered pork - we did have pigs in blankets though!

    Tatu sounds cute (love that name too), my girls definitely keep me amused with their crazy antics. At the moment I'm struggling to get Mo to take her tablets (she was recently diagnosed with an overactive thyroid so has to have 2 pills a day which is interesting to say the least lol). I wouldn't be withouth them though - even though they do drive me nuts sometimes!



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