Tuesday 21 December 2010

Review: The Devil's Playground - Jenna Black

No one ever wants to serve in Hell...

The Seven Deadlies, a demon club in Philadelphia, has always catered to the most attractive and desirable hosts.  Recently, though, more and more of the lower dregs of society have been showing up with demons of their own - in alarming numbers.  Exorcist Morgan Kingsley is sure that Dougal, the demon king's brother, is behind this, but isn't sure why.  Is Dougal building an army to snatch the throne of the demons from his brother Lugh?

If there's one person who can get to the bottom of this, it's Morgan, but caught between her mortal lover Brian and the demon she lusts for, it's going to take everything she has to keep her head - and heart - in the game.

Morgan Kingsley Series:
The Devil Inside
The Devil You Know
The Devil's Due
Speak of the Devil
The Devil's Playground

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Please be aware that this is the 5th & final book in the Morgan Kingsley series so although my review won't contain spoilers for The Devil's Playground it may contain spoilers for previous books.  If you're new to the series its one I'd recommend reading in order starting with book 1 The Devil Inside.

Things have been going far too well for Morgan and the other members of Lugh's council over the last couple of months - they should have known it was too good to be true.  When Shae (the owner of The Seven Deadlies nightclub) approaches Morgan to warn her about an unusual increase in demons crossing over into the human world the council immediately suspect Dougal is up to something.  Dougal has been trying to take over Lugh's throne but why does he feel the need to increase demon presence on earth?  They need to find out what he is up to and try to figure out a way to stop him before he can do any more damage.

I have to say that this series has been one that I've had mixed feelings about from the start, it's always felt like a series I should love but there has always been something that kept it from becoming a favorite.  Morgan has always been quite an annoying character but I was pleased to see that the changes in her that started in Speak of the Devil have continued in The Devil's Playground.  She still isn't perfect but she has come a long way from the first book and I'm liking her a lot more now than I ever did before.

I still love Lugh and was pleased with the amount of time we got to spend with him in this book although I have to confess I'd have liked to have seen things develop further with him & Morgan.  I've been routing for him since near the beginning of the series!  I've never been Brian's biggest fan and I have to say his attitude this time around didn't help any.  Morgan has finally started letting him in and now he is starting to feel jealous of Lugh and pushing her away.  While I can see why he is bothered by the fact that Lugh is always there it isn't like this is something new - he has been aware of Lugh's presence for quite a long time now & I found it strange that it suddenly started bothering him quite so much.

We get to see quite a lot of the other main characters so it felt like we know how the future will turn out for each of them which is something I really liked.  I'm still a massive fan of Adam and Dominic - Adam really grew on me in the last couple of books & I've liked Dom from the start.  Raphael surprised me in the last book but I have to say I was downright shocked by him this time, I'm not going to say what he did for fear of spoilers but my opinion of him is now completely different to what it was at the beginning of the series.  It was nice to see Morgan's brother Andy have an attitude adjustment too, he was starting to really irritate me so I'm pleased he has started to turn his life back around.

Although I would have liked more action I do think that this was probably my favorite book in the series and ended things well answering all of the questions I had.  I do think it has been left at a point where Jenna Black could re-visit the series again in the future and I find myself hoping that she will do.  I'm going to miss Morgan and her group of friends - Lugh, Dom & Adam in particular.  While I think this is a series that never quite lived up to it's full potential for me I still think it is worth reading & if you liked the rest of the series then I'm sure you will enjoy this final installment.

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