Thursday 30 December 2010

Quick Review: Shadow Days - Andrea Cremer

Shadow Days is a free Nightshade prequel that can be downloaded for free from Amazon here.

The story introduces us to Shay and gives a snapshot of his life in the couple of weeks leading up to the beginning of Nightshade.

Witches War Series:
Shadow Days (Prequel Novella)
Wolfsbane (July 2011)
Bloodrose (2012)

Check out Andrea Cremer's website or the UK Nightshade website for more information

Shadow Days is a free prequel novella set the weeks leading up to the beginning of Nightshade.  This is Shay's story and I enjoyed reading from his perspective.  Shay has just turned 18 when he receives a call from his uncle telling him he has to move from Portland to live in the family estate in Vail, Colorado.  Not at all happy about having to leave his friends Shay is dreading making yet another move and having to fit in at a new school for his senior year.

When he arrives at the family estate Shay feels isolated as he doesn't know anyone so he uses facebook and his blog to keep in contact with his friends from Portland.  As he waits to start his new school he spends his time exploring the creepy estate and sharing what he finds via his blog.

This is a great prequel that I'm sure any Nightshade fan will really enjoy.  I feel like I know Shay a lot better now and I like him more because of that.  It was great to get more information about the Rowan estate and it makes things clearer about how and why Shay had broken into the forbidden library.

If you've already read Nightshade I'm sure you'll enjoy reading Shadow Days and if you're not sure if you want to try the series or not I'm sure this will help you make your mind up.

Source: Downloaded for free from Amazon (click here to get your copy)

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