Tuesday 28 December 2010

Quick Review: Her Heart's Divide - Kathleen Dienne

Lila was a faithful, loyal wife.

Ryan was her sexy, loving husband.

And so was Jack...?

Jack, however, was her boss, not her husband-why was he claiming her as his own? Lila had been passionately happy with Ryan for more than seven years. Yes, there'd been a moment when she'd first been attracted to Jack, but then she'd met his best friend, Ryan. They'd fallen in love and married. Jack claimed that in his world, their attraction had led to the altar.

And now she was caught between two men-two husbands-in the wildest situation Lila could ever have imagined. But what she wasn't imagining were the two men touching her, pleasing her, caressing her...

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Lila and Ryan are happily married but one day their friend Jack comes home from work convinced that Lila is his wife not Ryan's.  Lila and Ryan don't know what to make of Jack's claims but he knows things about Lila that he shouldn't possibly know.  What if Jack's claims are real in an alternative reality?  While they try to figure out what has happened Lila finds herself drawn to both men but should she persue her fantasy to be with them both?

Her Heart's Divide is a novella and with just 66 pages I wasn't sure how well it would be able to draw me into the story but I found myself pleasantly surprised.  Although I would have loved to see this made into a full lenght novel it was an enjoyable erotic read.  I liked all of the characters and would have liked to get to know them better (I want to know what happened in the alternative world!).  This was a quick read but a steamy one and I really enjoyed the menage with Lila, Ryan and Jack.

I'd definitley recommend this ones to fans of erotic romance and menage scenes.  Kathleen Dienne was a new author for me but I'll be looking out for more of her work in the future.

Source: Received for review from publisher via NetGalley

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