Tuesday 14 December 2010

Review: Simon's Cat: In His Very Own Book - Simon Tofield

With over thirty million hits on YouTube in a little over a year, Simon’s Cat is a genuine word-of-mouth phenomenon. Fans from all over the world have fallen for this adorable but anarchic feline who will do just about anything to be fed. This autumn Simon Tofield’s beautiful drawings and warm humour come to life on the page for the first time.

Simon's Cat Series:
Simon's Cat in His Very Own Book
Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence
Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos
Simon's Cat: Feed Me!
Simon's Cat vs. the World
Simon's Cat: Wake Up!
Simon's Cat: Play Time!
The Bumper Book of Simon's Cat
Simon's Cat Off to the Vet . . . and Other Cat-astrophes

Visit the Simon's Cat website for more information or to watch the videos

I've been a massive fan of the Simon's Cat videos on YouTube for several years now so when I found out a book was being released last year it was the top of my Christmas list & I was very excited to receive a copy from my friend. This is a book I've dipped in and out of regularly throughout the year & it always manages to make me laugh, even if I'm having a bad day. Simon Tofield has perfectly captured the mischievous nature of every cat I've ever known and nearly all of the antics his cat gets up to are based on a behaviour I have seen in one of my 2 cats.

If you're a cat fan or just in need of a pick me up you can't fail to laugh at the Simon's Cat videos and the book is just the same. I'd recommend this to anyone, it makes a great coffee table book and is something you will return to again and again. The second book Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence was released in October and once again it is at the top of my Christmas wish list! If you've not come across this series before check out the Simon's Cat website and if the videos make you laugh you can't go wrong with this book.

I couldn't resist including a couple of pictures in my review, these all struck a particular cord with me reminding me of my own cats.

My youngest cat has an obsession with climbing the curtains, she hasn't quite made it to the ceiling yet but I wouldn't be too surprised if she makes it one day

There are several pages devoted to the difficult task of getting a cat into a basket for a trip to the dreaded vets that I'm sure any cat owner will be able to relate to, I have numerous scars from scenes much like the one above!

Yes my cats do have an expensive climbing frame.  Do they use it?  Of course not - they'd much rather play with an empty box!

Source: Received as a gift from a friend

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