Wednesday 16 February 2011

1st Blogoversary Celebration Giveaway: Random & Hellhole - NOW CLOSED

* UPDATE - THIS GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED - Winner announced here *

Today's giveaway is for thriller Random by Craig Robertson and Hellhole the first book in a new science fiction trilogy by Kevin J Anderson and Brian HerbertRandom is a hardback copy signed by Craig Robertson and Hellhole is a large paperback that has been signed by Kevin J Anderson.  As these books are quite heavy I'm going to have to make this a UK only giveaway but international entries are allowed if you are prepared to pay postage costs.

Random by Craig Robertson:
Glasgow is being terrorised by a serial killer the media have nicknamed The Cutter.  The murders have left the police baffled.  There seems to be neither rhyme nor reason behind the killings; no kind of pattern or motive; an entirely different method of murder each time, and nothing that connects the victims except for the fact that the little fingers of their right hands have been severed.

If DS Rachel Narey could only work out the key to the seemingly random murders, how and why the killer selects his victims, she would be well on her way to catching him.  But as the police, the press and a threateniing figure from Glasgow's underworld finally begin to close in on The Cutter, his carefully-laid plans threaten to unravel - with horrifying consequences . . .

Hellhole by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson:
Only the most desperate would ever dare to make a home on Hellhole

Ravaged by volcanic eruptions, destructive storms and asteroid impact, Hellhole is a dumping ground for undesirables, misfits and charlatans.  But it's location out on the wild frontiers of the Constellation, among the Deep Zone worlds, makes it the final refuge for those fleeing from the rule of Diadem Michella Duchenet - a tyrant with a sweet face, but a dark heart.

General Adolphus, the military leader exiled to the planet when he was defeated in the first revolution against the Diadem, is determined to transform Hellhole into a place of opportunity.  While the colonists work to develop the planet, the General is forging secret alliances with the leaders of the other Deep Zone worlds.  He dreams of turning his prison into the centre of a new coalition of planets free from the Diadem's iron grip.

Back on the decadent capital planet of Sonjeera, surrounded by corruption and feuding old guard nobles, Diadem Michella is confident that the General has been neutralised.  She has no idea of the revolt growing in the Deep Zone . . . or does she?

But what no one knows is this: planet Hellhole hides a secret of historic magnitude.  Lurking beneath the surface are the remnants of an obliterated alien civilisation, detailing an unrecorded past, which, if unearthed, could tear the fragile human civilisation apart.

They sound good don't they?  Neither of these books are the kind of thing I've been reading much of recently but I used to read a lot of both crime thrillers and science fiction when I was younger and am looking forward to trying both of these.  See the details below for how to enter the giveaway and don't forget to check out the other giveaways I have going on this week (see links at the top of the blog for all current giveaways)

Giveaway Details:
  • As these books are both quite heavy I'm going to have to limit this giveaway to UK entries only to save on postage costs.  International readers are welcome to enter if they are happy to pay postage though.
  • I will draw 2 seperate winners at random from all entries received, one for each book.  You can enter just one giveaway or both it is entirely up to you.
  • To enter the giveaway all you need to do is fill in your name and email address in the form below (please have permission from your parents if you are under 16). Extra entries are available but they are entirely optional.
  • Only one entry per person please, any duplicate entries will be deleted
  • You have until the 28th of February to enter the giveaway and I'll announce the winners soon afterwards on my blog. The winners will have 48 hours to contact me with their postal address or another winner will be chosen.
  • Winners addresses will only be used by me to send out the prizes and will be deleted afterwards.

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  1. This giveaway is now CLOSED. There has been an amazing response so I'll be announcing the winners in the next couple of days when I've had time to add up all the entries.

    Good luck everyone!



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