Wednesday 2 February 2011

Review: Finding Sky - Joss Stirling

Discovering your soul mate has never been so dangerous.

'You have half our gifts, I have the other...'

When English girl, Sky, catches a glimpse of bad boy Zed in her new American high school, she can't get him out of her head.  He talks to her with his thoughts.  He reads her mind.  He is the boy she will love forever.  Shadows stalk her past but a new evil threatens her future.  Sky must face the dark even if it means losing her heart.

Savants Series:
Finding Sky
Challenging Zed (Free Short Story)
Stealing Phoenix
Burning Yves (Free Short Story)
Seeking Crystal
Misty Falls
Angel Dares
Summer Shadows

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Sky has lived with her adoptive parents since she was 10 years old and remembers little of her life before she was with them.  Her parents have been offered jobs running a new arts centre in Colorado and although this means the family leaving their home in Richmond, England they are excited about moving to America.  Sky is beginning to settle into her new school and finds herself drawn to the school bad boy Zed.  At first he ignores her but then she starts hearing his voice in her head and she thinks she is losing her mind.  Is there an explanation for everything that is happening?  Will Sky accept it when Zed tells her they are soul mates?

Finding Sky is a great debut and one that stands out in a crowded young adult paranormal romance market.  Although I love stories about vampires, werewolves and angels they do seem to have overtaken the shelves at the moment so it makes a refreshing change to read a story about characters with psychic abilities.  Sky has no idea that she is a savant so when Zed starts talking to her about her abilities and the fact that she is his soulfinder she doesn't believe him at first.  It takes time for him to gain her trust and for her to accept the things he is telling her.

I was a little worried that the fact they are soul mates would mean they were instantly in love and a happy couple before you could blink so it was nice to see how slowly things developed between them.  The romance is sweet, quite amusing in places and just a joy to read.  In fact I'd happily have continued reading if only there had been more pages.

One of the things I liked the most was the fact that both Sky and Zed have supportive families.  Sky may not remember her real parents but her adoptive parents both care for her a great deal and are prepared to do anything to help her.  I liked the fact that they were prepared to give up their dreams and move back to England if that was what Sky wanted.  Zed's family were great, his parents and 6 brothers are all savants with a variety of different psychic abilities that I enjoyed learning about.  I loved the banter between them all and watching them together was like watching any family - there were squabbles but when it came down to it they all love each other and will always stick together.

I want to know more about each of the Benedict brothers so I'm really hoping this turns into a series and we get to see each of their stories.  I was pleased to find out Joss Stirling is currently working on a sequel called Stealing Phoenix and I'm very much looking forward to reading it as soon as it comes out.  If you enjoy paranormal romance but are looking for something that is fresh and exciting then you can't go far wrong with Finding Sky!

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  1. I keep hearing good things about this one. Hoping to read it this month! Great review.

  2. Clover - see I told you to read this book!

    Sarah - I loved this one to pieces. It definitely does stand from the other paranormal books. I want to know more about those brothers too.

  3. This book is so great, isn't it? It made me laugh out loud on the tube and the whole of Zed's family are awesome.

  4. @ Clover - I'm sure you're going to love this one! I'll look forward to reading your review :o)

    @ Vivienne - I can't wait to read more about the brothers! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they all get their own books

    @ Becky - I loved Zed's family & can't wait to see more of them :o) Such a fun read

  5. I agree, if there had been more pages it would have been better. It's funny and really cute, but if it had more detail and more pages - it would be a winner!!
    The author, Joss Stirling (aka Julia Golding) came to our school for Book Week and talked us through it. She said she wrote it as an alternative to Twilight, and it is. But when I look back and re read it, I keep comparing it and Twilight wins for me - never thought I'd say that! Because it's longer and has a bit more depth.
    ~Hannah xx

  6. Hi Hannah, I still really enjoyed this one but I would have loved it if it there had been more. It was such a great romance but I would have liked to get to know the characters better. I've heard Joss say that she wrote the book for her daughter to get her to stop reading Twilight over & over again but it's been so long since I read Twilight that I never really compared the two when I was reading this one.



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