Wednesday 28 September 2016

Review: Challenging Zed - Joss Stirling

Want to know what Zed Benedict was thinking when he met his soulmate Sky Bright for the first time? Find out for FREE in this compelling short story.

The Benedict brothers all have different abilities and powers. One can move things with his mind, another can heal. Zed Benedict is the youngest and the most powerful of the seven brothers and he is on the road to destruction until he meets his soulmate, Sky Bright. She is his balance, the light to his dark. Together they are even more powerful. Zed knows that they are meant to be together and that there is a connection that cannot be denied. But how can he convince Sky that their destinies are entwined when she doesn’t even realize the true nature of her potential? A brilliant addition to the Finding Sky series for both new and old fans alike.

Savants Series:
Finding Sky
Challenging Zed (Free Short Story)
Stealing Phoenix
Burning Yves (Free Short Story)
Seeking Crystal
Misty Falls
Angel Dares
Summer Shadows

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Challenging Zed is a free short story written by Joss Stirling that links in with her Savants series. It gives us the chance to see Zed and Sky's first meeting from his point of view and also gives a bit more insight into the Benedict family when the brothers were all much younger.

Although this could be read as an introduction to the series I think you'd be much better off picking it up after you've read Finding Sky so you're already familiar with both the characters and the world. I really enjoyed the chance to get inside Zed's head and see exactly what he was thinking in the early days when he first met Sky, he runs a bit hot and cold with her in the beginning and this really helped to explain his actions.

I would have loved for this story to be longer but considering it's completely free to read I'm not going to be ungrateful and complain about that. If you're a fan of the series then you'll definitely enjoy this & I'm looking forward to reading the second free short story Burning Yves.

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