Tuesday 3 May 2011

Review: Hunters - Michelle Marquis & Lindsey Bayer

Kirillian Harmony Knox was one of the most successful bounty hunters in the galaxy—until a brain-eater named Prime became her only failure and escaped, landing her in jail. Now free, she'll stop at nothing to catch him and stop his murderous rampage.

Unfortunately for Harmony, fellow hunter Bart Tanner has the only available transport. Arrogant and ruthless, Tanner is known for killing most of his bounties. Harmony can't stand him—yet she can't deny the deep sexual desire sparking between them.

Once enslaved as a cage fighter by a cruel Kirillian, Tanner harbors a deep hatred for the alien race—though he's drawn to Harmony's luscious sensuality, and they soon indulge in erotic encounters.

When Prime puts out a hit on Harmony, things intensify, and Tanner realizes their lust has turned into something deeper—but if he and Harmony aren't careful, more than just their lives will be at stake...

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Harmony has spent the last year in prison after being caught with illegal weapons when she was going after a dangerous target.  Before that she was one of the most successful bounty hunters with a 100% capture rate so the first thing she plans to do when she is released is go after the one that got away.  Unfortunately for her the only person available to give her a lift to collect her ship is another bounty hunter Tanner and the two of them really don't get along.  When their boss insists that they work together to catch another skip there are sure to be fireworks, both in and out of the bedroom.

Harmony and Tanner are both tough, capable of looking after themselves and they like working alone so sparks are bound to fly when they are forced to partner up for their latest job.  They both have very different ways of working and it isn't going to be easy for them to find common ground.  Harmony is obsessed with capturing Prime (the brain eating alien who escaped from her a year ago) and she will do whatever it takes to bring him in even if that means ignoring her current mission.  Her obsessive behaviour is enough to drive Tanner insane but he has a long standing hatred for her race and has decided to use her to extract his revenge.  This doesn't go quite to planned though when he ends up starting to develop feelings for her but can he get her to open up to him?

Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer have created an interesting world full of strange alien creatures that jump off the page as you are reading and Hunters is a great erotic read.  I wasn't too sure about Harmony at first but as I got to know her she really grew on me.  Tanner on the other hand I liked from the beginning, he was a real alpha male who wanted to be in charge but he also had some really sweet moments when he starts to have feelings for Harmony.  I liked the fact that he was willing to tell her how he felt and didn't try to hide his feelings.  Put the two of them together in a room and they couldn't resist each other which lead to some great steamy moments that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  I'll definitely be looking out for more by these authors in the future.

Source: Received for review from publisher via NetGalley

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