Tuesday 31 May 2011

Review: Scarlett Dedd - Cathy Brett

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Scarlett would kill for a kiss from the boy she's crushing on...but her life has just taken a dramatic turn for the worse and now it's not just her romantic plans that are festering - even her friends are acting like she doesn't exist...

Left in limbo, bored to death and fearing her friendless state is terminal, an ominous idea pops into Scarlett's head.  Over her dead body will she be ignored...but can Scarlett really execute such a grim plan?  And will it reap the reward of eternal friendship or turn out to be a fatal mistake?

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Scarlett has always been a bit of a misfit and apart from a couple of close friends she is pretty much an outcast at school.  This hasn't been helped by her quirky family and her second hand clothes.  She doesn't want to go on the school trip but her plan to make herself too ill to go backfires when she accidentally kills her entire family.  As a ghost she is lonely and desperately misses her friends but can she find a way to communicate with them?

I'll start by saying how much I loved the drawings and different text effects that appear throughout the book, Cathy Brett is a talented illustrator and I spent a lot of time looking at the details in the pictures as I was reading.  I loved the way you had to turn the book around to different angles to be able to read some of the writing, it made for a fun read that I'm sure even the most reluctant reader would enjoy.

In the first few chapters I found myself feeling quite sorry for Scarlett, her family really didn't make it easy for her to fit in at school and be accepted and I could relate to the teasing she suffers from.  However, after Scarlett and her family died I found myself liking her less and less as the story progressed.  Her "poor me" routine may have been understandable but it grated on my nerves and I really didn't like the course of action she decided to take to ease her loneliness.  It made for a funny story but I found her attitude disturbing and really wanted to shake her out of it!  Despite the things she was doing I didn't even find myself feeling any sympathy for her friends who to be honest weren't the nicest of people and wouldn't be the kind of friends I'd want to hang out with.

I enjoyed the story for it's uniqueness and the quirky humor and would probably enjoy a sequel more because Scarlett does seem to come to her senses towards the end of the book.  If you're looking for something unusual and fun to read then you might want to give this one a try but I'd probably recommend it more for younger readers who are less likely to worry about the issues I had with the story.

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  1. I do hope to be reviewing this book soon. I love just flicking through it.

  2. I really enjoyed this one - read it last Oct (8/10 for me). I thought it was really fun, a bit younger than I normally read for YA but thoroughly enjoyable. I'm glad you enjoyed it, to a point :)

  3. I keep seeing this book around and I admit to be a little intrigued by it. But I've never come acrosss a copy when I was serious about reading/reviewing it.



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