Thursday 9 June 2011

Review: Immortal War - Justin Somper

The Final Battle . . .

A bloody war is raging across the oceans, with the Pirate Federation and the Nocturnals allied against the renegade Vampirates let by Sidorio and a heavily pregnant Lady Lola.

Meanwhile, Connor and Grace Tempest each have their own important roles to play - he as a pirate warrior at the heart of the battle, she as a powerful healer working with the war-wounded.  As the twins face their greatest challenges yet, old allies and formeer foes return for the ultimate battle . . .

Vampirates Series:
Dead Deep (short story published in 2007 - doesn't have to be read to follow the series)
Empire of Night
Immortal War

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There is nothing more satisfying (or scary!) as picking up the final book in a series you've come to love.  You've invested so much time reading the earlier books and the characters are like friends, you need to know what happens to them but you're worried that the book won't live up to your expectations and you're not ready to reach the end of your journey.  I'll admit I was nervous picking up Immortal War, how was Justin Somper going to top Empire of Night?  I shouldn't have been worried though, each book in the series has been consistantly better than it's predesessor and Immortal War was no exception to that - it was a fitting end to a fantastic series and I'm sure it will satisfy the fans.

I don't really want to go into much detail on the plot because I want other fans to be able to savour the experience of reading this for themselves.  As the title suggests the war to end all wars is on and the characters we know and love are all in the thick of things.  Grace has grown into a powerful healer and is kept busy as the war casualties begin to mount up.  Connor on the other hand is right in the middle of the action working alongside Cheng Li, the pirates and Nocturnals to put a stop to the threat by Sidorio and the Vampirates.  The battle will be hard and as fans will already know Justin Somper isn't afraid of putting major characters in harms way - all I'm going to say is keep tissues to hand when you're reading!

I was on the edge of my seat from the prologue and the action just doesn't stop until the very last page - you're in for another rollercoaster ride with Immortal War so prepare to be left breathless!  Connor and Grace both develop new and interesting abilities that are a major asset to the Alliance, Connor is still struggling to come to terms with what he is and even Moonshine does some growing up.  The alliance between the Pirate Federation and the Nocturnals has made great progress but there is still a very real risk that the Vampirates could win the war.  Allies both old and new are set to make an appearance and I'm sure some will come as quite a surprise. 

I loved the way we get to see so many loose ends tied up but there are still a couple of new developments that are left open and I really hope we get to see more of this series at some point in the future.  Although you could probably pick up Immortal War and read it as a stand alone story I would highly recommend reading the series in order.  Whatever your preference just make sure you don't miss out, start your Vampirates journey today!

Source: Received from Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review.

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