Thursday, 28 July 2011

An Amazing Day At Alnwick Castle

So this is just a quick post to show you a few pics from our day at Alnwick Castle. I'll write up a proper post including lots of pics soon!

After a tour of the castle & Hulne Abbey where The Poison Diaries is set we had a fantastic afternoon tea with lots of delicious cakes

Then we listened to the Duchess of Northumberland read the first chapter of Nightshade in an amazing library that we all wanted to bring home with us

Followed by dinner in the Treehouse restaurant - trust me the food was fab & we may have enjoyed a cocktail or two along with a glass of wine!

I've taken hundreds of pics so I'll post again soon with more details. For now I'm getting into bed at Hogwarts with a rather appropriate book!!


Vivienne said...

Oh I am so pleased you had a fabulous time. Can't wait to read more.

Raimy-rawr said...

wonderful pics and Im so glad you had an awesome time! :D

Twimom227 said...

WOW! I can't wait to hear more... love the photos. Thanks for sharing!

SusanKMann said...

It was amazing x

Nina said...

So cool. Glad you had an amazing time. And it looks so beautiful. ;)

Kdot Online said...

hey! love this! can't wait to see more! We loved it too - thanks so much for taking part and making it so special.

Jesse Owen said...

Yay, very appropriate book to read there :D

I'm so glad you had a fab time :D

Sarah said...

I feel soooo bad it's taken me so long to reply to your comments - my mission this week is to catch up on all the comments I've still not replied to & they go back an embarassingly long way eeek!

I just wanted to say thanks for all your comments, we had such an amazing time at Alnwick & I'm glad you all liked the pics. I couldn't think of a more appropriate book to read at Hogwarts than Harry Potter lol


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