Friday 15 July 2011

News: New Robin Hood Trilogy signed by David Fickling Books

I love it when an author puts a new spin on an old story so when I read the following press release from Random House Children's Books I was very excited.  A new trilogy based on Robin Hood sounds right up my street, throw in Norse mythology and I'm hooked already!  I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Shadow of the Wolf!  I can't give you a release date yet but I'll let you know as soon as more information is available.  Now for the press release:

RHCB signs up fantastic new Robin Hood trilogy by debut author Tim Hall

David Fickling comments, “We are all very excited by Tim's writing and we believe that Tim has it in him to be a huge world-renowned writer. After meeting with him, we immediately got the sense that he loved to work with the stuff of story and had many, many tales to tell. For us that is beyond exciting, and we are very keen indeed to begin working on this trilogy and prepare it for publication.”

The first book of the trilogy, Shadow of the Wolf, is set in Sherwood Forest in medieval England. However, if you think you know the story then think again. Tim Hall presents a Robin Hood more heroic and horrific than ever before: a blind, ruthless assassin and elemental creature of the forest. Fourteen-year-old Robin may not be able to see, but he learns to understand every sound that the forest makes – the heartbeat of a nearby bird, the sound of a deer drinking from a stream, the gentle rustle of an enemy boot passing through the foliage...

Tim Hall expertly weaves influences ranging from Japanese cinema to Norse mythology, making this novel a fabulously rich treat that works on multiple levels. Packed full of dark drama and unexpected plot twists, Shadow of the Wolf is an absolute page turner that will have teenage readers clamouring for its sequel.

Tim Hall previously worked as a news journalist for the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph. Most recently, he spent almost two years in Bermuda running the news desk for the Bermuda Sun newspaper. Shadow of the Wolf is his first novel, and he has a clear plan for books two and three.


“So many tales have already been told of Robin Hood. Already he's the hero with a thousand faces.
First, forget everything you've heard. Robin was no prince, and he was no dispossessed lord; he didn't fight in the Crusades; he never gave a penny to the poor.

His real name wasn't even Robin Hood. Marian called him that as a kind of joke. Sir Robin of the Hood. A name Robin would cling to when he was losing grip of everything else. Mind you, one thing you've heard is true. He was blind.

No, that's not right. Let me put that another way. Truer to say, Robin Hood didn't see with his eyes. In fact he was the only one who saw clearly in this place of illusion and lies.”


So now you've had a chance to read the full press release, I'd love to know what you think of it.  Is Shadow of the Wolf being added to your wish list?  I have a feeling Tim Hall will be an author to watch out for!
David Fickling Books is delighted to announce that they have successfully bid for three fantastic YA novels by debut author Tim Hall. The team at DFB made the deal for UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) with James Wills of Watson, Little Ltd.


  1. I loved the Robin Hood series by Stephen R. Lawhead, so might give this one a try too when its out!

  2. I love Robin Hood retellings and I like the sound of this one, but for me nothing will ever top the Forestwife trilogy by Theresa Tomlinson.



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