Monday 25 July 2011

The Week Ahead: Road trip to Norfolk & a very exciting book launch!

Me & Kirsty (pic taken at the RHCB Blogger's Brunch)

Tomorrow I'm heading to Norfolk to stay with the lovely Kirsty (from The Overflowing Library) for a week.  I'm so excited about spending time with such a good friend and I'm looking forward to being able to natter about books and do some exploring around where Kirsty lives.  We have lots of fun things planned so I'll be sure to tell you all about it when I get home.

When I first started blogging I thought it would be something solitary, it was purely a way of keeping track of the books I was reading, so it's been an unexpected pleasure that I've met so many wonderful bloggers and made some great new friends.  Without a doubt it's the best thing about blogging (yes, even better than getting free books although that's been a lovely bonus too lol).

On Wednesday & Thursday Kirsty and I will be attending a very exciting launch event for Nightshade by Maryrose Wood.  This is the second book in the Poison Diaries trilogy (check back tomorrow to read my review of book 1 The Poison Diaries) and the stories are based on an idea by the Duchess of Northumberland.  The story is set in and around Alnwick Castle (the castle used as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films!) & nearby Hulne Abbey and the event is actually being held at the castle.  I can't tell you how excited I am about the event, I believe there will be time for us to do some live blogging throughout the event so make sure you check back to see what we get up to.  I still can't quite believe we'll be spending the night at Hogwarts!!

Alnwick Castle (pic found on the Alnwick Castle website)

I hope you all have a lovely week, I do have some blog posts going up while we're gone but I'm not sure how much time I'll have to spend on Twitter or responding to blog comments so it will probably be a bit quieter than usual around here.  I'll catch up with everything as soon as I get home though :o)


  1. Have a lot of fun and OMG, that castle is so cool. :)

  2. I got confused for a moment because I thought you meant Norfolk, VIRGINIA, USA, my hometown. And then I saw the castle and was all..."huh?"

    Have a wonderful trip and don't forget to let us know about, well, everything!

  3. I hope you both have a fabulous time. x

  4. I hope you have an amazing time, both at Kirsty's and at Hogwarts!



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