Wednesday 12 October 2011

Guest Review: Doc Mortis - Barry Hutchison

Today I'd like to welcome 12 year old Kain to Feeling Fictional, he is back today with his third review!  Thanks for writing another guest review for me Kain!

Kyle wakes up in hospital... in the Darkest Corners.

In this hospital the surfaces aren't clean, and the instruments are not used for healing.

But it's about to get much, much worse.

The doctor is ready to see him now...

The Invisible Friends Series:
Mr Mumbles
Baggie Maggie
The Crowmaster
Doc Mortis
The Beast

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Kain's Review:
The Invisible fiend Doc Mortis was an enjoyable book, but not one of my favourites as it’s a bit repetitive. I do like the way it started as an apocalypse then said 17 days later…

The way the author described the way the main characters body was feeling, they also did a good way of describing the environment. One bit I find a bit strange if not morbid is a chant that someone does. But overall I score this 3/5.

Thanks for Reading,

Source: Received from Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Well done Kain! I did love this book and look forward to the next one.

  2. Thanks again for the guest review Kain :o)

    I'm glad to hear you liked this one too Viv, I don't tend to read a lot of horror which was why I passed this one over to Kain but I'm a bit of a wuss compared to most people lol



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