Saturday 27 February 2010

Free eBooks from Mills & Boon

Mills & Boon is offering 10 free eBooks that can be downloaded from their website.

Here is a list of the titles available:

Diagnosis: Danger by Marie Ferrarella

No ordinary doctor

Some crave excitement, but Dr. Natalya Pulaski was enjoying her ordinary life. Then she received a chilling call from her best friend-and the line mysteriously went dead. She knew instinctively that something bad had happened. And that she had to get answers.

Detective Michael DiPalma's Friday night plans did not include working a missing person's case-or uncovering a dead body. But Natalya's vivid green eyes and killer curves demanded his immediate attention. As they teamed up, it was clear the walls around their guarded hearts were about to crumble. Were they brave enough to take the fall?

Mistress: Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure by India Grey

Fast cars and glamorous socialites are everyday components of devastatingly handsome billionaire Orlando Winterton's thrilling, decadent lifestyle...

...then something changes, and Orlando closes himself off from the world. Until Rachel Campion arrives at Orlando's remote country estate, desperately in need of shelter. Orlando cannot deny the pull of her fragile beauty, and takes her with passionate fury. The next morning his demons return to haunt him, and he knows he must ask Rachel to leave...

But then a baby is found abandoned on his doorstep - allegedly his son!
To Orlando, the solution is simple: he'll hire Rachel to take care of the child - and as long as she's under his roof he'll keep on making love to her... Until he's got her out of his system!

The Rake's Unconventional Mistress by Juliet Landon

The Rake and the Spinster School-ma'am

Miss Letitia Boyce didn't begrudge her sisters their fun with the pick of London's available bachelors. She'd chosen her path and knew book-learning and marriage rarely mixed. Her proof was Lord Seton Rayne, who had made it abundantly clear that an unmarried school-ma'am was of no interest to him - no matter her good connections.

Wealthy and titled, one of the most notorious rakehells in town, Seton had every heiress hurling herself at him. So his sudden kissing of captivating, unconventional Letitia took them both by surprise...

Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition by Heidi Rice

Kidnapped and forced to take a pregnancy test!
Sexy millionaire aristocrat Luke Devereaux showed up at Louisa's office, frogmarched her to a doctor and demanded she took a pregnancy test! Much to her complete shock and horror, it was positive!

Nearly three months before, Luke had shown Louisa a night of pleasure she could never have imagined - and would never be repeated. Only the dramatic consequences meant Luke was now demanding marriage - and his proposition came with a tantalising promise: more nights of untold pleasure...?

The Midwife's Little Miracle by Fiona McArthur

Tiny baby: father needed!
Finding she was pregnant was the best moment of midwife Montana's life. But days later she was widowed. Now nine months have passed, she has a tiny infant, and she knows it's time to make a fresh start.

Dr Andy Buchanan has offered Montana a job at Lyrebird Lake because it's the perfect place to build a new life. Her courage impresses him. And he just can't get the beautiful new mum out of his mind...

Every time Montana sees her baby in Andy's arms her resolve not to get involved crumbles. He's the perfect father. And he makes Montana's life feel complete once again...
Lyrebird Lake Maternity. Every day brings a miracle...
Father Material by Kimberly Van Meter
Unexpected baby...unexpected love

One night of loosened inhibitions and Natalie Simmons's world has come completely unravelled. It must have been the experience of the white-water rafting. Or maybe it was the result of being dumped and on the rebound. Either way, she let down her guard - and now she's pregnant with a stranger's baby!

A stranger who is a thrill-seeking river guide, a nomad beholden to no one. What does Evan Murphy know about settling down or being a father? They couldn't be more wrong for each other, which is why Natalie is so determined to go it alone. But Evan's got other plans.
Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn
London, 1886

To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband's dead body is not entirely accurate. Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching upon the floor...

For Lady Julia Grey, her husband's sudden death at a dinner party is extremely inconvenient, not to mention an unpardonable social gaffe. However, things take a turn for the worse when inscrutable private investigator Nicholas Brisbane reveals that the death was not due to natural causes.

Drawn away from her comfortable, conventional life, Lady Julia is exposed to threatening notes, secret societies and gypsy curses, not to mention Nicholas's charismatic unpredictability...

This sparkling, witty tale is the first in a captivating new series featuring Lady Julia Grey and Nicholas Brisbane

Adopted: Outback Baby by Barbara Hannay

Their parenthood surprise...

Single, independent Nell Ruthven thought she'd missed her chance to be a mum when, aged nineteen, she was forced to give up her baby for adoption. Now, Nell's discovered she has a tiny grandson in need of care. And the baby's grandfather, cattleman Jacob Tucker, is in town...

At thirty-nine, this couple never thought they'd be parents, let alone grandparents! They never even thought they'd see each other again. But taking care of baby Sam together gives them a second chance - maybe even a second chance to fall in love?

The Player by Rhonda Nelson

There's nothing like a man in uniform...or out of it!
Especially when he's as hot as former Ranger Jamie Flanagan. After their last assignment went horribly wrong, he and his buddies needed to get out of the military for good. There was only one catch-that he and his pals promise their commanding officer one favour.

Any favour.

Now tall, dark and sexy Jamie is a top security specialist...and the ultimate ladies' man. So he's more than a little surprised when he learns the colonel has set him up to protect his granddaughter. Who would trust a player like Jamie with a gorgeous woman like Audrey? Then he learns his 'mission' is to seduce her away from another man...
The Billionaire's Baby Negotiation by Day Leclaire
Texas billionaire Joc Arnaud had triumphed over his illegitimate roots to become a business legend. And no baby of his would grow up as he had. So whether Rosalyn Oakley liked it or not, their child would bear his name. As would she. He knew Rosalyn wanted to run away, but she wasn't going anywhere with his baby.


  1. Free eBooks? *perking up* Sweet! Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. Thank you for letting us now. Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn sounds fun!!

  3. @ Juju - I'm not sure if they're any good or not but since they are free I've downloaded them to give them a try LOL :o) I posted about 16 free eBooks from Harlequin in Jan & you can still download those if you're interested. The post is here:

    @ Nina - I like the sound of that one too :o) I'm looking forward to reading it!

  4. thanks for sharing this valuable resources. you can also download lots of ebook from here

  5. I tried download the books but the website was not visible or something. will be grateful if anyone could email me the books.

    1. To be honest this link is so old it doesn't surprise me it's no longer working! I posted it 6 years ago & not many companies offer promotions that last that long LOL. I'm sorry but I can't send you the books, sharing ebooks without the author's and/or publisher's permission is illegal. You should keep an eye out for promotions on Amazon though, they usually have a huge range of kindle ebooks for very low prices or on limited free promotions.



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