Sunday 14 February 2010

In My Mailbox (7)

Thanks to Kristi at The Story Siren for hosting In My Mailbox every week.

Books Purchased:
  1. Knife - R J Anderson
  2. Rebel - R J Anderson
  3. Need - Carrie Jones
  4. The Secret Circle (Book 2) - L.J. Smith

Competition Prize:
I received Peeps by Scott Westerfield from Rebecca at Everything To Do With Books - thank you so much Rebecca!!

Don't forget to check out my author interview with Juliana Stone - she's giving away a copy of her new book Black Legacy to one of my readers.  Click here to enter the giveaway - winner will be announced tomorrow (15th Feb)


  1. Great books you got there. Need is still on my tbr list. :) Enjoy reading them.

  2. Fantastic books. Loved Need and am dying to read RJ Anderson's books!

  3. You got some good books there. I've had my eye on Need for quite a while now :)

  4. I really want Need! And Ooh, LJ Smith! I haven't read that series yet, but I want to. ;) :O Peeps! I loved that series! This one's cover looks epic...
    Hope you enjoy!!

  5. I love the covers of Knife and Rebel and hadn't heard of these books before. Thanks for bringing them to my attention, Sarah!

    ~ Elizabeth Amber

  6. Knife and Rebel look really good. Happy reading. My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  7. I'm really behind replying to comments today!

    @ Nina - I'm really looking forward to Need, I hope you enjoy it too :o)

    @ Kristen - Glad you liked Need :o) Have you heard anything about the RJ Anderson books? I haven't seen any reviews for them but the covers caught my eye so I had to get them LOL

    @ Chrissie - I've been the same with Need, it seems like it was on my wishlist forever LOL

    @ Justine - I haven't started the Secret Circle series yet but I loved the Vampire Diaries & Nightworld books by LJ Smith so I'm hoping it will be good :o) I'm looking forward to Peeps too, seems like a really interesting take on vamps!

    @ Elizabeth - I brought Knife & Rebel on the strenght of the covers LOL. I'm hoping they'll be good though :o)

    @ Alayne - I hope they're good, keeping my fingers crossed LOL

    Hope you all have a great week!

  8. The Anderson books look interesting. I also want to read Need. Here's Mine

  9. Hi Lori I really like the look of Knife & Rebel & I can't wait to read Need :o)

  10. R J Anderson books looks awesome. How's The Secret Circle, btw? I read The Vampire Diaries, and I'm not really into it, so I'm wondering about L.J Smith's other books.

    Anyway, happy reading! =)

  11. Hi Dazzling Mage, I've not actually started the Secret Circle books yet but I'll get a review up as soon as I've read them :o)

  12. Knife and Need are both fab. I can't wait to read Rebel myself. Enjoy!

  13. Hi Becky - Glad you liked Knife, I've not actually read any reviews of that one so I'll check yours out in a minute :o) I can't wait to read Need too!



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