Sunday 28 February 2010

In My Mailbox (9)

Thanks to Kristi at The Story Siren for hosting In My Mailbox every week.

Ant had offered to get me an eBook reader for my birthday which isn't until April 1st but he suggested we got it early.  We're going to be on holiday over my birthday so he thought this would give me time to load some books on there so I can use it while we're away.  I chose the Sony pocket reader as it was the only one we could find that I could actually try out in store.  The one we got is a limited edition blue version that comes with 2 James Patterson books - Cross Country & Worst Case and has a matching cover.  I've never had a reader before so if anyone has any recommendations on sites for buying eBooks please let me know :o) 

Books Purchased:
  1. Percy Jackson & the Titan's Curse - Rick Riordan
  2. Percy Jackson & the Battle of the Labyrinth - Rick Riordan
  3. Percy Jackson & the Last Olympian - Rick Riordan
  4. Fire - Kristin Cashore (I've not actually read Graceling yet but Ant really enjoyed it & wanted to read Fire, I will get to this series eventually though)
Competition Prizes:
I recieved the signed copy of Vampire Readings by Patricia Altner that I won from Vampire Wire.  This is an annotated bibliography of Vampire books so I'm sure I'll find this will help me add loads of new books to my wishlist!


  1. I'm so curious about the Percy Jackson books. I hope you like them. Let me know. And I'm a big fan of Graceling and Fire was okay.

  2. The Percy Jackson series is so brilliant...easy reading, and I bet you'll love it! I adore Graceling. Though I haven't yet read Fire, I'd recommend reading Graceling first :)

  3. Oooo those are some pretty covers for Percy Jackson. :-D Enjoy your books!

  4. I have the sony pocket (silver one) and love it!! Enjoy. :)

  5. I have Graceling and Fire but I haven't got around to reading them yet. I hear they are brilliant. You know how much I love Percy. Hope you enjoy these!

  6. @ Sarah - I really enjoyed The Lightning Thief & am looking forward to reading the rest of the series :o) Glad to hear you liked Graceling, I'm really looking forward to reading that one. Ant isn't much of a reader so when he says he really enjoyed it I know it's got to be a good book!

    @ Melissa - I enjoyed reading your Percy Jackson reviews :o) I loved the first one so had to buy the rest of the series! I'll definitely read Graceling first - must get round to that one soon!

    @ Kristen - I love the Percy covers - so shiny :o) I'm just like a magpie LOL

    @ Hagelrat - I've got the pocket charging at the moment but I can't wait to actually use it LOL

    @ Becky - I'll be interested to see what you think of Graceling & Fire. Ant really liked Graceling which is saying something (he hardly ever reads but he finished that one quite quickly). I'm looking forward to the Percy ones :o)

  7. Whoa! Those are some impressive covers for the Percy Jackson books! So different from the US ones. Happy reading!

  8. Very cool covers for Percy Jackson! Both Graceling and Fire are awesome books, Kristin Cashore is a really good writer, she's very good at world building and writing strong female leads. Have a great reading week!

  9. Very Nice! The cover of Fire is so pretty. Happy Reading ;)



  10. I love that cover of Fire, and I wish they had just used it for the US cover as well. Enjoy all your books!

  11. Congrats on getting the ereader! I don't have one, but am thinking about getting one sometime this year. I haven't read any of the Percy Jackson books yet, hope you enjoy them!

  12. @ PolishOutlander - I don't think I've seen the US covers, I'm going to have to search for them now LOL

    @ Serpentine Librarian - Good to have another recommendation for Kristin Cashore :o) I'm really going to have to start reading Graceling!

    @ Michelle - It is a great cover isn't it :o) I'm always drawn to books by their covers!

    @ Lizzy - I don't think I've seen the US version of Fire either so that's another one I'll have to search for. I can never understand why they have different covers, it just makes it confusing

    @ Amanda - I was really excited to get the ereader :o) Ant is a sweetie! I'd definitely recommend The Lightning Thief, I've not read the others yet but I'm sure I'll enjoy them

  13. excellent haul!

    that vampire readings sounds excellent!!!

    glad you got Fire! i read fire first as well, and it doesnt take away from the story at all :)

  14. Lots of good books! I can't wait to read Fire either, or the Percy Jackson books. I hope you enjoy them all! Happy reading! :)

  15. Awesome books! I really want to read Percy Jackson.

    Here's what I got this week:

    Have an awesome booktastic Monday! :D
    The Bookie Bunch

  16. Went to the movies last night and saw percy Jackson, cute movie, never read the books. Enjoy your books. Here's Mine.

  17. @ Wings - Good to know I can read Fire before Graceling without spoiling the story :o)

    @ Corrine - I'm looking forward to them too :o) Hope you enjoy them!

    @ Laura - I'd recommend the Percy Jackson books, I loved the first one & am looking forward to the rest of the series

    @ Lori - I still haven't seen the film yet but I really want to watch it. What did you think of it?



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