Thursday 10 June 2010

Author's Animal Antics - Chloe Neill

Author's Animal Antics is a new regular blog feature here at Sarah's Book Reviews where I'm very excited to have some fantastic authors come and chat to us about their pets.  I'm thrilled to introduce the lovely Chloe Neill as my guest today...


Funnily enough, I never used to be a "dog" person. I was fine around cats (albeit allergic), but dogs made me a little nervous. I mean, they weren't people, but they seemed to think they were people, at least a little.

A couple of years ago, on a cool April day, I decided to check out a local pet store (a store with a great reputation in our community for breeding well-cared for puppies).

When the staff handed over a tiny, fluffy, white puppy, he sat in my lap and stared up at me. A few hours later, I brought Baxter home--and he stared at me the entire way.

He was four pounds when I got him, and he's blossomed up to 15 pounds. He's a bichon/maltese mix, and he seems to truly, truly believe that he's human. He follows me like a shadow and is quite content to play with a plastic bottle.
Scout and Baxter with a copy of Chloe's latest book Twice Bitten

About a year after I got Baxter, I decided he needed some companionship. One trip to our local animal shelter later, and I brought home Scout. He's now a year old, and he is (the vet believes) a pure-bred miniature schnauzer. He acts like Baxter's little (but actually bigger) brother, but he's much quieter than Baxter.

They both love walks and trips to the dog park. Baxter tends to stick by me, while Scout will run full-out after dogs five or six times his weight. He loves Great Danes.

They are fabulous companions, and I couldn't ask for better dogs!

Thanks so much for reading today!


Thank you so much for visiting today Chloe!  Chloe Neill is the author of the popular Chicago Vampires and Dark Elite young adult series and is currently celebrating her latest release Twice Bitten which is book 3 in the Chicagoland Vampires series and comes out on the 6th July.

Find out more about Chloe and her work here - Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook

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  1. CUTE!!!!! Oh just so cuddle-worthy!

  2. @ Asamum - I'm glad you like it :o) I've really enjoyed reading author's posts for this feature!

    @ Becky - Chloe's dogs are adorable aren't they! I just want to pick them up & give them squishy hugs :o)



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