Wednesday 30 June 2010

Review: Impossible - Nancy Werlin

A family curse, an impossible task... only true love can save her.

Lucy is seventeen when she discovers that for generations, the women of her family have been cursed. Now it's her turn. Lucy must attempt three seemingly impossible tasks or fall into insanity. But Lucy is allowed to try and escape. She has to try.

Because Lucy believes in love and choosing the life she wants.  Unlike her ancestors, Lucy has her childhood friend Zach and her family by her side and she will fight this curse. Is Zach's love and Lucy's strength of hope powerful enough to save her?

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Lucy's mother Miranda gave birth at just 18 and left Lucy with her foster parents after going crazy. Miranda now lives on the streets and whenever Lucy sees her she is singing an unusual version of an old folk song called Scarborough Fair. At first Lucy believes this is just part of the madness that her mother suffers from but after finding Miranda's diary she begins to wonder if there is more to it than that. Especially when she finds herself pregnant at just 17 after a disastrous prom date. Unsure if her family really is cursed or if she has just inherited Miranda's insanity Lucy is going to need the support of her family and friends if she is going to find out the truth. The song tells of three impossible tasks that must be completed before her baby is born or she'll end up just like her mother, surely it's worth trying to solve the puzzles just in case.

I really enjoyed Impossible, it is a sweet love story and I really liked the fact that Lucy had such supportive foster parents. The relationship between them made a refreshing change from a lot of books I've read where the heroine / hero can't turn to their parents for help. I really loved Lucy's childhood friend Zach, he was so caring and was willing to step up to the plate to protect Lucy and help her in any way possible. I did feel their relationship was a little rushed but the story wouldn't have worked so well any other way so it wasn't a major issue for me.

I found it intriguing that the idea for this book came from a song and I still really want to get hold of a copy, it would have made perfect background music for reading the book and I'd still like to know the tune. The idea of the curse and the impossible tasks was different from anything else I've read and gave the story a fairy tale feel that I really liked.  Overall the focus was more on the love story - which I did enjoy - but it would have been nice to see more of the supernatural and of the very creepy villain. I would recommend this book to romance fans, especially if you enjoy a good fairy tale. It wasn't a perfect book for me but the niggles I had were minor ones that didn't stop me enjoying the story.

Source: Received as part of a book tour arranged by International Book Tours, this book has already been sent on to it's next destination.

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  1. I still cannot decide if I want to read this book or not. I keep reading the blurb and then putting it back. I feel like I know a bit more about it now and the song certainly adds an intriguing element. Great review Sarah!

  2. I actually had issues with the family unit - a little too perfect :D But nice to fantise about. Thanks for the review - here is mine :D

  3. I knew the Simon & Garfunkel version of Scarborough Fair, but wasn't aware it came from an old folk song. I looked it up on wikipedia and they had the basics about the tasks. Very cool that the book was inspired by the folk song.

  4. @ Becky - I really enjoyed it so would recommend giving it a try. I found the idea of the impossible tasks really interesting - I know I'd never have managed to complete them myself LOL

    @ Asamum - It was a little too perfect to be realistic but it did make a change from the broken families you often read about LOL. Sorry it's taken me so long but I've finally got around to linking your review :o)

    @ Alyce - I still need to track down a copy of this song so I can actually hear it! I liked the fact that the story was inspired by the song & the impossible tasks were really interesting to read about too.



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