Sunday 20 June 2010

Review: I Married A Demon - Beverly Rae

How’s a wife supposed to keep her new hubby happy when she’s chasing after gargoyles, zombies, and evil-doers of the Otherworld? Charged with guarding her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Protector Jennifer Randall must find the Bracelet of Invincibility before a high demon lord can claim it and use its power to rule Mankind.

While hunting for the Bracelet, she discovers she’s unknowingly married a demon who needs the Bracelet to regain his mortality. Will she fulfill her mission and deliver the Bracelet to her superiors, thus dooming her husband to Eternity as a demon? Or will she give into love and use the Bracelet’s power to save him?

Para-Mates Series:
I Married A Demon
I Married A Dragon

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Jenn is a Protector and it is her job to keep humans safe from the supernatural creatures that most of them have no idea exist.  When she is forced to take a holiday by her boss she meets the man of her dreams and after a whirlwind romance they are quickly married.  Back home from her holiday turned honeymoon she has to juggle her day job as an estate agent alongside her Protector duties whilst trying to settle into married life.  Keeping her role as a Protector secret from her new husband Blake becomes even harder when she is tasked with finding an important bracelet before it falls into the hands of the demon lord who wants to use it to destroy the world.

Her investigations take a turn for the worse when she starts to have suspicions that her gorgeous new husband might actually be a demon.  How could her instincts have been so wrong about Blake?  With both Jenn and Blake searching for the bracelet for their own cause will it end up in the hands of good or evil?  And can sworn enemies overcome everything for the sake of love?

I Married A Demon is the first book I've read by Beverly Rae & it definitley won't be my last - in fact I'm glad to have the next book in the series, I Married A Dragon, in my TBR pile!  This was a hilarious paranormal romance that had me laughing out loud as I read.  You have to like Jenn, she is completely crazy and so good at ignoring the signs when there is something she doesn't want to see.  She isn't the most compitent heroine but her heart is in the right place and she is determined to do the right thing.  The heat between Jenn and Blake is great & they can't keep their hands off each other.  Jenn comes to realise that Blake isn't your average demon and I loved him (well I did when he was in his human form anyway!)

There is also a great supporting cast of characters who were always on hand to add to the hilarity.  I particularly liked Partner who was assigned to help Jenn by the Protectors, scenes between the 2 of them never failed to make me laugh.  There was also Jenn's human friend Myra who ends up playing an important role in the story and the mysterious George who saves Jenn's life and then wants to hang around.

I'd definitely recommend I Married A Demon if you're looking for a light hearted summer read.  I was kept guessing right to the end about how things would work out between Jenn and Blake but I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with them & am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Source: Thanks to Veronica from Strictly Reviews for sending me this eBook for review.  This review will also be posted on Veronica's blog.

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  1. Both books in that series sound like they would be funny, especially "I Married a Dragon." :)

  2. Hi Alyce, I really enjoyed the humor in this one. I adore dragons so was really looking forward to the second book but in the end I was actually disappointed with it, the humor & sexual chemistry was the same but I just didn't like the characters as much and I didn't believe the feelings they were supposed to have had for each other. I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try though :o)



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